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«A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu (Web Novel) - Chapter 1363 He Likes My Type (1)

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Chapter 1363 He Likes My Type (1)

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Zhang Manni looked at Su Jianan and realized that Su Jianan’s reaction was completely unexpected.

She deliberately notified Su Jianan, so that Su Jianan would misunderstand Lu Bo Yan and have conflicts with Lu Bo Yan.

However, when she came here, Su Jianan was as calm as if she didn’t know anything, and she didn’t even ask if anything had happened between her and Lu Bo Yan.

The average woman who learns that her husband is cheating on her would be mad and angry, right?

What is this woman, Sujianan, constructed of?

Zhang Manni didn’t want to admit it, but the truth was in front of her she might not be Su Jianan’s match.

Thinking this way, Zhang Manni became even more unwilling, “Hey”, called out to Su Jianan, “I have a question to ask you.”

Su Jianan was worried about Lu Boyan and didn’t want to waste time on Zhang Manni.

However, the tone of Manny Zhang’s voice seemed to be very unconvincing.

She looked at Manny Zhang lightly, “I’ll give you five minutes.”

Zhang Manni was stunned for a moment and suddenly felt that Su Jianan’s tone and demeanor at this moment resembled Lu Bo Yan.

She’d heard that two people who love and live together become more and more alike.

Is it …… like Lu Bo Yan and Su Jianan?

Zhang Manni came back to her senses and tried to irritate Su Jianan, “Aren’t you going to ask me if Lu Boyan and I had anything happen? What if we had sex?”

“Ms. Zhang, are you being funny?” Su Jianan somewhat sympathizes with Manny Zhang, “You just told me that Bo Yan would rather torture himself than touch you for a moment.”

“…… “Zhang Manni then realized her mistake, gritted her teeth in chagrin, and said in a deadpan voice, “I meant in the office! You have to know, we’ve been working together every day lately, I have plenty of opportunities!”

Su Jianan smiled faintly, “This I don’t need to ask.”

Zhang Manni laughed twice, arrogantly provoking, “Are you afraid to know the truth?”

“Just the opposite it’s because I know the truth.” Su Jianan says word for word, “I’ve been married to Bo Yan for so long, I know what he likes, you’re not his cup of tea, there’s no way he can touch you.”

Zhang Manni stomped her foot and asked unwillingly, “Then what exactly does he like!”

“I’m like this.” Su Jianan didn’t think twice, then sighed, “Unfortunately, you’ll never become like me.”


Zhang Manni was as if she had suffered a 10,000-point blitz, looking at Su Jianan incredulously, her mouth slightly open, unable to speak for a long time.

Mina burst out laughing, silently sympathizing with Manny Zhang in her mind.

It seems that Zhang Manni still didn’t prepare enough before approaching Lu Bo Yan.

If she had known in detail, she should have known that someone as powerful as Han Ruoxi was defeated under Su Jianan. In Su Jianan’s eyes, she was probably just a scum who couldn’t even be a threat.

Underestimating your opponent and overestimating yourself.

If Manny Cheung didn’t fail miserably, who did?

Su Jianan pondered for a while, still deciding to help Manny Zhang dissect the facts a little more clearly, and continued, “Ms. Zhang, from this moment on, you are no longer an employee of Lu’s. As for the other accounts, let’s take our time to settle them.”

Leaving Lu’s, Zhang Manni would have no way to get close to Lu Bo Yan, and all of a sudden she got agitated and shouted at Su Jianan, “You have no right to fire me!”

Su Jianan laughed, an exasperating certainty in her voice: “Not coincidentally, I have.”

Where was Zhang Manni willing to do that, and asked furiously, “Who gave it to you!?”

“My husband.”

Three simple words, coming out of Su Jianan’s mouth, yet they seemed to have a power that could not be ignored.

“……” Manny Zhang was choked severely and was completely speechless.

Su Jianan had no intention of tangling with Zhang Manni any further and helped Lu Bo Yan upstairs with Mina.

When she arrived at her room, Su Jianan directly dialed Song Jiqing’s phone, probably talked to Song Jiqing about Lu Boyan’s situation, and finally anxiously asked, “Should I send Boyan to the hospital? He’s like this, will something happen to him?”

Song Jiqing resisted the urge to gossip, “There shouldn’t be a need to send him to the hospital.”

“But Bo Yan is in a coma ……” Su Jianan is still worried about Lu Bo Yan, turning to think of something, “Ji Qing, do you have time? Can you come over and help Bo Yan take a look?”

“I don’t have the time right now, but Ye Lu is in the city center and will be able to get to the hotel soon.” Song Jiqing decisively sold Ye Lu, “I’ll call her, and in a moment, you ask someone to come downstairs to pick her up.”

The anxiety in Su Jianan’s heart finally eased a little, “Good.”

She hung up the phone when the landline in her room suddenly rang.

She picked it up and it was the voice of the hotel manager, “Ma’am, there are a lot of reporters at the hotel, what should we do?”

Sure enough, it’s still coming.

Su Jianan calmly asked, “What are they doing here?”

“It says they want to interview Mr. Lu.” The hotel manager still didn’t know what was going on, and reminded Su Jianan in a low voice, “But, I see that they are clearly here to make news with this stance!”

Su Jianan looked at Lu Bo Yan on the bed, and in her heart she already understood the purpose of the reporter’s trip.

Zhang Manni broke the news to all the media reporters, Lu Bo Yan in the hotel out rail young girls, but also provided a detailed room number, the reporters of course will not let go of this news, to come to see how Lu Bo Yan is cheating.

This story goes out and there’s no need to worry about news and attention or anything else for the next few days.

The hotel manager thought Su Jianan was in a difficult position and continued, “Madam, we have enough manpower to send the reporter away, it’s also possible.”

But that solves nothing.

The company’s website has been a success, and it has been a great success for the company since its inception.

This kind of plausible and hazy news will continue to ferment on the Internet, and it is useless for the parties concerned to come out and clarify.

Lu Bo Yan will eventually be labeled as “cheating”.

The most useful method is still to tell the reporter that the blurb is false.

Su Janyin said with a cross look, “Let the reporter come up.”

“……” The manager thought he had misheard and asked numbly, “Are you sure, ma’am?”

“OK.” Su Jianan said word for word, “I’ll handle the next thing.”

Since Su Jianan said so, the manager had no worries and followed Su Jianan’s instructions to release the reporters.

Su Jianan put down the microphone and looked at Lu Buyan.

He was still passed out, unaware of his personnel, and all that had happened was something she had to face and resolve.

In the past, it was Lu Bo Yan who saved her from the fire, blocked the storm for her, and gave her a safe and warm harbor.

This time, it was her turn to guard Lu Bo Yan.

Su Jianan’s lips landed on Lu Boyan’s cheek and kissed him, then got up, and sure enough, she heard the doorbell.

She signaled Mina to stay in the room and walked out alone, opening the door.

In an instant, countless cameras and lights, all aimed at her, took a messy shot.

She was unperturbed, her face only slightly stunned, but still decent and natural, looking straight at the many long shots and excited-looking reporters.

At this point, the reporters finally realized that what they had photographed was Su Jianan, not some pretty young girl.

“Mrs. Lu?” The reporter asked in surprise, “How could it be you?”

“How come it won’t be me?” Su Jianan smiled, her beautiful peach blossom eyes full of incomprehension, “What do you …… have to do?”

“That ……” the reporter asked tentatively, “is Mr. Lu here?”

“Yeah.” Su Jianan nodded and asked knowingly, “Are you looking for him?”


The reporter didn’t know what to say.

They can’t tell Su Jianan that they came to film Lu Bo Yan cheating on his wife, only to find out it was a misunderstanding when they arrived.

“I’m afraid I can’t today.” Su Jianan apologizes, “Bo Yan drank too much in response to the entertainment and is resting in his room.”

Compared to Su Jianan’s attitude, the reporter was too reckless.

A group of reporters became even more embarrassed and had to ask, “Mrs. Lu, are you here to take care of Mr. Lu?”

“Originally came to pick him up and take him home.” Su Jianan smiled helplessly, “But I was afraid that he would be even more uncomfortable in the car, so I let him rest in the hotel for a while first.”

So that’s it. It was all a misunderstanding.

The reporter simply asked Su Jianan a few questions and then left.

Su Jianan sighed in relief and closed the door to her room, turning back to see Mina leaning against a five-drawer dresser and looking at her.

Mina was reluctant, “Are we just going to let Manny Zhang off the hook?”

“I’ve already fired her ah.” Su Jianan sat down on the sofa and spread her hands, “What else?”

Mina winked at Su Jianan, “Look at me!”

Before Su Jianan could ask Mina what she wanted, Mina had already rushed out.

She didn’t have time to care about Mina either, and returned to the bedside, only to realize that Lu Bo Yan had already woken up.

She squatted down and looked at Lu Bo Yan, “How do you feel?”

“Very dizzy.” Lu Bo Yan tightly grabbed Su Jianan’s hand, “Why did you come?”

“Zhang Manni sent me a text message asking me to come see the play, so of course I had to come.” Su Jianan smiled, “Did you tie her up?”

Lu Bo Yan raised a hand, the back of it covering his eyes, “She’s too annoying.”

Su Jianan poured a cup of water, helped Lu Bo Yan up and fed him to drink it, while saying, “Ye Lu will come over soon, she will help you look at it first. If you are really uncomfortable, let’s go to the hospital.”

No sooner had she spoken than Tang Yulan called.

She signaled Lu Bo Yan to be quiet, then picked up the phone and heard the old lady ask, “Jian An, how is Bo Yan doing?”

“Drank too much, resting at the hotel.” Su Jianan looks at Lu Bo Yan, “Mom, we might not go back tonight.”

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of Xiyou and Xiangyi.” The old lady uneasily admonishes, “You take care of Bo Yan and pay more attention to yourself.”

“Okay, good night.” Su Jianan hangs up the phone, only to realize that Lu Buyan has been staring at her, and asks in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Bo Yan’s voice was a bit feeble, “You came alone?”

Su Jianan knew that Lu Bo Yan was worried that something would happen to her on the way here, shook her head and said, “I’m not that naive! I brought Mina and a few people with me. Don’t worry, I will protect myself.”

The corner of Lu Bo Yan’s lips raised in a satisfied arc and touched Su Jianan’s head, “Where’s Mina? I have something I want her to do.”

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