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«A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 335: Old Monsters Rampage (4)

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Chapter 335: Old Monsters Rampage (4)

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Translator: TranslatingNovice

Editors: Z0Rel, BlueMangoAde, Resnut

I'm momentarily frozen, unsure of what to say, and my mouth just opens and closes silently.

Seeing me like that, Kim Yeon gives a bitter smile.

"I finally…thought you were accepting my feelings. I've always…liked you. And when we met in the dreams, you were giving me intents of affection so…that's what I believed."


She stands up from her seat.

"But…it was my misunderstanding. I don't know why, but Eun-hyun Oppa, you're seeing someone else in me, aren't you?"


I can't say anything, my face hardening.

Seeing someone else.

Yes, that's true.

In a way, it isn't the current Kim Yeon that I saved and liked, but rather, it's the Kim Yeon from my time with the Mad Lord whose heart I was given that I was trying to love through the current Kim Yeon.

But in the end, it seems I was deceiving myself as well.

"…I'm sorry."

I apologize to Kim Yeon.

And I make up my mind.

'Let's tell her.'

Even though it's difficult to explain things related to the regression, I decide to tell her everything I can tell her.

"There was someone before…other than Kang Min-hee, who liked me."

I tell her about the past cycle's Kim Yeon.

I refer to the name Kim Yeon simply as 'her.'

The thousand years are generalized as 'a very long time,' but it doesn't hinder conveying the meaning.

We sit on a hill in front of the entrance to the True Devil Realm, talking.

And I finally tell her everything about the past cycle's Kim Yeon.

"That's the end of it. She…died. She met me at the end…and conveyed her heart to me. And I…might be projecting her onto you."

"…So that's why."

Kim Yeon nods her head.

"Now I understand why you felt the emotion of 'longing' towards me."

A brief silence lingers between us after that.

After a while, Kim Yeon asks.

"Um, Eun-hyun Oppa."


She hesitates for a while, as if struggling with her words. But despite that, she closes her eyes tightly and asks.

"…You know, right? That I…like you…"

With her face flushed red, she buries her face in her knees as she speaks.

I give a bitter smile.



For a while, an intent that's hard to put into words flows between us.

"…You don't have any intention of accepting me, do you?"

I'm silent for a long time.

I hadn't expected her to delve in so quickly.

Through her question, I discover feelings within myself that I hadn't known before.

I loved the Kim Yeon of that cycle, but the current Kim Yeon…

'I don't love her.'

She is still just a cute junior to me.

"…I see. Haha…I'm glad I asked."

Kim Yeon seems to fall silent for a moment, then speaks.

"To be honest, I thought we were dating. When you spoke to me in the dreams, it was difficult to distinguish intent, and you radiated an intent of longing for me, always talking to me, comforting me, laughing with me, and keeping me company. You even stormed in to save me from the Mad Lord…"

Kim Yeon smiles.

She smiles brightly.

"If you hadn't told me, I might have ended up with a really strange misunderstanding. Hehe…"


Kim Yeon stands up from her seat.

"Thank you for being honest with your feelings. If you had lied to comfort me, I might have ended up in a weirder state…"

She turns her back to me.

And while facing away, she speaks.

"I have a goal now, Deputy Seo Eun-hyun."

I try to say something, but no words come out.

I can't think of what to say.

"I'm going to keep confessing to you. I'll keep confessing my love again and again, until you truly, truly fall for me."

She rubs her face and then turns back to look at me.

"I like you, Deputy Seo Eun-hyun."

Kim Yeon is crying.

There are no tears, but she's crying with a dark blue intent.

I hesitate for a moment, but seeing that intent, I make up my mind.

I will no longer waver.


I don't have feelings for this life's Kim Yeon as a lover or a romantic partner.

Let's acknowledge that.

And let's also acknowledge that Kim Yeon will endlessly keep sending her heart to me.

If her heart doesn't break, my heart might eventually fall.

No, in fact, it has already fallen several times.

To Buk Hyang-hwa.

To the Kim Yeon of the past cycle.

To Hong Su-ryeong…

"I can't accept your heart today."

"Then I'll offer it again tomorrow."

She hardens her gaze.

"Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that. No matter how long it takes. Over and over again!"

I lock eyes with Kim Yeon for a while.

Whatever it is.

The eyes of someone with determination shines.

She is shining.

"Do your best."

People's hearts change.

But sometimes, there are hearts that do not change.

And those who maintain and refine such unwavering hearts,

Sometimes, they are reborn as a new kind of being with a new vision.

Will she be able to push through with her heart?

All I can do is cheer for Kim Yeon.

I can't love her right now.

That would be deceiving my own heart.

But if time passes and she keeps sending her heart to me…

'Then, I don't know.'

The relationship between Kim Yeon and I will change from now on.

Until now, I've been deceiving myself into thinking I liked her.

And she, too, had been under the strange illusion that we were dating.

But at this moment.

I revealed my genuine heart, and even though she heard my true feelings, she didn't give up and decided to start anew and push her heart towards me.

I suddenly feel afraid of Kim Yeon.

If that unyielding heart changes or fades away halfway through, it wouldn't be a big matter.

But what if it doesn't change?

If so, perhaps at some point, Kim Yeon would come to hold a very significant place within me

For me, cherishing someone is natural, but loving them is frightening.

I have lost that love so many times right before my eyes and know how painful and heart-wrenching it is when love disappears.

Yes, Kim Yeon would become my heart's greatest burden in the future.

After sorting out our relationship in that way, time passes.


Gigantic warships cross over from the entrance of the True Devil Realm.

They are the remnants of the Human Race.

Strangely, the Black Dragon King never appeared, allowing the Human Race army to come through unimpeded.

And leading those remnants, Jeon Myeong-hoon catches my eye.

Jeon Myeong-hoon returns with a calm face and speaks to me.

"I heard they were doing something as stupid as the Realm Annihilation Heavenly Void Formation, so I flipped the table. I killed a few of the top brass, but since they were all at the Four-Axis stage, they'll resurrect on their own."

"…You killed the top brass?"

"Got a problem with that?"


"They wouldn't listen even though I said we had to leave quickly, insisting that they had to activate the formation till the end. The Grand Cultivator Association might make a fuss…but since you're also a Grand Cultivator now, support me appropriately."

I'm a bit taken aback by Jeon Myeong-hoon's seemingly reckless approach, but at the same time, it feels like something he would do.

"Well, you did well."

Since those at the Four-Axis stage can resurrect, I'm not concerned about their deaths.

Killing a few of them to swiftly bringing out the Human Race was rather well done.

And then,

I am able to meet Oh Hyun-seok shortly after.

"It's been a while, Seo Eun-hyun."

"It has been a while, Hyung-nim."

He speaks with a thoroughly exhausted face.

"…A lot has happened. And…I heard you became a Grand Cultivator?"


"Haha. Jeon Myeong-hoon has grown unexpectedly, and you've become this strong already. Haha, I'm the only one lagging behind."

For some reason, Oh Hyun-seok is currently at the Core Formation stage.

Jeon Myeong-hoon crosses his arms and explains.

"He was originally at the Grand Perfection Nascent Soul stage, reaching towards the Heavenly Being stage, but he suffered a critical injury while stopping the Devil Race's advance and his cultivation fell."

Oh Hyun-seok sighs.

"…I've realized a lot. When I return to the Azure Heaven Creation Sect, I plan to focus on improving my cultivation. This world truly…is a place where you must have strength to live like a person."


I agree with Oh Hyun-seok's words.

However, I smile at his mention of returning to the Azure Heaven Creation Sect.

"Instead of just going back to raise your realm, why not travel with us?"

I make a suggestion to Oh Hyun-seok.

In my past life, I failed to gather my colleagues.

In this life, I have brought together Jeon Myeong-hoon, Oh Hyun-seok, and Kim Yeon.

Now, if I just call Kang Min-hee here, everyone who can be gathered in the current situation will be together.

The primary goal in this life is to develop the Canvas of Myriad Forms and Connections.

Thus, it's best to stay alongside talented colleagues and operate the Canvas of Myriad Forms and Connections.

'I also have the regret of not seeing my colleagues all together in my previous life…'

However, Oh Hyun-seok shakes his head with a regretful expression.

"Hmm. I'm sorry but…the training method of the Azure Heaven Creation Sect is actually more efficient and powerful than any other sect. If I train there, I'll inevitably become much stronger. For now, I plan to get even stronger there using the most efficient methods first."


'The Azure Heaven Creation Sect is indeed efficient.'

"If you want to be with me, how about you join the Azure Heaven Creation Sect instead? You don't have to become a disciple, you can stay as a guest."


The Azure Heaven Creation Sect does not have guests.

No, there are those who want to become guests of the Azure Heaven Creation Sect, but they all flee within three days.

'The longest-lasting guest probably stayed for seven days and nights, I believe?'

Moreover, since guests are not inner disciples, no one bothers to chase after them if they run away.

Inner disciples, however, are pursued by their seniors with fire in their eyes for 'discipline' if they run away. But if a guest decides to leave, what can you do?

Anyway, the important thing is that the Azure Heaven Creation Sect is not a place that leaves even guests alone. It's a place where even guests flee.

If Kim Yeon or Jeon Myeong-hoon were to go, I guarantee they'd run away within five days.

Of course, saying this outright would hurt feelings, so I soften my words.

"I apologize for saying this but, training with us would be more efficient than training at the Azure Heaven Creation Sect."

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"Well…isn't Azure Heaven Creation Sect's Azure Tiger Saint at the Four-Axis stage?"

"That's right."

"At this point, Jeon Myeong-hoon, Kim Yeon, and I all possess power beyond the Four-Axis stage. Also, I already have the qualifications of a Grand Cultivator of the Human Race Grand Alliance."

I extend my hand to him.

"Honestly, it would be better for Hyun-seok Hyung-nim to train with us rather than at the Azure Heaven Creation Sect. Moreover, I can obtain several methods that are perfect for Hyung-nim."


"Please give it a thought. Well, if you really prefer the Azure Heaven Creation Sect, there's nothing I can do."

Oh Hyun-seok says he will consider it, and after some idle chatter with everyone, I stand up.

"Then, since we're all gathered, shall we go look for Kang Min-hee as well?"

"Ah, she's at the Black Ghost Valley, right?"

"Yes. Let's head there."


After connecting my colleagues to me through attraction force, I take a step towards Black Ghost Valley.


Using the ground-shrinking technique, I arrive at Black Ghost Valley in an instant and am taken aback.

In front of Black Ghost Valley, Oh Hye-seo, dressed in pure white, is sitting on a nearby rock looking at me.

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