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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 784: No matter how ugly he is, you’re not worthy (Part One)

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Chapter 784: No matter how ugly he is, you’re not worthy (Part One)

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- Yanjing Dayu Entertainment Company -

President Zhang Tianyu had just arrived at the office and asked the accountant to report to him about Mu Wan’s schedule and earnings from movies and television series she filmed.

The accountant was also smiling as he could earn a larger bonus if their company’s celebrities made more money.

“President, you truly have good taste in being able to find Mu Wan. The company’s stock went up 200% because of her!”

President Zhang Tianyu waved his hand. “Okay alright, I know all this. Hurry up and report Mu Wan’s schedules and earnings details for the next six months.”

In fact, he was secretly pleased.

The accountant nodded and stroked his glasses as he began to report, “The reality show “Beautiful Sister” signed her as a fixed guest for four seasons. According to a quarterly season pay of 30 million, one year would be 120 million. Also, she’s currently starring in two major historical dramas that are ongoing. One episode is 800K and one series of fifty episodes will earn us 40 million, so the two dramas will earn a total around 90 million. As for the three movies, which are 20 million per movie, and an extra of 60 million in dividends, with her past records of surpassing 300 million box office, there should be another 100 million added to the earnings. The three movies are expected to have a guaranteed income of 160 million. In addition to the signed contracts, we’re also in negotiation with four major advertisements for Mu Wan, all of which are priced at no less than 30 million for three years. The four advertisements will thus have an earning of 120 million. In the upcoming year, Mu Wan will generate a value of 500 million!”

President Zhang Tianyu was deeply satisfied inside.

He felt Mu Wan was totally worth his large initial investment, and now it was harvesting season. In order to make her popular, he used his entire network and all his connections to put her in various variety shows and look for big-name directors to film her movies and dramas. It could be said that she was one of the most popular ones who climbed up in the last two years in this new generation of stars.

“Oh right, aren’t the two historical dramas going to air soon? Get the PR team to preheat the hype. It is best to get her on the hot headlines, and it doesn’t matter what it’s for. Even scandals are fine.”

The accountant nodded his head.

That was when Zhang Tianyu’s phone rang.

He picked it up and saw that it was a call from the producer of one of the historical dramas.

The person on the other end of the line asked in confusion, “President Zhang, are you trying to screw me over? Who did Mu Wan offend? Why is my film not going through?”

“Not going through?” President Zhang was also puzzled, but he still smiled and asked, “Producer Wu, why are you asking me if your film’s not going through? Besides, this drama of yours does not have any sensitive content disrespecting our history, right? How can it not pass?”

Producer Wu was angry. “I even went to find the vice director there, and he did not give me a pass. I had to find another connection to get the pass, but with one condition. Guess what it is.”

President Zhang: “What?”

Producer Wu: “They said to either delete the female lead, Mu Wan’s scene, or it will not pass.”

“That’s impossible.” President Zhang was shocked. “Producer Wu you have such a solid connection with them, who dares to not let you pass?”

Producer Wu sneered, “I went to talk with the TV station head and they straight up refused to air my drama. Tell me, who did your Mu Wan offend?”

“Our Mu Wan’s been good as always.” Zhang Tianyu could sense that it was something serious as he said, “Maybe it’s not because of Mu Wan?”

“How is it not! I used my most deep connections and they told me that it’s because this woman got into trouble. Zhang, how about this. I can’t say much about your artist, but if this drama doesn’t air… Business is business. We will need to talk about this because I’ve invested 150 million into the actors’ fees, and if it doesn’t air in the end, then I will have paid the other actors for nothing, right?”

“Hey, take it easy. Let me sort this out. I’ll think of a way, and I’ll call you back,” Zhang Tianyu said.

Producer Wu: “You better hurry up.”

The two hung up their phones.

The accountant was puzzled to see Zhang Tianyu’s expression change drastically from a smile into a frown.

Another employee from the finance department came in a panic and said, “President Zhang, it’s not good, someone is here to check our company’s accounts.”

Zhang Tianyu’s face changed slightly as he paced back and forth with both of his arms crossed. This was a very rare event.

“Go greet them nicely while I make a call,” he said to the accountant.

Zhang Tianyu took out his phone and called the relevant department he knew and asked, “Hey, Brother Li, what’s going on? I am not mentally prepared for this.”

The other end gave him a bitter laugh. “Pray for the best. It’s not me who wanted to check on you, but several levels above me who are trying to “rectify cultural entertainment.” They’re beginning thorough investigations on celebrities and the transparency of their earnings and taxes. This is not something within my control, and I’m not even doing anything in this. Stop calling me and just get your finances right.”

Get what?

President Zhang was confused, because which entertainment company hadn’t lied about their taxes?

Who would honestly report all earnings when the celebrities’ taxes were this high?

After hanging up the phone, President Zhang called the other company bosses and asked.

“Hello Wang, what is this “rectify cultural entertainment” thing? Did they investigate your company’s finances or your artists?”

“No, who did you hear it from? Everything’s fine on my end and no one’s here. Did you hear something?”

“No, I’m just asking.” After Zhang Tianyu hung up the phone, he leaned back in the chair and his heart twitched; he knew that this so-called “rectification” was targeted at his company, or specifically, at Mu Wan.

That was when another call came in.

It was the producer of another historical drama.

Zhang Tianyu’s heart skipped a beat and he answered it with hesitation.

The person on the other end directly scolded, “Mr. Zhang, the top demanded for us to delete Mu Wan’s scenes, otherwise our drama will not be given a pass! Can you give me an explanation? What kind of hype is your Mu Wan doing recently?”

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