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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 2826 True Nature Unmasked

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Chapter 2826 True Nature Unmasked

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“Why are you suddenly smiling so strangely?” the Empress asked.

Ling Han wagged his finger, and said, “Say, someone's good times truly won't last long.”

“You discovered something?” the Empress asked.

“Not yet. However, I'll keep an eye on him,” Ling Han said.

He had naturally been worried about his daughter staying in the same room with that “unfamiliar man,” so he had involuntarily cast his divine sense over. With his power, how could the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate in Hao Jing notice his presence?

Ling Han had heard everything, including Hao Jing's murmurings that Hao Jing thought no one else could hear. Ling Han's senses were far too sharp.

“He clearly knew who I was, yet he purposefully pretended that he had never heard of me before. Just from this point alone, there's something fishy going on with this brat,” Ling Han said. “However, I want to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve.”

The Empress didn't pay much heed to this. She was far too proud, so these matters were naturally not worthy of her attention.

They set off again on the next day.

They naturally couldn't return to Ling City. Moreover, Ling Han didn't know if the Ling City had been destroyed by those Heavenly Venerates in their rage. Thus, they picked out a random place to settle and build another Ling City.

Heavenly Venerates could construct things with just a single thought.

Before long, another Ling City appeared before them. Everyone came out from their Spatial God Tools and Spatial Celestial Tools to do what they needed.

In fact, Ling Han hadn't wanted to settle down so quickly. However, in order to probe Hao Jing's true motives, he decided to give him a chance.

Of course, it wasn't necessary for him to put in so much effort. He could have directly captured Hao Jing and interrogated him. He was confident that Hao Jing would spill the beans.

However, Ling Han decided to do everything in an open and transparent manner, thereby granting Hao Jing a clear and unconfused death.

“You're just bored,” the Empress remarked, hitting the nail on the head.

Ling Han laughed heartily. He was indeed bored, and it was because of this boredom that he decided to play this little game with Hao Jing.

Even so, Ling Han naturally wouldn't waste his time. He continued to cultivate while keeping an eye out for any potential Heavenly Venerable Seals appearing at the same time.

“Even though the Flaming Frost Realm is the only transcendent dimension, the Genesis World is a humongous place, so there are definitely opportunities hidden in every corner,” Ling Han said to himself. “However, I'm only a single person, so even though I can travel through dimensions, my senses can't do the same. Thus, even if Heavenly Venerable Seals appear in other worlds, I won't hear any news about them. As such, how can I obtain them?

“Can I create a large number of clones? They don't need to be powerful, and they simply need to act as scouts.”

Ling Han's heart thumped in excitement. All dimensions had Heavenly Venerates, and after so many years, it was without a doubt that many of them had passed away. Perhaps they had failed to ascend to a higher level, or perhaps they had fallen in battle.

After many years, it was entirely possible that their inheritances would appear.

Ling Han was a resolute person, so he immediately started to forge and refine clones.

“They don't need to be on the level of Heavenly Venerates; the Ninth Heaven is good enough.” Ling Han felt like his standards were quite low. However, even in the Flaming Frost Realm, Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings were still top-notch elites. In Ling Han's eyes, however, they were only “good enough”?

He took a bit of his flesh, and injected into it a sliver of Powers of Dimension. He then placed within it a tiny bit of his divine sense. Thereupon, a clone was completed.

“At the end of the day, this is only a rough creation. Even though it's at the Ninth Heaven, it can only last for 100,000,000 years. After that, the Powers of Dimension will disappear, and its body will collapse. The sliver of divine sense will return to me, and I'll have to repeat this process again.”

Ling Han would need to repeat this step once every 100,000,000 years. Even though this was troublesome, it was absolutely worth it when taking into account the importance of the Heavenly Venerable Seals.

Ling Han created many clones, after which he started to travel through the dimensions, leaving a clone in each.

He only traveled to high-level and medium-level dimensions, ignoring the countless low-level dimensions. This was because low-level dimensions could only produce Second Tier Heavenly Venerates at most, and Second Tier Heavenly Venerates didn't have the power or right to cultivate and produce Heavenly Venerable Seals. Of course, this was apart from freaks like Ling Han.

However, Ling Han's strength was at the Third Tier, and was only obtained by traveling all through the Genesis World. If he had remained at the low-level dimension, how could he have become such a freak?

Thus, he wouldn't waste his time scouting the low-level dimensions.

After finishing this up, Ling Han returned to Ling City.

Even though he had only traveled to under 2000 dimensions, he had still spent almost 10,000 years away. This was no secret in Ling City. After all, the city lord hadn't appeared all this time.

“Has Hao Jing done anything out of line?” Ling Han asked.

“No, he's extremely cautious,” Hu Niu replied. While away, Ling Han had tasked her with keeping an eye on Hao Jing.

In fact, she was the only one capable of it. Such a task was beneath the Empress, while the others weren't powerful enough to accept it. As for Hu Niu… How could she pass on such a fun task?

“Alright, then I'll take over now,” Ling Han said with a smile.

“No, Niu wants to continue playing. Let's do it together!” Hu Niu said with eagerness.

If other Heavenly Venerates learned of this, they would definitely accuse Ling Han and Hu Niu of ignoring their proper duties. One was a Second Tier Heavenly Venerate, and the other possessed a battle prowess at the Third Tier, yet they were locked in a battle with a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate? Were they not holding him in too high a regard?

In fact, Ling Han had nothing better to do at this moment. He continued to cultivate, and his clones had already been dispersed. They would notify him if anything significant occurred. Thus, he needed to do something to occupy his time.

Hao Jing was extremely patient and composed, not doing anything to raise suspicion. Moreover, he strictly abided by the rules, and was also very respectful when he interacted with Ling Xi. He simply maintained their relationship as senior brother and junior sister, not rushing at all.

However, after 10,000 years, Ling Xi asked if she could return to the martial academy. After all, she couldn't stay home forever, could she?

After some brief consideration, Ling Han didn't refute her request. However, he also gave his own condition. That was, she needed to stay for another 10 years.

Ling Xi didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Her father was like a child sometimes, and he was even haggling over something like this. However, she still accepted this condition.

A few days later, Hao Jing made his move.

He quietly left Ling City, arriving in a forest. He then retrieved a communication seal, and said, “Senior Brother Luo, how's the situation on your side?”

“I'm about to succeed,” a voice replied, carrying a hint of dissatisfaction. “Junior Brother Hao, didn't I say? For safety's sake, we shouldn't communicate before I arrive!”

“The situation has changed. Ling Xi will return to the martial academy in 10 years, so we don't have much time left,” Hao Jing said. “You have to arrive before that!”

“…I'll try my best!” the person replied. He paused before suddenly chuckling, and saying, “Junior Brother Hao, just how enchanting is that mother and daughter duo? You're actually willing to sacrifice a Heavenly Venerable Seal for them? Why don't you give the seal to me?”

“There's no need for you to worry. If you want the Heavenly Venerable Seal, immediately bring that thing over!” Hao Jing said in displeasure.

“Alright, alright, who told you to be Master's son? My fate is to run around for you,” the person said. “Anyhow, I'll go over as quickly as I can.”


The communication seal instantly burst into flames, transforming into ashes.

Hao Jing brushed his hands off. This was a special communication seal made by his father, and it could allow him to communicate with his senior brothers and father.

“Hmph! If it weren't for my father cultivating in seclusion, would I leave such benefits to you?” He then turned around to gaze in the direction of Ling City, a coveting expression in his eyes.


He rapidly returned to Ling City.

After he left, Ling Han and Hu Niu appeared from someplace not far away.

Hu Niu cocked her head and pondered for a moment before suddenly clapping her hands and saying, “Ah! Niu remembers! Around 10,000 years ago, he made contact with that Senior Brother Luo or whatever, and he told him to look for some blood clay or whatnot.”

‘This girl… How is she still so unreliable?”

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