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«Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1954 “Mo Li Shang Acts (4)”

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Chapter 1954 “Mo Li Shang Acts (4)”

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“Mo Xin Yan, what are you doing?” Just as the cruel lady withdrew her head, an indifferent voice came from behind startled her greatly. Stiff and rigid, she promptly came up with a scheme and reached out to help the other dirty girl up. “Sister Heart, are you all right? You need to be more careful, otherwise you will fall down again when picking those flowers.”

Heart did not understand this abrupt change in attitude so her face was left in a daze. Even so, she still accepted the gesture with her dirty hands…

Naturally Mo Xin Yan felt disgusted at being dirtied by the grime, but she forced the displeasure down and continued to smile as she turned to face the monarch.

“Shifu, how did you get here? Just now Sister Heart accidentally fell from the tree here so I ran over to help.”

She spat out her tongue like an innocent good lady, an absolute contrast to the sinister self mere moments ago.

“Heart?” The woman in white’s gaze fell onto Heart’s dirty figure, “Are you Heart?”

Heart timidly took a couple of steps back under that stare. Then speaking in a cautious voice to answer: “Mhmm.”

That brought a momentary trance to the monarch’s mind.

So Heart have already grown so big… When I brought her out from that time diluted space, she was still a baby, and now she’s already a teenager.

No one knows this, but in reality, this Heart was in fact the monarch’s biological daughter. The woman in white had been hurt when her confession failed. Out of depression, she got drunk and spent a night in the back mountain with that person, hence the creation of Heart.

Since she never loved this child to begin with, the monarch did a cruel thing despite the child being her own - she tossed the baby into a time-frozen space of the domain. If she hadn’t inadvertently passed through that area ten years ago, Heart would still be in there frozen in time.

To top things off on the list of being a cruel mother, Heart’s mental level seems to have been damaged by spending so long in stasis. Her mind never grows, remaining at the level of a child. For that defect, the kind of love a lady of this house deserves never got rewarded and was forgotten until today.

“How did you become like this?” The monarch sees the state of her daughter and asks with a faint softening of the heart. Her voice wasn’t sharp either since this was her own child after all.

Mo Xin Yan tensed up right there and then after hearing her shifu’s concerned words. Out of panic, she promptly spoke up to hide the mean things she’s done over the years to Heart. For example: ordering the servants to ignore Heart and leave her to her own demise.

“Shifu, I feel Sister Heart’s condition is getting more and more serious. Whenever the maids tried to help her dress, she would always struggle and turn herself into this state. Why don’t we call for a healer to exam her health?”


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