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«Xiuluo Wushen (Web Novel) - Chapter 5496: A Bizarre Wind

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Chapter 5496: A Bizarre Wind

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Despite the different natures of their powers, one martial power and one spirit power, their coordination was delicate and unpredictable like an ingenious formation. Normal rank six Half-God level cultivators would have struggled to withstand such an assault.

Yet, Long Chengyu handled their attacks with ease.

Chu Feng could tell immediately that Long Chengyu had this fight in the bag.

“Long Chengyu’s skills are not bad,” Eggy remarked. She also thought that Long Chengyu had this fight under his control.

With Long Chengyu’s talent and bloodline power, he could have raised his cultivation to rank seven Half-God level, but he chose to deal with the siblings at rank six Half-God level. Despite his choice, he was still able to stand his ground against the siblings.

And he hadn’t even drawn his God Armament yet.

After toying with the siblings for a while, Long Chengyu decided to end the fight. He drew an Exalted Armament spear, knowing that it was more than enough to deal with his opponents.

Moments later, two cries of agony echoed.

Long Chengyu stood at the center of the palace with a spear in hand, whereas the two siblings from the Totem Phoenix Clan were lying under his feet.

Feng Tiansheng had his right shoulder impaled, and he was tightly gripping his bleeding injury with gritted teeth. Feng Jiuyue’s condition was slightly better, but the swollen red mark on her face showed she had suffered a heavy slap from Long Chengyu’s spear.

The battle had been decided!

The crowd had expected Long Chengyu to emerge victorious in the battle, but they didn’t think that he would beat them that quickly.

“As expected of the Totem Dragon Clan’s young master!”

The crowd looked at Long Chengyu with eyes of admiration. They were amazed by his strength, and they were also grateful to him for standing up for them while they were being oppressed.

“Get lost, those from the Totem Phoenix Clan,” Long Chengyu sneered.

“Stop acting so arrogantly!” Feng Tiansheng roared.


Right after those words were spoken, Long Chengyu pushed his spear into Feng Tiansheng’s right shoulder once more and flicked it upward, severing his shoulder with a splatter of blood.

“I’ll massacre you!” Feng Tiansheng roared with reddened eyes, looking as if he was on the verge of going on a rampage.

“Tiansheng.” Feng Jiuyue pressed Feng Tiansheng down, telling him to calm down and hold still.

Feng Tiansheng was reluctant to let things rest with this, but he gritted his teeth and fell silent. He had chosen to give in, at least for now.

The crowd had thought that the Totem Phoenix Clan was going to become a powerhouse with their reappearance, but it looked like their impactful return was going to end with a pitiful fizzle. Coincidentally, the one who poured a pail of cold water over their long-awaited return was none other than the Totem Dragon Clan, whom they had a distant history with.

This was only a fight among juniors, but the crowd thought that even the elders of the Totem Phoenix Clan wouldn’t be a match for their counterparts in the Totem Dragon Clan either. After all, they were already weaker than the Totem Dragon Clan when they went into seclusion.

Furthermore, the Totem Dragon Clan had reinforced its position over the years to become the true overlord of the Totem Galaxy.

While the Totem Phoenix Clan was likely to have been secretly developing too, the resources they could acquire from the shadows were bound to pale in comparison to the Totem Dragon Clan. Naturally, their cultivators were likely to be weaker too.

“What are you waiting for? Scram!” Long Chengyu ordered domineeringly.

The Totem Phoenix Clan’s juniors could only awkwardly rise to their feet in preparation to evacuate the area. It was embarrassing how they were planning to coerce others to submit to them with force, only to have the same done to them.


All of a sudden, specks of light reminiscent of fireflies suddenly appeared on the palace walls around them.

“What’s that?”

Realizing that something was amiss, the crowd went up to take a closer look at the light.


A powerful gale suddenly rushed into the palace, devouring everyone in an instant.

Chu Feng was no exception too. He heard not just the sharp whirring of the wind but chilling screams reminiscent of the cries of slaughtered pigs too. Those screams belonged to the juniors in the palace. Their bodies were getting cut by the wind as if they had been sentenced to death by a thousand cuts.

Chu Feng was facing the same torture too, but he had been through so much that his ability to take pain was much better than his peers. He stood calmly amidst the wind, not letting out the slightest sound at all.

The wind was dragging him elsewhere at an extremely high speed. He noticed that the screams were slowly quietening down, indicating that he was being split from the others.

The wind finally died down, and Chu Feng found himself in the midst of a deep cavern.

The stone walls around him were dark red, and they were covered in mysterious patterns. He could smell a stench from them. Somehow, it felt like he was inside an animal’s intestines.

“Are you fine, Chu Feng?” Eggy asked worriedly.

“I think so,” Chu Feng inspected his body as he replied.

He was surprised that his skin and clothes were perfectly unharmed, but the lingering pain he felt told him that what he had experienced earlier wasn’t just an illusion.

“Hm?” Chu Feng’s eyes suddenly turned grim.

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