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«A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 858: Abandonment

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Chapter 858: Abandonment

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She started crying again.

Xia Ling looked at her in disgust. Even at this time, she still thought that Xia Moyan refused to acknowledge her because Xia Ling insulted her in front of him. In front of the national audience, she was “really good” to her sister!

Xia Ling sneered and watched her performance.

There was a commotion in the audience. “Could it really be that Ye Xingling said something bad about Xia Yu which made it difficult for Xia Yu to be acknowledged by her family? If this were true, Ye Xingling went too far!”

“Exactly, no matter what, the blood in Xia Yu’s body is truly part of the Xia Family’s.”

At once, everyone started discussing.

Noticing the commotion below the stage, a spark of joy appeared in Xia Yu’s eyes. Yes, she wanted to take this opportunity to get revenge on Xia Ling and disrupt Xia Ling’s relationship with her family. This way, when she returned to the Xia Family, she would be more loved by the family than Xia Ling! When that time came, Xia Ling would have no choice but to lower her head when she saw her!

She could then torture Xia Ling with twice the grievances she faced in the first half of her life!

The more she thought about it, the more delighted she was. She almost could not hold back a smile.

Xia Ling was a little annoyed. She looked at Xia Yu like she was looking at a clown. If the camera were not shooting and she did not have to maintain her elegant image, she almost wanted to yawn. It was really boring.

On the big screen, Xia Moyan seemed emotionless. “That’s right. Xiao Ling told me that you bullied her.”

Bullying was truly an understatement. He still remembered how his sister rushed into his arms and cried as she recalled her past. She lamented that she did everything she could for Xia Yu, but in the end, she only returned her kindness with painful betrayal. He remembered the night his sister was drunk. Her tears were like raindrops. At that time, he wished he could tear her scheming and vindictive sister apart… Now, she was right in front of him.

Xia Moyan said, “I don’t know if Xiao Ling ever exaggerated.”

Xia Yu’s eyes shined brighter. What did her brother mean? Was he asking her for the truth? Sure enough, being blood-related to the Xia Family was different. She only had to meet him once to make her brother suspicious that reincarnated the Xia Ling was a liar! Definitely, she was much closer to him as a blood-related relative.

She seized the opportunity and sobbed. “I don’t know what my sister said to you, brother. Sister suffered so many grievances over the years. Even if she went a little overboard, I deserved it. Please don’t blame sister.”

The audience was moved. Xia Yu was truly a good girl who could learn from her mistakes. Even though she had the chance to expose Xia Ling in front of her family, she still defended her sister’s image. In contrast, Xia Ling exaggerated her words and obstructed her return to the family. Didn’t she go too far?

“Many people are willing to forgive those who repent. Miss Ling and Mr. Xia, you should forgive Xia Yu.” Even the emcee couldn’t help but support Xia Yu, she had no choice. That girl’s pitiful face made people’s hearts ache.

Xia Moyan said calmly, “I’ve never blamed Xiao Ling.”

“Brother, you never blamed… What?” Xia Yu looked at him in shock. Just now, after he said that Xia Ling exaggerated her words and talked badly about her, Xia Moyan said that he did not blame Xia Ling?!

How could that be?!

“Brother, do you hate me then?” Xia Yu cried again.

Xia Moyan said, “I don’t hate you.”

Joy flashed across Xia Yu’s eyes. “I just know that my brother will not hate me! Although we lost contact for so many years, we’re still brother and sister! You feel very sorry for me, right?”

However, Xia Moyan said, “That’s because you’re not even qualified to receive my hate.”

Xia Yu was stunned.

The audience and the media representatives were all stunned.

What did The Preceptor say? Xia Yu was not even qualified to receive his hate?

“Oh, who does that little girl think she is?” An old man shook his head and sipped on his red wine as he watched the live-stream. “The Preceptor is so reverent and doesn’t even think much about life and death. How can a little girl’s act stir his emotions?”

“Exactly.” His wife joined in and said, “Three years ago, we were lucky enough to meet The Preceptor. At that time, didn’t he say that there were only three important people in the Xia Family—the Xia Family Head, The Preceptor, and the Phoenix. Especially the phoenix. She protected the existence of the family selflessly. Who does this girl think she is? How could she complain about the phoenix in front of The Preceptor? She’s looking for death!”

The old man nodded and looked at this ignorant little girl with contempt.

Some people who were aware of the situation also thought of Xia Yu as a joke and watched as she embarrassed herself. However, Xia Yu remained ignorant and asked Xia Moyan in disbelief, “Brother, you… You said that I’m not qualified?”

“Don’t call me brother.” Xia Moyan looked at her blankly. “You aren’t even my biological sister. Only Xiao Ling is. Xiao Ling is the family’s most distinguished phoenix. As for you? You’re just part of the branch family. If you really want to talk about how closely we are related, we’re probably distant cousins separated by god knows how many families.”

They were distantly related!

Xia Yu acted as if she were struck by lightning and took a few steps back in disbelief.

The audience watching was also very shocked. Xia Yu was not actually Xia Ling’s biological sister but a distant cousin?! The gap between Xia Ling’s honorable status and Xia Yu’s status as a distant cousin was too large! Xia Yu could never be as honorable as Xia Ling!

“I just knew that our Xiao Ling is the best.” Some fans patted their chests and sighed. Initially, they were worried that Xia Yu would bully Xia Ling after she was accepted back into the family. Now, they did not need to worry any longer. Small fry like Xia Yu could never compete with someone from the main family.

Xia Yu’s face turned pale. “I… I am the daughter of a side family?”

“Yes.” Xia Moyan did not have any intentions of hiding anything. “In the beginning, your parents adopted Xiao Ling and were very cruel towards her. They would abuse her, scold her, and hit her. After you were born, seeing that you were naturally sickly, they did not want to spend money on your treatment, so they sent you and Xiao Ling to the orphanage.”

There was a commotion in the audience. It turned out that people who abandoned Xia Ling and Xia Yu were Xia Yu’s biological parents!

“What sort of evil people are they?” Many people sympathized with them. “They are too cruel! Not only did they abandon their adopted daughter, but they also abandoned their biological daughter! Naturally sick children who do not receive treatment will die!”

On the stage, even the emcee was shocked. “The Preceptor, are you telling the truth? Xia Yu’s parents did not even want her? Were they so poor that they were unwilling to pay the medical fees to save their daughter’s life?”

Xia Moyan said, “Xia Yu’s parents were good-for-nothings. They were the poorest in the family. They were always starving and relied on the other clan members to stay alive. Although they could ask for help to save Xia Yu, they had to work to repay them. However, they were unwilling to put in the effort to work, so they chose to abandon her.”

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