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«A Sorcerer’s Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 306: Sabbatic Goat Staff

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Chapter 306: Sabbatic Goat Staff

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the laboratory of the Demon-Hunter Castle.

Five experimental items were laid out on the table in front of Grimm.

One of them was a translucent crystal stone.

Sealed inside this crystal block was an Enigmatic Amonro desperately struggling to get out. And on the belly of this Enigmatic Amonro were traces of the Bloodlust Doll.

This crystal stone contained the preserved specimen of the Enigmatic Amonro that devoured Grimm’s own Bloodlust Doll. This method of specimen storage borrowed its powers from the Water Crystal Turtle, more specifically, its ability to mobilize the essential powers of the Underground Lake water to produce a mystical, crystal seal.

Originally, Grimm had planned to build an intelligent control core for the Arcane Mount using this piece of crystal stone, relying purely on his own intuition.

This arduous and time-consuming process however, was taken out of the equation with Grimm’s unexpected acquisition of the Starfall Reconnaissance Craft. For now, the only thing left for Grimm to do was to implant this “Bloodlust Crystal” directly into the flying craft’s body.

The second item, would be the large bottle of Golden Flames.

This item was a special flame Grimm collected from a mutant Golden Amonro’s tail he had stumbled upon back at the Shadow Enigmatic World.

It seemed that the Amonros had started evolving traits that specifically target the Lava Giants as this Golden Flame granted complete protection against different types of Flame Elemental physical attacks or obstructions.

The third, was a pair of dull-looking, black pieces of metal.

The first piece of metal was retrieved from within the Twin-headed Snake Grimm had slain in the Shadow Enigmatic World. The other piece was received from Lefay, who inherited it from her Level 3 Great Sorcerer mentor. From what she said, It seems that extraordinary secrets were hidden within this inconspicuous piece of metal.

Over the years, Grimm had performed intensive research into these two pieces of metals’ rare ability to emit Mystical Energy.

There is no doubt that this metal was from a time extremely far back. Perhaps, it even pre-dates the birth of the Sorcerer World and was artificially smelted by some kind of intelligent creature.

The most mind-boggling this about this Mystical Energy-emitting metal was that it could be perfectly assimilated into the body of living flesh creatures!

The first thing that flashed in Grimm’s mind when he discovered this phenomenon, was the Holy Tower of the Seven Rings.

Although he had only experienced it up-close back during his apprenticeship, what Grimm felt was extremely clear to him. This Holy Tower of the Seven Rings that stretched tens of thousands of meters into the sky, was a high-level life form with its body composed of a mixture of metals, living flesh, and Elemental Energy.

Grimm even proposed theories that this Holy Tower of the Seven Rings, was some kind of element-activated creature by the Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer.

Now that he thought of it, there were indeed similarities between the connecting metal structures in the Holy Tower of the Seven Rings and the two pieces of metal he currently held in his hands.

The fourth item, was a Sabbatic Goat Staff.

The skull on this staff once belonged to a Level-4 World Lord who was personally executed by the Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer. Sealed inside the staff was an uncountable number of Nightmare Shadow curses. The outer part of the staff was connected to the Black Isottas unimaginably vast Magic Power resource, which will stay onto the staff for seven thousand years’ time. This meant that the value of this Sabbatic Goat Staff was practically unthinkable by lowly sorcerers.

For such a holy relic to be turned solely into a storage vessel for the Nightmare Shadow curses was, to Grimm, a huge waste and something extremely foolish to do.

Not to mention the innate value of the World Lord’s skull. Even if Grimm were to use all he got to destroy the staff, he would not even be able to make so much as a scratch on the staff’s surface. The fact that it was directly linked to the Magic Power source of the Black Isotta…

Hypothetically speaking, even if it were given to the dumbest Alchemist to forge into a staff, the powers this magic staff would hold would even surprise any Level-3 Great Sorcerer.

The last item, would be the large pot of Demonic Blood Moss.

The Demonic Blood Moss was originally a lethal breath mixture of the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern. However, it was turned into a strategic weapon of its own by the Amonros against low-level creatures and other specific creatures, where its effectiveness was at the peak.

However, it seemed that Grimm could only cultivate is small batches, these extremely brutal patches of moss.

The reason for this was that the cultivation process required the blood of a Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern. Grimm had only collected small quantities of their blood when he was in the Shadow Enigmatic World.

It still wouldn’t be worth it if Grimm were to purchase some dragon blood from the outside.

According to Grimm’s reasoning, the Demonic Blood Moss could only be used to make single-use tools, just like the Flame Fusion Beads he crafted back during his apprenticeship.

After looking around for a while, Grimm muttered to himself, “Where do I even start from…”

A year later.

The interior space of the Starfall Reconnaissance Craft was fitted with a cushion in the shape of the human body in a reclining posture.

What was strange about this three-meter in diameter craft was that when viewed from the outside, it looked to be a black metal sphere. And when you actually touch its body, it had a soft, bouncy texture.

When viewed from the inside however, the craft was completely crystal-clear and transparent!

This Starfall Reconnaissance Craft required around eighteen months on constant acceleration, before attaining peak cruising speed. Then, its speed would be comparable to that of World Lords, with the added ability to roam the Void World upon establishing its own coordinates.

As Grimm laid down comfortably on the seat in this aircraft, he heard Myna’s “caw” before the actual bird appeared out of thin air on his shoulder. Alongside Myna, a blood-red fuzzy figure had suddenly taken shape as well.

This was the low-level intelligence system on a simulation run after Grimm had installed the Bloodlust Crystal into the core of the Starfall Reconnaissance Craft.

“Caw? Young master, why did you summon me here? You already seem pretty comfy lying there,” Myna complained.

In spite of Myna’s dissatisfaction, Grimm flashed a smile and replied, “Let’s go, I want to take you out for a spin today!”

“Take me out for a spin?”

While Myna cried out in joy, Grimm looked over to the Bloodlust Doll and uttered, “Head over to coordinates 78454, 25221, 68984…”

With a flash, the Bloodlust Doll disappeared. At this moment, the Starfall Reconnaissance Craft had started picking up with an extremely constant acceleration as it moved toward Grimm’s specified direction.

Even for its starting speed, the Reconnaissance Craft was already moving at an incredible speed. It had already reached two-thirds of the Mechanical Bee’s maximum speed.

Grimm felt like he was flying around in a bubble in the Reconnaissance Craft. He looked around and was surprised that there were virtually no blind spots from where he sat. Myna was excitedly slurping up a glass of fruit juice as he played with the straw in his mouth.

Five years later.

With a sigh, Grimm’s brows furrowed as he picked up the last ball of Golden Flame he was observing to be stored away in the crystal vessel.

It seemed, he had oversimplified his experiments.

Originally, upon grasping the Flame Elemental nature of this Golden Flame, Grimm planned to use his blonde hair as a substitute storage vessel for it, so that basing off the Body of Flames, he could greatly improve his resistance against Flame Elemental attacks.

He had underestimated the complexity of such a procedure.

This type of flame, unique to the mutant Amonro, would produce isolating effects toward other forms of energy once absorbed into one’s body. This was an extremely cruel curse toward sorcerers that utilize the Force of Nature to perform sorcery.

As a last resort, in order to prepare for the upcoming Demon-Hunting Expedition, Grimm had used the Golden Flames he collected on the Four-headed Mutant Amonro, performing a transformation process.

Other than a Golden Flame appearing on the tail of this Four-headed Golden Amonro, Grimm had also used the blood of some inferior creatures from a foreign world to perform biological modifications using Hematology Sorcery.

The tightly-packed spurs on this mutant Amonros’ body faintly glowed a black aura, which lingered continuously around its body.

Both its eyes were a fleshy mess, owing to Grimm’s unlocking of its Bloodthirsty Instinct deep in their bloodline. The raging flames on its tail seemed to burn brighter than before.

Still not satisfied at that point, Grimm took out four blood-red beads and separately implanted them deep into the body parts of the Four-headed Mutant Amonro.

These little beads were named Demonic Blood Bombs, which were developed as a single-use item by Grimm using the Demonic Blood Moss. From his experiments, Grimm discovered that this type of Demonic Blood Moss could deal incredible damage against Flame Elemental and Scaly creatures.

But as Grimm only had a limited supply of Demonic Blood Moss, he could only make a total of ten Demonic Blood Bombs.

In his regret, Grimm stored away this Mutant Amonro Soul Slave into the World Fragment of his Demon-Hunter Castle, after which his gaze was shifted to the magic staff that had started merging into a single body.

The head of the staff belonged to the skull of the Goat World Lord, whereas the body of the staff was forged from the two mysterious pieces of metal that Grimm discovered to be able of assimilation with fleshly cells. At the same time, Grimm had made a high offer of thirty Sorcerer Essences for the help of a Magical Array Sorcerer to design the staff.

And thus, “Grimm’s Elemental Magic Staff 2.0 Official Version” was so overpowered from the start that it was enough to support him until his eventual ascendance as a Stigmata Sorcerer.

“Three more years, and the work will finally be done…”

Three years later.

A buzzing sound echoed through the room as Grimm finished drawing the final strokes of the Magic Array, which the runes in the Magic Array then formed into a perfect energy cycle.

Grimm stored away the bottles of precious magic ink in delight, after which he raised the masterpiece magic staff high in the air, representing a new height of Grimm’s alchemy skills.

As Grimm closely observed the staff, he suddenly felt a strange feeling of fleshly connection.


With Grimm’s will, the magic staff gradually sank into his own body, leaving the Goat Skull hanging on his shoulders naturally, just like how it would hang onto his shoulders using a strap.

As Grimm’s will dictated again, the magic staff appeared in his hands, looking like an illusion of sorts.

Suppressing the surprise in his heart, Grimm began analyzing the functions of this magic staff with all his attention.

After a short while, now that Grimm had understood the exact attributes of this magic staff, he couldn’t help but feel taken aback by the unbelievable surprises revealed!

For Elemental Sorcery under seven thousand points, base Offense Power raised by three hundred points!

For Elemental Sorcery under seven thousand points, base Magic Power consumption reduced by fifty percent!

Taking into account the virtually indestructible Goat Skull and the metallic staff body, Grimm could use the staff as a skull hammer should he find himself in close-quarter combat in the near future.


‘Sorcery over seven thousand points?’

Even most Level-3 sorcerers were nowhere near this level yet. The power that this staff held indeed far surpassed Grimm’s imagination.

Given the rise in base Offense Power for Elemental Sorcery attacks by three hundred points, if he were to amass Despair Energy in the upcoming expedition, even his regular Firebird attack could reach up to eight hundred points!

This, coupled with the protection by the sorcerer’s barrier, Grimm could easily stun most Level-2 creatures from foreign worlds.

The most unbelievable part however, was the reduction in base Magic Power consumption by fifty percent. This factor alone was more than enough for Grimm, who experienced repeated Magic Power depletion in the Shadow Enigmatic World again and again, to jump in joy.

Such a strong weapon could definitely be used by Grimm as his signature weapon just like the Ashen Mask back during his apprenticeship days.

Grimm looked up and down the magic staff in admiration and murmured to himself, “No, I must rename this magic staff once and for all! Let’s call it… the Sabbatic Goat Staff!”

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