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«Affinity: Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 1028 Each With Their Plans

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Chapter 1028 Each With Their Plans

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"He's the person that helped us win the tournament, the second I heard they were trying to kill someone, I knew it had to be him. He's the only person that I can say for a fact is invincible in the Sage Plane." A young man said.

If Grey was here, he would've recognized the young man. It was none other than Scott, Sylvia's younger brother.

When he heard the news of someone slaughtering the people of the Gnome race, he knew it was none other than Grey. Only Grey was strong enough to do as he pleases in a place where there were no Elemental Venerables.

When the Prince went to the lower realm, they knew of it as well. Someone rushed to the lower realm as well, but the person had returned, and he didn't find Grey, nor did he see the Prince. According to the person, Grey should be alive, well, it was a guess.

The people in the hall turned to look at Scott, some of them chuckling. Saying Grey was invincible in the Sage Plane was an exaggeration. There were some of them here who felt they were also invincible while they were at the Peak of the Sage Plane.

A few of them felt maybe Grey was talented, after all, Scott was someone they all knew as a genius, and if he acknowledges Grey, that meant Grey was better than he is.

"I don't think you all understand, at the time of the competition, he was only in the Fifth stage of the Sage Plane, but he could go toe to toe with me even though I was at the Peak of the Sage Plane." Scott could tell what most of the people were thinking and explained.

Surprise showed on the faces of some of the people in the hall, they never thought Grey was that talented. Although they had all heard of him, they didn't take their time to listen to the stories. Most of the people here were already in the Elemental Venerable Plane before coming here, a Sage Plane Elementalist wouldn't catch their eye unless said person is a genius.

"I see. Someone like him will be valuable here, he can help with the battles. Send words to the Elder guarding the portal, Grey must be found and taken out for his safety."

"Also, track the movements of the Gnomes, we must do our part to protect him."

While the humans were having a meeting, on another side of the higher realm, another group was having a meeting, they were all members of the Gnome race.

"You didn't find him?" Someone turned to the Prince.

Although they had a higher cultivation level, they still had to be respectful to the Prince.

"No, and the realm was already starting to affect me. I guess we'll have to search for a way to go in with a large number." The Prince replied.

When he said this, a figure from the crowd looked at him, but this figure didn't say a word. This person was the young man who attacked Grey immediately after the Prince left. He knew that the Prince couldn't dare to announce the result of his encounter with Grey, and neither could he. For two Elemental Venerables to be unable to kill a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist was a disgrace.

The young man knew that he wouldn't be able to raise his head again if the others heard about it.]

"Is he that important?" Someone asked.

"At the Sixth stage, he can fight against me when I was at the Peak. In the space of three months, I heard he's currently in the Ninth stage of the Sage Plane, not just that, but he seems to be able to track us down." The Prince paused and looked at everyone present, "Now tell me, do you think he's important?"

The others didn't say a word, but they could tell that this human was unlike any other. Being able to advance from the Sixth to the Ninth stage in three months was an insane speed. Not just that, but he was also able to fight against someone as talented as the Prince with such a large difference in the cultivation stage.

Grey was a danger to all of them. They all knew that the portal would soon be open and they could enter the human world in large numbers, the great war was coming, and such a talent shouldn't be allowed to grow. The fact that he grew this much was a shocking thing.

"Send words out, if he doesn't come to the higher realm and leaves before he breaks through, we have to make sure that our people in the human world would take the appropriate actions." The Prince said.

Since he was here, he was the leader of the group. He might be the one with one of the lowest cultivation levels, but his status was higher than everyone present.

Someone nodded and stood up, heading out.

The Prince wanted Grey dead at all costs, and from what he has said, so did all these people.

In the lower realm.

Grey had no idea of what these people were planning, all he wanted to do now was to leave this place. He was already very close to the Peak of the Sage Plane, but staying was a little too dangerous now. If someone with a higher level comes again, he might not be able to escape or hang on.

"Why don't you just hide in a secret space and cultivate?" Void suggested.

"Staying here will only put others in danger. I'm not that selfish. I can easily hide my aura and cultivate, but with the trouble I've caused, I'm afraid I can't." Grey shook his head with a self-deprecating laugh.

As much as he wanted to stay here, he couldn't.

"A shame. Let's leave then, I've been waiting for so long to break through." Void didn't argue any longer.

Grey had his reasons for wanting to leave, and he didn't want to force him to stay, besides, he had been holding back from breaking through for a long time now.

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