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«A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 306: For Seo, Towards Seo (1)

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Chapter 306: For Seo, Towards Seo (1)

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Kang Min-hee is looking at me.

No, her gaze is precisely directed towards my soul.

"What exactly happened to you…?"


Connecting through the Spirit Sealing Bodkin, she and I are linked at this very moment.

Although the connection will soon be severed, thanks to it, Kang Min-hee's Nether Perception can see more clearly into my essence.


She creates an ice chair and collapses into it.

She looks extremely tired.

"You bastard…If you're going to show up, at least do it properly…"

Kang Min-hee curses with her eyes closed.

However, the corners of her mouth are lifted.

And then she falls asleep.

It's the effect of the Spirit Sealing Bodkin.

Kang Min-hee dreamt.

It was a dream about what happened on Earth.

In that dream, she was looking at a shadow in front of her dressing table.

She was glaring at the shadow in the mirror.

The shadow spoke.

―You are me. I am you. A shadow you created to protect yourself. Your talent is so immense that I was born naturally.

Kang Min-hee bit her lip.

Without responding to the shadow, she quickly applied light makeup and left.

The shadow is her talent.

A part of her power.

And she realized it.

Her talent had been fully absorbed when she entered the Black Ghost Valley that very day.

She had learned the Ghost Path Method from Heo Gwak and absorbed everything into herself.

It's a truth she had ignored until now.

The shadow is her own power.

And the shadow is already within her…

Therefore, the shadow can never appear before her again.

As she had awakened her talent and devoured it long ago.

When the memory she had subconsciously sealed was released, it healed her mind.

But was that the price?

Or was it a side effect of the Spirit Sealing Bodkin?

Or perhaps the prank of someone who had lost their mind?

Kang Min-hee, having released one memory, had to seal another.

The memory of seeing Seo Eun-hyun's soul inside Seo Li.

That fleeting memory was completely buried by the Spirit Sealing Bodkin embedded in her soul.

Kang Min-hee opened her eyes again.

Her last memory is that for some reason she had gone berserk, and Seo Li had intervened to stop her.

Although it felt like some memory had been sealed as a consequence, her distorted memory made her believe that the "sealed memory" was the cause of her berserk state.

Thus, Kang Min-hee vowed not to touch this seal until she grew strong enough to overcome her own rampage.

"What, Seo Li?"

After bidding Yeon Wei off, I speak as I return to Heavenly Cauldron Mountain.

Complaints are pouring in from Seo Li.

―Did you seal Kang Min-hee's memory?

"Her knowing your identity won't help her at all."

―It was not your place to meddle with her memory!

"It's to the extent she can undo it herself when she's ready. She'll think about it later when she grows stronger."

―Just why are you delaying the truth?

"I don't see why she needs to know it now. It's more important to send Jeon Myeong-hoon to the Nether Ghost Realm. There's no need to shake Kang Min-hee's mind unnecessarily."

―It's not about necessity.

"Everything in this world is just a matter of necessity."


There's no contact from Seo Li for a while.

I click my tongue, wondering if I should treat Seo Li's paranoia as well.

It's then that I arrive at Heavenly Human Island.

"Master, it has been a while."

"Ah, is it Hong Fan?"

"Yes, the client from the Earth Tribe canceled the creation of the poison, saying something went wrong. Still, I got everything I wanted. Both the cultivation-scattering poison and the antidote. Hehe…"

"That's good. You're indeed useful, Hong Fan."

At my words, Hong Fan bows his head in gratitude before looking at me.

"But Master, you seem different from before?"

"Hmm, you think I've changed?"

"Yes. Are you not feeling well?"

"Hmmhmmmhmm…where do you think I'm unwell?"

"It seems there might be an issue with your consciousness. I can detect anomalies in the consciousness with the Formless Poison I developed that I injected into your upper dantian. But your consciousness waves are different from before."


I furrow my brows.

Hearing those words, I suddenly feel an overwhelming surge of annoyance and a murderous desire to kill Hong Fan.

But at the same time, I suppress that emotion with reason and thought.

Not only Seo Li but also Hong Fan thinks there's something wrong with me. In that case, there's a chance that I really do have a problem.'

I contemplate using the Spirit Sealing Bodkin on myself.

However, I feel that my mental issue is not merely a matter of a simple mental disorder.

'Well, fine. The reason I sought Tae Yeol-jeon in the first place is to obtain the Buddhist Family Methods to help with my consciousness.'

As I return to Heavenly Cauldron Mountain, I take out the Buddhist Family Method books I had received from Tae Yeol-jeon.

If I learn these methods, I will be able to clearly identify what is wrong with my consciousness.

But then.

Hong Fan, looking at the Buddhist Family Methods, asks with a puzzled expression.

"Master, what are those?"

"Mmm, these are Buddhist Family Methods. These methods incorporate the concept of the Seven Brilliances Kings into their techniques…"

Listening to my explanation, Hong Fan's eyes light up brightly.

"Ho, Master. For some reason, I am greatly intrigued. May I also refer to these methods?"

"Hmm, Hong Fan. But these are Heaven Tribe methods."

"Oh…is that so. Then please tell me where I can learn more about Buddhist Family Methods, as I am very interested in the essence of Buddhism itself."

I feel a bit puzzled seeing Hong Fan suddenly show such a great interest in the Buddhist Family Methods.

'Well, it shouldn't matter.'

I slice through space to the area below Heavenly Human Island.

Arriving at Grand Nirvana Temple.

"This is the Grand Nirvana Temple where Cultivator Tae resides. She is one of the Human Race Grand Cultivators, so treat her with respect, Hong Fan."

"Of course."

I enter Grand Nirvana Temple to introduce Hong Fan to Tae Yeol-jeon.

Tae Yeol-jeon is sweeping the courtyard.

Despite being at the Core Formation stage, where using spells would be quicker, she insists on sweeping with her physical body.

"Another welcome guest has arrived. What brings you here, Cultivator Seo?"

Tae Yeol-jeon greets me warmly.

I introduce Hong Fan.

"Greetings, Daoist Tae. This is my subordinate, Hong Fan. He has a great interest in Buddhist Family Methods…"

Then, I suddenly notice something strange.

An intent that should not be here is blooming beside me.


As soon as Hong Fan sees Tae Yeol-jeon, he starts emanating gold and pink intent from his entire body

Hong Fan, with flushed cheeks, stammers.

"M-Master, who is this beautiful person?"

"…??? She's the Grand Cultivator Tae Yeol-jeon whom I mentioned…"


Hong Fan, as if mesmerized, approaches her and abruptly blurts out thunderous words.

"M-Marry me, please. I fell in love at first sight."



I blink in confusion, unable to understand, while Tae Yeol-jeon visibly appears flustered.

Her face, usually filled with calmness, now shows a mix of astonishment, disbelief, and a hint of panic.

Hong Fan's sudden confession is so unexpected and bewildering that it causes even the always serene Tae Yeol-jeon to be taken aback.

"Um, my apologies, Daoist Tae. My subordinate has acted rudely out of the blue. Hong Fan, for now…"

"Be quiet!!!"


Hong Fan raises his voice in a tone he had never used with me before, a powerful and assertive tone.

"Even if you are my master, I will not tolerate you interfering between me and this person!!!"

I have never seen the usually calm Hong Fan so enraged, so I step back in surprise.

Hong Fan turns his head back to Tae Yeol-jeon and kneels before her, launching into a fervent confession.

"Oh, beautiful lady, please marry me. I've never met someone as beautiful as you. Just looking at you makes my heart come to life. Please…"

What is truly bewildering is that, amidst this ridiculous scene, a light pink intent is blooming in Tae Yeol-jeon's chest.

Though she looks flustered, her cheeks are now also flushed.

"Ah, no…I'm sorry, but I am a nun. I cannot engage in a relationship."

"If you give up being a nun, would you be willing to be with me?"

"That is impossible. I swore never to share affection with anyone after attaining my Dao."

"…Ah…so, there's no chance for me? Please, give me a chance."

"Please cheer me on in completing my Dao. Then, wouldn't that pave a way for us to meet?"

"When you complete your Dao, you will become perfect in yourself. How can I possibly meet you then? Only the imperfect can share love. Please give me a chance…"

Hong Fan prostrates himself before her and begins to sob.

Tae Yeol-jeon, with her previously unbroken calm and mystique shattered, is sweating profusely as she tries to console him.

"Why must you think that way? You haven't seen me complete my Dao. No one but the Future King knows what lies at the end of the Dao, so it cannot be concluded."

"Even if I haven't seen it, if one has wisdom, one can infer the ultimate destination of the Dao. Isn't it true that connections and relationships can only love in an imperfect state? Don't you know that the higher one cultivates, the more unfeeling they become?"

"…Please calm down. Only the Future King determines fate and destiny. Ask them for a connection."

"What are you talking about! I don't know who this Future King is, but is he some omnipotent being? If it's a fate that is thrown to me by begging, would I be satisfied? I want to seek love from you with my own hands, not from the Future King or whatever!"

Hong Fan, completely agitated, clings to Tae Yeol-jeon with bloodshot eyes, and she carefully pushes him away, sweating profusely.

Surprisingly, Hong Fan, who seems like he would cling endlessly, is pushed away helplessly when she gently nudges him.

Hong Fan cries out, tears streaming down his face.

"Am I…not acceptable…?"

"…Please forgive me. Please leave now."

"…Understood. If you ever preach, please let me know. I will watch from afar."

Seeing that his confession is no longer effective, Hong Fan retreats in tears.

Exhausted from the ordeal, Tae Yeol-jeon wipes her sweat and, unable to hide her distress, bows her head to me.

"I apologize, Cultivator Seo. It seems my condition is not good today, so let's meet another time."

"…Ah, yes. Please go inside."

Though I say that, I instinctively feel that Tae Yeol-jeon will not meet me again.

As long as Hong Fan is my subordinate, she will probably avoid me.

'Did I lose a mentor for the Buddhist Family Methods because of that confession…?'

Feeling a bit exasperated, I glance at Hong Fan.

But seeing him lying on the ground, swallowing his tears like a tragic hero, I decide not to question him, fearing he might consume the Formless Poison he made himself.

A little later.

After calming Hong Fan down, I head up to Heavenly Human Island with him.

"…Hong Fan."

"Yes, Master."

"Can I ask why you suddenly made that…confession?"

"I told you, I fell in love at first sight."


'Does the beauty standard of the Insect Race differ a lot from humans…?'

While I am bewildered, Hong Fan seems to ponder and then speaks.

"And also…the moment I saw her, something came to mind."

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"…Actually, saying I fell in love at first sight isn't quite accurate. I apologize. For some reason, seeing her surfaced memories I had forgotten. I do not know why, but it feels like I have met her somewhere before.


I rack my brains and reach one possible conclusion.

'Could it be Hong Fan's past life…?'

Hong Fan is an ancient soul.

That's why he appears elderly and speaks in an old-fashioned manner.

Maybe Hong Fan had met Tae Yeol-jeon in his past life.

As I sort out my thoughts, Hong Fan suddenly says to me.

"Master, do you have the Buddhist Family Methods she gave you?"

"Uh, yes. I do, but…?"

"Please give them to me. I want to have them. At least, let me smell her scent from them. Please, I beg you."

In a daze from his desperate plea, I hand the Buddhist Family Methods I received from Tae Yeol-jeon to Hong Fan.

Hong Fan, taking all the books from her, holds them close and closes his eyes as if recalling something.

"…Well, I need those methods too, so bring them back to me later."


Hong Fan doesn't respond.

'I thought he was a useful person, but to be so swayed by emotions like that.'

I feel a strange sense of disgust towards Hong Fan and return to my cave residence.

Then, I frown as I see someone standing in front of my cave residence.

"…What is it? Why are you here?"

It's Seo Li.

He used a spell to change his face to look like mine and is waiting for me in front of my cave residence.

Seo Li looks at me and speaks.

"You seem to be in a bad mood, main body."

"…Yes. I suffered a loss because Hong Fan acted out of line."

"Then shouldn't you be making an annoyed face?"

"What about my face?"

Seo Li glares at me and says.

"Aren't you smiling?"

"…I'm smiling?"


Seo Li conjures a mirror with a spell and shows it to me.

In the mirror, despite my bad mood, I am wearing a surprisingly gentle smile that even shocks myself.

"Main body, don't you think something is strange at this point? Both Hong Fan and I felt something strange about you. And even though we have never made such an unpleasant face when feeling bad, you are now."

"…They say smiles bring good fortune."

But even I can tell that is a flimsy excuse.

'Why am I like this?'

I'm perplexed.

Seo Li looks at me with a cold expression and says,

"Main body. I will seal you in your cave residence."


Chuarurng, Chuarung!

Around Seo Li, sealing spells like the Spirit Sealing Bodkin, Five Elements Blood Curse Banner, and Black Ghost Curse Banner appear.

"Since you need to enter secluded cultivation to reach the Four-Axis stage anyway, consider it as secluded cultivation in your cave residence. I will handle your external activities with my clone body. I will also reach the Four-Axis stage first in Black Ghost Valley and share my insights, so don't engage in any activities from now on."

"…Who are you to tell me what to do?"

"I am yourself."


I ponder for a long time.

Indeed, I have been acting strangely lately.

"Wouldn't it be better for me to move around and find consciousness methods?"

"Well. I think it's better for you to observe yourself in a sealed state."


I think it over rationally.

Indeed, Seo Li's words make sense.

Logically, it's the right move.

But for some reason, I don't like it.


'What does it matter if I don't like it? Emotions are…'

After organizing my thoughts, I smile gently and spread my arms.

"Alright. That seems like the best course of action. Seal me. Please carry on with the plans I intended to execute in my original body."


"Then I shall go inside."

I enter my cave residence obediently, and Seo Li calls out to me from behind.

"Main body."


Seo Li draws out the Formless Sword and performs a sword dance before speaking.

"Draw out the Formless Sword."

I smile and draw the Formless Sword, mimicking Seo Li's simple sword dance.

"…I see. Then, stay sealed for about a thousand years."

"I shall."

Clang, clang, clang!

Spirit Sealing Bodkin, Five Elements Blood Curse Banner, Black Ghost Curse Banner, and various other sealing spells made with devilish arts envelop my cave residence.

Before the seal is completed, I hand over a token indicating full authority to my clone and then I am completely confined.

Judging by the structure of the seal, it will be released in a thousand years.

I will have enough time to slowly challenge the Four-Axis stage within the seal.

I sit cross-legged in the darkness, smiling brightly.

After sealing him, I use the clothing spell to completely change my clothes to white.

Only after seeing that disgusting expression of his did I realize.

That thing is no longer the main body.

"Seo Hweol, what have you done?"

That thing is now Seo Hweol.

For the next thousand years, I need to find a proper way to kill Seo Hweol.

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