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«Ling Zhou (Web Novel) - Chapter 1196: Ninth Lord Of Chaos City

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Chapter 1196: Ninth Lord Of Chaos City

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Chaos City had eight city lords; each was comparable to the lord of weaker central dynasties.

Feiyun saw seven except the most mysterious first city lord - an ancient existence. The other seven lords might not have met this person either.

Seven figures loomed above like seven gods. They were avatars of the city lords.

The sixth lord spoke: “Half-demons were part of the human race before Time Immemorial. However, something happened at the end of this period and half-demons could no longer reach Heaven’s Emergence. You should know that this is a tough world, the weak are always bullied. The current state of the half-demons cannot be helped.”

Feiyun was not here to discuss this issue with the old geezers and got straight to the point: “I do not know much about this period, only that a calamity happened and only West Bull was left out of the nine continents.”

He didn’t bring up the foreign invaders. After all, one of them might be from this group. It was best to be careful.

“How do you know this?” The fourth lord’s gaze instilled immense pressure upon Feiyun.

Nonetheless, he stood upright and said: “A saint told me.”

“Where is this saint right now?” The fourth lord’s eyes flashed menacingly only for a split second.

Feiyun had been watching their expression the entire time, wanting to see if they were the hidden invaders.

The others had a contemplative expression after hearing about the destruction of the continents. Only the fourth lord showed no sign of being puzzled as if he had known this already.

They didn’t notice his expression since they were deep in thought. Only Feiyun found this suspicious and the fourth lord had no idea.

“The venerable saint is elusive, I do not know where he is.” Feiyun said.

The fourth lord noticed his hastiness and relaxed, putting on a smile: “The human race wishes to reach the sacred level at the conference and we will need more help. Feng Feiyun, if you can communicate with the senior, please invite him to join.”

“I will try my best.” Feiyun said politely.

“Do you know anything else about the missing part of history?” He asked again.

Feiyun acted as if he was contemplating before answering: “I said what the senior had told me already.”

The fourth lord believed him because he had already revealed the most crucial information.

The second lord stroked his white beard and spoke: “I have a question for you, young friend. It is fine if you do not wish to answer.”

“Please go ahead.” Feiyun said.

“How did you learn the dao manifestation of Grand Saint Nuwa?” He asked.

“Rumor has it that the grand saint was a half-demon. I am the only one who had broken the curse after Time Immemorial, perhaps that is the reason.” Feiyun said.

“I see.” He nodded and said: “Saint Nuwa is the greatest in history, your achievement with her dao is also an incredible fortune, and your potential is boundless. I sincerely invite you to become the ninth lord of Chaos City, what do you think about this?”

The other city lords were surprised and stared at him after hearing this. Chaos’ city lords had immense authority, capable of entering forbidden zones and accessing ample resources.

Feiyun was surprised as well.

“I believe Feiyun is still too young and has not contributed enough, still prone to recklessness. He is not ready.” The fourth lord said.

“Who else is more qualified than him, a conjurer of Saint Nuwa’s dao manifestation? He is essentially her disciple.” The second lord waved his hand.

“The role has too much authority and prudence is required, we should ask the first city lord.” The sixth lord said.

“This is the first lord’s idea.” The second lord said.

Others stopped protesting. The first had the highest authority among them. If this was his will, then this issue was no longer up for debate.

Feiyun didn’t refuse either since it would make his life far easier. Of course, there was no free lunch either. Getting this spot meant working at the conference. He had no choice but to help the human race.

“The conference is divided into two sections, king and supreme. We must dominate both, even if we can’t defeat the four major demon branches, we must defeat the other immemorial ones.” The second lord handed him a badge.

“I understand.” Feiyun smiled.

“I leave the king section to your group. The better you do, the higher the chance of us joining the sacred classification. You may leave now unless you have more questions.” The second lord said.

Feiyun shared the same position as them and no longer needed to be overly deferential. He teleported away after no longer needing to talk.


He had a smile on his face while looking at the badge of the ninth lord. He walked down a path with jade steps and saw someone waiting for him below.

“Saintess, are you here to see the city lords too?” He put away the badge and came closer.

Xuanyuan Yiyi glanced at the palace above and said: “I’ve waited six hours for you here.”

“I see.” He said: “The seventh princess isn’t with you?”

“Suzi mentions something about an irreconcilable feud and for you to be ready for her retribution.” Yiyi glared at him.

“Other women pray for such fortune, she doesn’t know how lucky she was. If there is nothing else, I’ll be going since I have a date with Fairy Jiutian tonight and can’t be late. I’ll visit you tomorrow.” He said.

“My matter is more important.” Yiyi’s sword issued a dragon roar before flying out of its scabbard, cutting down two hair strands from Feiyun’s head.

He stopped walking and felt a chill coursing down his spine.

The sword automatically returned to the scabbard.

He didn’t take the next step, not expecting Yiyi to be so overbearing.

“Fine, let’s go.” He chose to come with Yiyi to Aquamoon Paradise’s training ground in Chaos.

“You truly know a saint from the Di?” Along the way, she asked with a glimmer of anticipation in her eyes.

Feiyun didn’t waste words and took out the coffin, removing the lid to reveal the sacred corpse within.

“This is the remains of Senior Di Zhong, I promised to bring him back to the Di. Since you are a member of the clan, I entrust this matter to you.” He said.

“My ancestor is the one who showed up in Aquamoon? His intent is still here?” Yiyi prostrated in front of the coffin - ecstatic for the return of an ancestor’s remains. He was now home after eras of being lost outside.

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