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«A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu (Web Novel) - Chapter 1340 Xu Yuning’s Surprise (2)

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Chapter 1340 Xu Yuning’s Surprise (2)

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When they reached the door of the study, Xu Yuning straightened her nurse’s cap and mask again.

She couldn’t be found out too soon or too late by Mousse, or the surprise would have to be greatly diminished.

The “degree” in between is not so easy to grasp.

After finishing organizing, Xu Yuning raised his head, “Buckle-” two times, knocking on the door of the study.

Mousse’s low voice was fast coming through the wooden door

“Come in.”

Xu Yuning pushed a trolley full of medicines and small medical equipment, walked into the study with her head down, pinched her throat to hide her original voice, and said, “Mr. Mu, it’s time for you to change your medication.”

Mu Sijiu didn’t even lift his head, “Put it there, I’ll do it myself.”

“……” Hsu insisted, “It’s what we’re supposed to do!”

Usually, a group of men to Mu Sijue are obedient, in addition to Xu Yuning, no one dares to Mu Sijue said half “no” word.

This nurse, obviously, didn’t know Mousieu.

Muji Jiu frowned in displeasure and was about to give an ultimatum to blow people out of the room when the “nurse” went on:

“Mr. Mu, I greeted Miss Xu when I came in. Miss Xu said that she wanted me to change your medicine more carefully.”

Moving out Xu Yuning, Mu Sijun really had no choice, frowning, he said, “I’ll give you ten minutes.”

Xu Yuning didn’t expect moving her out to be so useful, and with a sigh of relief, he nodded, “Good!”

Keeping her head down, she walked over and got her first good look at Musashi’s wound.

Very serious and large abrasions, the wounds were red and it wasn’t hard to imagine how painful they would be, but the worst of it would still be the bone bruises.

A hundred days of injury, the next period of time should not be too good for Mu Sijiu.

If it wasn’t for saving her, Mu Siju wouldn’t need to pay such a big price ……

Thinking about it, Xu Yuning’s action to change the medicine became very light, afraid of touching and hurting Mu Siju, the action was even more unprecedentedly patient.

However, this was not a commendable thing for the efficiency-seeking Musashi.

Mu Sijiu’s brows knit deeper as he averted his eyes from the computer screen and prodded, “You ……”

The next words choked in Musashi’s throat, and he momentarily lost his voice.

He wondered if he was hallucinating.

How could this person in front of her, wearing a nurse’s uniform, be Xu Yuning?

For the first time in his life, Musashi was so surprised that he couldn’t speak.

Xu Yuning could feel Mu Sijun’s unexpected and hot line of sight, raised her head and took off her mask to meet Mu Sijun’s line of sight.

Mu Sijiu finally dared to be sure that it was really Xu Yuning, he hadn’t been wrong.

His pupils contracted dramatically, and the shock in the bottom of his eyes transformed into unbelief as it did.

Since the blindness, Xu Yuning’s eyes were like a thin layer of mist, still beautiful, but without the previous spirit and life.

But at this time, at this moment, Xu Yuning’s eyes returned to their former appearance, her deer-like eyes, large and bright, full of life.

She looked at him and lifted the corners of her lips in a slight smile, beautiful as a dream.

Mu Sijiu felt as if he had returned to the spring when everything was reviving, a burst of abundant vitality and hope blooming right in front of his eyes.

Xu Yuning looked at Mu Sijiu: “How is it, surprised or not, unexpected or not?”

Mu Sijun couldn’t say a single word, and pulled Xu Yuning into his arms, tightly hooping her as if she was a dream incarnation, and if he didn’t exert himself a little bit, she would disappear like a bubble.

Xu Yuning didn’t struggle, just obediently stayed in Mu Sijiu’s arms, and after a moment, hugged him just as hard.

I don’t know how long it took before Mushi Jiu voiced his confirmation, “You can see?”

“Uh-huh.” Xu Yuning’s voice hid a touch of stealth, “I found it by accident this morning!”

“Why didn’t …… tell me this morning?”

Mu Siju let go of Xu Yuning, like looking at a lost and found treasure, his expression was calm and calm, but the bottom of his eyes were surging with obvious excitement.

In reality, he didn’t particularly care why Xu Yuning didn’t tell him.

What he cared about was that Xu Yuning could finally see the world again.

“I wanted to give you a surprise.” Xu Yuning looked at Mu Sijue’s wound, “I didn’t expect you to give me a surprise your injury is even more serious than I imagined.”

Mu Sijiu was not amused, “This little injury, it will soon be healed.”

“Don’t think I don’t know you’re trying to be brave!” Xu Yuning unmercifully demolished Mu Sijue, “You …… well ……”

She wanted to say that it would be better for Mousse to not be so optimistic.

But the latter half of the sentence had only been uttered in a single word before her lips were sealed by Mu Sijun.

Mu Sijun kissed her very dominantly, his lips crushing her lips hard, as if he wanted to swallow her whole.

“Well ……,” Xu Yuning subconsciously grabbed onto Mu Sijun, even breathing was much more laborious.

Just like that, Mousse was not satisfied.

Mu Sijiu’s speed slowed down and suggestively pushed against Xu Yuning’s teeth, “Yuning, open your mouth ……”

His low voice had an innate magic of seduction.

Xu Yuning obediently opened her mouth and let Mu Sijun barge in, turning the tide in her territory and attacking the city ……

This time, Xu Yuning could not resist Mu Sijun’s attack at all, her chest rose fell violently, the feeling of lack of oxygen filled her entire brain, she could not breathe, she could only make a protest.

Mu Sijun bit Xu Yuning’s lips, kissed her deeply for several times, finally letting go of her lips, the hand circling around her body did not let go, his forehead against hers, his lips holding a smirk if any.

Xu Yuning looked at Mu Sijue in disbelief, “What are you laughing at?”

Mu Sijun was unprecedentedly honest, “I’m happy.” He smoothed the broken hair at the corner of Xu Yuning’s forehead, “You can see it.”

Well, this is indeed something to be happy about.

Xu Yuning raised the corners of his lips and said, “In fact, there was something I gained in those days when I couldn’t see.”

Musashi raised an eyebrow in question, “What gain?”

“I learned to be quiet.” Xu Yuning pondered for a moment, then continued, “Also, I learned that life is precious.”

When she was under Kang Ruicheng’s command, Xu Yuning felt that death was but a matter of a moment, and if that moment was really coming and she couldn’t resist it, it was nothing.

Anyway, that moment passes and it’s all over and done with.

So for a while she wondered why so many people struggled to stay alive when the demon of death had its hand on them.

It wasn’t until now that she finally realized that it was because there was still a hold on the world.

Just like her, holding on to Mu Sijun, holding on to the child in her belly, so she didn’t want to die.

Fortunately, all the ties on earth are because of love.

It is a blessing to have love.

Mu Sijun looked at Xu Yuning’s eyes and said word by word, “You can see again, and your illness, too, will definitely get better.”

“Uh-huh!” Xu Yuning nodded, “That’s what I thought.”

“Who else knows about this?” Musashi asked.

“Ye Lu and Jian An, oh, and Ah Guang and Mina!” Xu Yuning said, “They were all in the room just now, so they all know.”

Mu Sijun didn’t move, planning something in his mind, and suddenly said, “It’s a pity.”

“Hmm?” Xu Yuning sounded confused, “What pity?”

Mu Sijun pulled Xu Yuning’s hand and said, “If I’m not injured, in these few days, I can take you somewhere else.”

He had always wished that he could take Xu Yuning to see more landscapes before his child was born.

Now that he’s injured, this plan, I’m afraid, will have to be put on hold for now.

Hsu Yuning thinks otherwise-

“No pity!” Xu Yuning shook his head with a sense of optimism, “We can wait until you’re better, and I’m better, then we can go together and go wherever we want!” After saying this, he suddenly remembered something, “Hey, this doesn’t seem to work either ……”

Musashi raised an eyebrow, “Where does it not work?”

Xu Yuning touched his stomach and smiled helplessly and sweetly, “By the time I’m better, we might already have a trawler ……”

“No effect.” Mousse said breezily, “Give him to someone else.”

“……” Xu Yuning was stunned, “Is this …… good?”

“Very good.” Mu Sijiu said with reason and justification, “Growing up without parents is conducive to independence.”


Xu Yuning couldn’t refute it and could only silently sympathize with the baby in her belly.

The little fellow was disliked by his father before he was born, and his treatment …… after birth can be imagined.

Mu Siju was happy, holding Xu Yuning tightly, after a few moments, unintentionally discovering something, he suddenly let go of Xu Yuning, looking at Xu Yuning with some uncertainty and some ecstasy.

Xu Yuning rarely saw such a look on Mu Sijue’s face and was confused for half a day before asking, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Sijun put his hand on Xu Yuning’s belly, “Don’t you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

Xu Yuning followed Mu Sijun’s example and put her hand on her belly, feeling it carefully before realizing that her stomach had slightly rumbled|up.

The little one in her belly was growing and she was starting to show!

Xu Yuning was pregnant with this child at a time when her health condition was extremely bad, and even though all the test results showed that everything was normal for the child, she was still worried that the development of the child would not be affected.

Now the kid seems to be really good.

Xu Yuning was so excited that she laughed out, but she also reddened her eyes and looked at Mu Sijun and nodded, “I feel it.”

“This is good.” Mu Sijiu wiped the moisture from the corner of Xu Yuning’s eyes, “Don’t cry.”

At this moment, Mu Sijiu’s mood was also complicated.

If they want to keep this child, they will have to sacrifice Xu Yuning’s chances of living.

So, he thought ruthlessly about giving up the child and keeping Xu Yuning with all his might.

If Xu Yuning hadn’t given everything to insist on having this child, this little one would most likely have skipped the step of coming to earth and gone directly to another world.

Until this moment, Muji felt that the child is growing up, his child is growing up ……

In an instant, all his moods changed ……

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