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«Land Key Fairy (Web Novel) - Chapter 2147: Insomnia Pt. 2

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Chapter 2147: Insomnia Pt. 2

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“Ka Qier sent them over so you could win me over sooner. Actually, it was little sis who took them from him… Ah… Just thinking about how I’m going to explain things to her in the future makes me want to die from embarrassment.” Shang Hongyu buried her head into Zu An’s chest as if she wanted to find a place to hide in.

Zu An also felt a headache coming when he thought about that situation. He asked, “Why don't you transfer her a bit further away for now? You can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed since she’s so close.”

It wasn’t just Shang Hongyu, he was also full of guilt! If Shang Liuyu learned what he had done to her sister while only being separated by a single wall, he wouldn’t dare to meet those cool and calm eyes of hers.

Shang Hongyu shook her head. “We can’t. You don’t understand the way women think at all. You already expressed your thoughts in front of everyone just now, making many palace maids jealous of her. If she really leaves our vicinity, she’ll end up being targeted by all of the maids. Even though little sis doesn’t fear them, Ka Qier and the enemy are currently watching us carefully. We can't take any amount of risk.”

When he heard what she said, Zu An nodded in agreement, saying, “You’re right.” He didn’t actually feel at ease having Shang Liuyu stay too far away either.

Then, his eyes shifted to the bottles she was gripping tightly in her hands. He asked, “Are you planning to drink that?”

“Do you want me to?” Shang Hongyu replied, looking up. Her graceful and dignified face was now full of embarrassment. And yet, there was a hint of expectation in her eyes.

Zu An clenched her hand tightly and took the bottle from her. He was about to toss it away when she stopped him.

Although Zu An was confused, Shang Hongyu said with a complicated expression, “The Mermaid race has always been loyal to love and their husbands. They've never done anything that has gone against that. That’s why I need a reason.”

When Zu An heard what she said, he first examined the bottle to make sure that the drug was fine. Then, he brought it to her lips. Shang Hongyu opened her mouth and drank all of the contents in one gulp.

“You bad man, I’ve already been affected by such a bad drug in spite of myself…” Shang Hongyu said, soon becoming teary-eyed. She stared at Zu An with those alluring eyes, silently inviting him in.

Zu An’s lower body was also starting to burn up. This woman was dignified and reserved outside, but she was incredibly passionate inside. When both temperaments were combined together, and one added in her special status, it really created a powerful sense of shock. He couldn't hold himself back anymore!

After last night’s experience, the two of them were already extremely familiar with each other. They didn’t need to slowly get into it and their souls immediately joined.

For some reason, Shang Hongyu got into the mood especially quickly today. Her skin soon turned red and her expression became passionate. She imperceptibly guided Zu An’s hand around her neck.

After the previous night, Zu An knew that this noble and righteous empress had some preferences that she couldn't let the others of the world know, and over the course of the night, he seemed to have unlocked a certain gateway.

Zu An also found it incredibly novel. His hands coordinated with her and wrapped around her neck, and then he exerted some force.

Shang Hongyu gradually felt a stifling sensation surround her, but she didn’t feel any fear. Instead, she felt a mysterious, wonderful sensation. Her body was also much more excited than usual.

Soon after, Shang Hongyu completely melted into Zu An's arms. She gasped for breath, sweat covering her hair. She seemed more and more tender and beautiful by the moment. When she saw Zu An’s ambiguous expression, she couldn't help but become embarrassed. “You’re not allowed to laugh at me.”

“This is all completely normal. There’s no need for you to feel embarrassed,” Zu An said to comfort her. This wasn’t actually too big of a deal, and such a thrilling experience only made things more interesting.

Shang Hongyu bit her lip, because she could feel his current condition.

Is he really human? His stamina is at a level that would make any woman alarmed.

Just then, she moved closer to Zu An’s ear and quietly whispered, “Why don’t you carry me to the wall over there?”

Zu An’s eyes immediately widened, because the wall she was pointing at was the one that separated them from Shang Liuyu. Soon after, he couldn't help but blurt out Hong Shixian’s famous lines.[1]

Shang Hongyu continued to wrap her arms around her neck while giggling in a silly manner. Her eyes were full of expectation and pride.

Zu An finally couldn't resist the temptation and picked her up, walking outside.

Soon after, Shang Liuyu, who was resting in the outer room, suddenly opened her eyes. Her cool and beautiful face was covered by a pink blush. She harrumphed and said, “Brother-in-law really is vulgar!”

There was only a single wall separating them, and she could even imagine just how her big sister was leaning against the wall. Even though Shang Hongyu was doing her best to cover her mouth and not make any sounds, how could she possibly control something like that?

Bursts of muffled and suppressed moans were vaguely audible even through the wall. The sweetness and joy coming from her sister's voice made Shang Liuyu extremely uncomfortable. She rolled back and forth and found it hard to sleep.

Brother-in-law is really shameless!

She couldn't help but curse inwardly. After all, she believed her usually dignified and reserved big sister would never do something like this. It was definitely that usually perverted and underhanded brother-in-law Dragon King who had forced her to!

Outside the palace, Ka Qier, who had always been paying attention to the situation inside, had a strange expression. After some time, he couldn't help but say, “This damned guy really knows how to play!”

When he was certain that everything was proceeding as planned, even going better than predicted, he didn’t want to continue listening anymore.

The next morning, Shang Hongyu walked out of the room with a glowing complexion and cheerful mood. When she saw her little sister, she was startled and asked, “Why are your eyes a bit swollen?”

But it wasn’t just Shang Liuyu's face; there were even some dark circles under her eyes. All in all, such a thing was rarely seen for the naturally beautiful Shang Liuyu.

“It’s nothing. It’ll get better quickly.” Shang Liuyu gave her a resentful look.

You still have the nerve to ask? I had to listen to you all night, so how could I possibly sleep?

She felt even more awful than she had in the previous few days. But she had to admit that her big sister looked far better than before, with a more dazzling complexion than ever.

Are the benefits of love really that amazing?

Of course, she also felt happy for her big sister. She knew that her big sister’s marriage had been without love. Now, this could be considered a kind of blessing amid disaster.

Still, she saw Zu An walk out and couldn't help but mutter, “You beast!”

This guy humiliated big sis all night, how infuriating! But big sister doesn’t seem mad, nor did she act up at all.

You have successfully trolled Shang Liuyu for +333 +333 +333…

When he saw the incoming Rage points, Zu An felt a huge headache. Their momentary whim had ended up creating a string of troubles. It was fine for now, since he had this Dragon King identity to cover for him. But if everything was revealed in the future, the good impression he had made on Shang Liuyu could come crashing down. He felt his scalp go numb when he imagined that situation.

Sigh, lust really comes with a guillotine above one’s head. I should’ve been a bit more careful last night.

But I really can’t do much when her big sister is so good at this kind of stuff…

1. From the same fictional universe as Pinru from his skill Pinru’s Wardrobe. The lines he's referencing could be ‘you’re so naughty’, ‘what you’re doing is seduction and temptation’, and ‘dummy, stop acting’ ?

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