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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 1668: Clearing off old debts

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Chapter 1668: Clearing off old debts

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How could the heavenly tribulation stop Ling Han?

Its might had already reached the limits of the Immortal Realm, and even if Ling Han was helping the Empress undergo her heavenly tribulation, which logically would increase the might of the heavenly tribulation 10 times further, how was it supposed to increase by now?

Boom, boom, boom. The heaven and earth was raging furiously, but only more lightning giants appeared.

Ling Han did not pay them any regard at all. Like with a chariot rolling out, peng, peng, peng, any lightning giant would be crushed. Though they could still reform, they were completely unable to stop Ling Han’s advance.

Very soon, he had charged into the depths of the tribulation clouds, and easily obtained the Heavenly Tribulation Fluid.

The heavenly tribulation suddenly vanished.

On Joint Peace Planet, everyone was once again dumbfounded.

‘What on earth is going on?’

The heaven and earth would also bully the weak and fear the strong? Why had the heavenly tribulation just struck a few times and then ran off?

Ling Han watched from the sidelines. The Empress had just broken through, and could use the heavenly tribulation to temper her battle prowess, but right before the heavenly tribulation was about to dissipate, he had charged into the tribulation clouds and obtained a portion of Heavenly Tribulation Fluid again.

The two of them exchanged a smile, and walked back to Joint Peace Planet holding hands.

Everyone knelt down and bowed, numb with excitement.

Two Saints in one family, what kind of concept was this?

Putting aside Joint Peace Planet, even in the whole galaxy, and all the galaxies around, that was incredibly impressive!

…They did not know that Ling Han and the Empress’s battle prowess could actually overwhelm all Saint Kings, or there would probably be a great many people that would pass out from the excitement.

“Congratulations, Sister-in-law!” Feng Po Yun and the others all approached to offer their congratulations.

Though Li Weiwei and Ji Yun’er behaved very casually with Ling Han, and were very carefree when they spent time together, they were like tame lambs that had seen a tiger in front of the Empress, and were not able to even take a step forwards. Instead, it was the Left Minister and the others that came forwards with congratulations. In any case, they had been incredibly reverent towards the Empress in the past, so there was not much difference now.

The banquet had yet to end, but Ling Han had brought the Empress with him and ran. They had separated for eight years, and had not spent many days together when the Empress began her seclusion period. Now that she had successfully accomplished her goal, they naturally had to work hard a bit on having children.

The night of romance was always too short. Ling Han and the Empress clung together for a whole eight days before ending their loving time together, and did some serious business.

Another month later, everyone was prepared.

Ling Han took those closest to him, such as Yue Zhen Shan, Feng Po Yun, and the others, into the Black Tower, whereas the others were drawn into a Spatial God Tool, and then moved to leave.

He delegated the responsibility for the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire and the Great Ling Empire to the Left Minister and the others, and Ling Han spent some more effort to lay out a Saint-level formation. As long as the formation was here, then even a Great Saint would not be able to do anything against them.

It was not that Ling Han was not coming back. With the extended lifespans of cultivators of the Immortal Realm, even if he went off to the Celestial Realm and came back only 10,000 years later, there would actually not be too much change here.

He could leave with an easy heart.

Nine months later, Ling Han returned to Wood Figure Planet, and then directly went to the Mystery Realm—that Mystery Realm that had a different cultivation system was now called the Great River Mystery Realm because the natives inside all shared this identical label.

Ling Han released everyone from inside the Spatial God Tool. If they cultivated here, the effects would be a good many times better.

However, when he had just entered into the Great River Mystery Realm, Ling Han gave a soft “yi”.

Compared to more than a year ago, the Spiritual Qi of this place had weakened slightly, though it was still very dense compared to other places.

This initially was a completely sealed off world, and now that it had been opened, it was inevitable that the Spiritual Qi would leak out. Going by that theory, there would ultimately come a day when this Mystery Realm would become ordinary, just like that frightening corpse inside. It would also completely vanish one day, and the inheritance and traditions of the natives would completely die out by then.

Ling Han felt internally rueful, but the others were endlessly pleased and surprised. The Spiritual Qi of this place was too dense, so much so that they did not even dare imagine it could be this way.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden and the others were naturally still at the Yuan Tribe. Ling Han had just arrived when a few of them said that they were about to break through.

Everyone underwent heavenly tribulation one after another, and Ling Han continued to freeload off their heavenly tribulation. He could even disperse the heavenly tribulation for someone because this heaven and earth could no longer do anything to him.

But when the 10th person underwent the heavenly tribulation, and Ling Han barged in, he discovered that the heavenly tribulation actually ignored him completely!

There were no new tribulation clouds appearing, as if the heaven and earth also knew that they had no effect on him, so they were too lazy to even bother.

How could that be allowed?

Ling Han directly charged into that person’s heavenly tribulation, but something that caused him depression happened. The tribulation clouds shrank, and instantly vanished.

Fled… The heavenly tribulation actually fled.

The Empress and the others were also very astonished, but then they all broke into laughter. This Ling Han was really a freak, scaring the heavenly tribulation into fleeing. This was something that had never happened before. Then didn’t that mean that as long as Ling Han was willing, he could make it so that there would be no more heavenly tribulation in the whole Immortal Realm?

Ling Han tried a few more times. It was of no use. Now, as long as he interfered in anyone else’s heavenly tribulation, not only would there be no new heavenly tribulation targeting him, even the heavenly tribulation of others would also vanish.

This brought the others amusement, but they couldn’t help but also feel rueful. To exactly what extent was this guy strong that he could even make the heavenly tribulation turn and flee before him?

Ling Han gave up the idea of obtaining Heavenly tribulation Fluid again—he planned to make another attempt when he headed to the Netherworld in future. Since the two Realms were separated, then they each naturally had their own bosses. Now that the heaven and earth of the Immortal Realm had turned its back on him, he should still have a chance in the Netherworld.

There were already Saint Kings coming back from the nearest Forbidden Lands, bringing their clansmen to cultivate inside the Great River Mystery Realm. Though the environment inside the Celestial Realm could possibly be like this as well, they had nothing else to do at the moment anyways, so what was the point of wasting time?

However, Ling Han set out once more. He still had many old debts to clear off with certain Forbidden Lands.

In the past, they had coveted the Celestial King technique he possessed, and joined forces to attack him. He had only killed a single Open Clouds King, but did those that were left now think that they were spared because of that?

Ling Han was not bloodthirsty, but he was not so generous that he could smile and consider the matter forgotten when others had bullied him.

The first place he went to was the Eight Stones Forbidden Land.

The Eight Stones Forbidden Land still had one Saint King, but he was not at the peak stage. However, even if he was a peak stage Saint King, he would not be a match for Ling Han. What was this kind of Saint King worth? Ling Han wasted all the cultivation levels of everyone in the Eight Stones Forbidden Land, and did not commit a massacre.

In future, they would still be able to develop. That would be with their own abilities, but judging by the look of things now, the link of karma between them and Ling Han could be considered to have been ended.

However, Ling Han would naturally not forget about ransacking them. He obtained three pieces of Saintly Material, 12 Saint Tools, as well as two Saintly medicines.

Ling Han did not care whether it was Saintly Material or a Saint Tool. As long as it was made of Level 17 Godly metal, he would have the Divine Demon Sword swallow it. Probably, with all the Forbidden Lands added together, it would be enough to boost the Divine Demon Sword to Level 18.

Next, he would be going to the Celestial Realm to increase its grade. However, with how bountiful the resources were in the Celestial Realm, this obviously would not be a problem.

After leaving the Eight Stones Forbidden Land, Ling Han toured the Forbidden Lands one after another. There were more and more Saintly Materials and Saintly Medicines in his possession, and when he swept through the stock of the 13th Forbidden Land, the Divine Demon Sword had finally advanced into Level 18!

Ling Han immediately handed all the Level 18 Godly metal in his possession to be swallowed by the Divine Demon Sword, but if he wanted to boost the Divine Demon Sword up to Level 19, the amount of Level 18 Godly metal would have to be multiplied by a hundredfold, at the very least.

This was completely impossible to do. Perhaps if he slowly searched for a few tens of thousands years in the Ancient Realm, he might be able to accomplish this mission.

After clearing off all the old debts, Ling Han entered into the Netherworld. He was going to bring the Overlord Sword Demon Master, the Hysteria Demon Master, Ouyang Taishan, and the others, and when the people from both sides were present, he was going to barge his way into the Celestial Realm.

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