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«Land Key Fairy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1902: Removed and Replaced

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Chapter 1902: Removed and Replaced

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Everything had been going according to plan at first, and he had already thought of a way to chase away all of the servants from King Jin Manor. Apart from Madam Jin, only her maids were left. So, after they talked for a while longer and Madam Jin started to feel the effects of the drug, he could have his fun in front of her dead husband and properly vent out his frustrations from being bullied over the years.

But who would have thought that these Embroidered Envoys would suddenly come to investigate some case?!

He was now feeling extremely nervous. After calculating the time, he realized the drug inside Madam Jin’s body would act up soon. If all of these Embroidered Envoys remained here, how could he possibly get what he wanted? As such, he was absolutely furious and wanted to chase these people out.

Of course, in the eyes of Madam Jin, he was arguing for justice and helping her chase out the vicious Embroidered Envoys. She had to be feeling extremely grateful, thinking King Dai was such a great person.

Meanwhile, Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth were both extremely nervous. Who in the court would ever believe them if they said King Jin had died from excessive shock if they didn’t even check the corpse? As such, the two said gravely, “King Dai, please forgive our rudeness. We will complete our inspection quickly.”

“Get lost!” King Dai snapped irritably.

These bastards are like damn flies! They’re trying to ruin my happiness!

A hint of anger appeared on Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth’s faces. When had the Embroidered Envoy ever had to endure such an attitude in the past? Their hands shifted to their weapons, showing that they were about to attack.

An elder suddenly took a step forward from King Dai’s side. A powerful aura spread throughout the room.

The group of Embroidered Envoys immediately felt a mountainous pressure weigh down on them. They felt as if their bones were even starting to creak from the pressure, and that they could be pushed down to the ground at any moment. Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth were shocked. They quickly ordered their subordinates to create a formation. Only then did they manage to barely hold on.

“After Zhuxie Chixin’s death, it seems that the Embroidered Envoy is getting worse with each generation,” the elder remarked with a look of disdain. He didn’t treat the Embroidered Envoy with any importance.

Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth’s group were filled with humiliation, but what the other side said was the truth. Now that his majesty had died and Zhuxie Chixin had also passed, the Embroidered Envoy’s prestige had dropped severely. Furthermore, King Dai was a prince. This elder was at least at the ninth rank, if not the master rank. If the two sides really fought against each other, even though they could have a chance if they worked together, the casualties would be disastrous.

Then, if the matter reached the court, the other side was a prince and would at most be given a few words of criticism. Meanwhile, petty soldiers like them would just be killed off. There was no way they could ask King Dai to pay with his life for them, right?

Helpless to respond, the two of them could only say, “Since King Dai has some affairs to take care of here today, we will come back later to investigate another day.” They thought to themselves, There’s no way King Dai will stand guard over the mourning hall every day, right? Once he leaves, it should be the same if we go then to investigate.

A hint of smugness appeared on King Dai’s face when he heard that they were going to leave. Being able to show off his mighty and heroic side in front of a beauty really felt incredible! Sure enough, Madam Jin’s eyes were full of admiration and appreciation as she looked at him.

Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth’s group of Embroidered Envoys felt extremely wronged. They could only leave while hanging their heads.

Suddenly, a cold and indifferent voice called out, “When has the Embroidered Envoy ever needed to concede to others when handling their cases?”

Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth’s group of Embroidered Envoys raised their heads in pleasant surprise. When they saw that familiar golden color, they all cried out, “Sir Eleven! No, Chief Commander!”

When they heard those words, King Dai, the elder at his side, and Madam Jin looked in the voice's direction. Had a big shot from the Embroidered Envoy come?

The elder was startled at first, but when he saw that it wasn’t Zhuxie Chixin, he sighed in relief. The only one out of the Embroidered Envoy he couldn't defeat was Zhuxie Chixin. No one else, not even the other golden token envoys, had cultivation at his level. The only reason no one had dared to resist the Embroidered Envoy in the past was because of the emperor’s might, and perhaps because they were already used to the Envoys being overbearing. But in the current situation, why would those with skill treat them with any respect? Furthermore, he still had King Dai supporting him.

King Dai was about to burst from irritation. He had been about to chase these idlers away; it was already time for him and Madam Jin to enjoy their own private world! And yet, another had suddenly arrived!

Why did these people call him Sir Eleven, and then Chief Commander after?

King Dai had heard of Golden Token Eleven before. Golden Token Eleven had the weakest foundation, and he was the weakest Golden Token Envoy. King Dai really didn’t know how this person had managed to shoot all the way up to such a high position. It was rumored that he had gotten there by kissing up to the emperor. King Dai calmed down when he realized that.

Father emperor is already dead, so what can a bootlicker like him do now?

Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth moved over to Zu An’s side. They bowed in shame, saying, “Chief Commander, this is all because we are useless!"

They had messed up the very first task Chief Commander had given them. It wasn’t that big of a deal to investigate on a different day, but they hadn’t expected Chief Commander to see it happen.

Sigh, there’s no hope of us being promoted to Silver Token Envoys anymore…

Zu An didn’t blame them; instead, he comforted them. He said, “You're facing a king, and he has a master rank guardian at his side. It's to be expected that you couldn't change their mind. There's no need to blame yourselves. However, there is something I want all of you to understand. When the Embroidered Envoy investigates a case, even the celestial emperor himself has to step aside. There is no reason that is sufficient for us to yield.”

When they heard what he said, the Embroidered Envoys present all stuck out their chests. All of their previous gloominess was instantly swept away. They had been worried that the new Chief Commander wouldn’t be able to control the organization after they learned of Zhuxie Chixin’s death. That was why they had always found it hard to carry the same pride they had before. Now, it seemed that the new Chief Commandery’s temper was even greater than the previous one!

“What bold words. Who do you think you are?” the elder asked with a sneer.

The young really are getting crazier and crazier. Do you have no awareness of yourself?

“Was it you who released that pressure to intimidate the Embroidered Envoy?” Zu An asked gravely.

“So what if it was? You actually dared to barge in on King Dai and Madam Jin! You all should be grateful that this old one didn’t take your lives on the spot,” the elder said with a sneer.

“Very well,” Zu An said. As soon as he spoke, he suddenly reached toward the elder.

The elder immediately felt a terrifying suction force and was immediately horrified. He immediately did everything he could to stabilize his body. However, that absorption force was too terrifying, as if he were facing a black hole up close! He could clearly feel his cultivation rapidly leaving his body.

He can absorb someone's cultivation from a distance?

The elder was horrified, screaming, “Noooo!”

He could no longer keep his body still, and he was pulled toward Zu An like a deflated balloon. He could no longer stand and dropped to his knees just like that; Zu An gripped his head tightly. His face was full of horror and despair.

Zu An retracted his hand and tossed the elder's dead dog-like body over to Dai Seventh and Chen Eighth, saying, “This old sir seems to carry some misunderstandings toward the Embroidered Envoy. Bring him back to the Embroidery House and make sure to get real close to each other.”

“Understood!” Dai Seventh, Chen Eighth, and the rest of the Embroiderd Envoy replied in delight. They quickly locked up the elder with Soul Reaping Chains.

They had already been about to explode from this elder’s ridicule. Once they returned to the Embroidery House, they would let him properly understand just how wrong he was, and just who was the real daddy of the capital! At the same time, they looked at Zu An with admiration.

Chief Commander is just too formidable! He rarely reveals his skills, but when he does, he can immediately get rid of a master rank expert! He seems to even be stronger than Chief Commander Zhuxie!

All of them were extremely excited when they thought of that. After all, the stronger their leader was, the more they could bask in reflected glory.

Everything just happened too quickly. King Dai didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing. The guardian he had relied on all this time was instantly eliminated? He was shocked and scared, exclaiming, “Hurry and let Elder Chen go! Do you all know who he is? He was someone father emperor…”

“Why should I care who he is? If he dares to use force against the Embroidered Envoy, he has to suffer the consequences,” Zu An said with a sneer.

He swept a sharp gaze across King Dai, causing the other person to shiver all over. In that instant, King Dai felt as if he were being stared at by an ancient beast. He even felt that if he dared offend Golden Token Eleven further, he would follow in Elder Chen’s footsteps.

“When the Embroidered Envoy carries out their investigations, all idlers should swiftly exit the premises,” Zu An said indifferently.

“I…” King Dai wanted to say something, but when he saw the other side's murderous gaze, he couldn't say anything.

Today’s situation isn’t favorable. I have to return and discuss this with my madam, and then get revenge with my father-in-law’s group!

Under Zu An’s pressure, he didn’t even dare to speak any criticism. He could only storm off angrily in a huff.

Sigh… It’s a pity to think about today’s great opportunity.

He turned around and gave Madam Jin a reluctant look. Perhaps it was his imagination, but her cheeks which had been a bit pale from grief over her husband’s death were now a bit rosy. Under the contrast of her mourning clothes, it looked like plum blossoms in winter, tender and beautiful.

I didn’t do all that just for the Embroidered Envoy to enjoy themselves, right?

He was alarmed, but he quickly dropped that suspicion. Even though the Embroidered Envoy had a bad reputation, they had never had any scandals with women. Furthermore, there were so many people here, and this was the respected Madam Jin. He didn’t think they would even dare anyway.

Besides, Worries Be Gone Rosemary merely magnified one’s desires; it didn’t create anything from nothing.

Madam Jin might have some desires toward me, but how could she possibly think in that direction toward the ferocious Embroidered Envoy?

With that, he gradually let things go. He stopped and said to Madam Jin, “Sister-in-law, do not be scared. If these people dare to bully you, as your brother-in-law, I will find someone to uphold justice for you.”

Madam Jin looked at his departing figure in a pitiful manner. She was like a delicate little white flower that shook in the winter wind. In that instant, it was as if the entire world had abandoned her. She was just that weak and helpless.

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