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«Di Ba (Web Novel) - Chapter 5944: What Is it?

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Chapter 5944: What Is it?

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“What a lively day we have here.” Minisun took out another bag of snacks and resumed her munching.

“My apologies for not welcoming you properly. I will surely visit your esteemed abode another day to ask for forgiveness.” Ghost-eyed bowed with utmost courtesy.

“No thank you, don’t want to be infected by your ghost aura.” Minisun took out a handkerchief and wiped her hands clean before telling Iron Thorns: “The Liu is under my protection, that’s final.”

Iron Thorns’ expression darkened.

“Fellow Daoists, let us strive for peace. Today is a joyous occasion with a minor ghost market, can’t we enjoy ourselves without resorting to bloodshed, Brother Iron Thorns?” Ghost-eyed interjected.

Iron Thorns could see Ghost-eyed was no ally of his and contemplated for a second. Meanwhile, the crowd hoped for a de-escalation of the conflict from these three representatives.

These dynasties had jurisdiction over nearly all of Sin. A war between them meant no one would be spared.

“Fine, I will let it go today.” Iron Thorns knew when to back off. Fighting with Minisun here meant the end of him without capable supporters.

Minisun would not show mercy in an actual fight. Thus, he didn’t linger around and disappeared into the horizon.

The pressure from his aura dissipated and everyone felt much better.

“Fellow Daoist Minisun, I will visit Enigma later to see you.” Ghost-eyed said before telling the crowd: “The minor ghost market concludes here, ladies and gentlemen.”

With that said, he took his departure. Everyone else understood it was time to leave.

“Good, that’s it for me.” Minisun left while taking out another snack pouch.

The remaining spectators wanted to ask how she would feel without snacking for one day.

In just a short time, the area became empty and the market was gone. This looked like a place where zombies could crawl out of the ground.

Demon Moon Saber Saint and her clan members finally calmed down. The whole thing felt like a dream.

This wasn’t their first close encounter with death. They have been teetering between life and death for eras after being branded.

“Thank you for saving us, Young Noble. We don’t know how we can ever repay you.” Demon Moon and her clan members got on their knees.

Li Qiye waved, telling them to stand.

“Surviving all this time, I’m sure it’s not only due to luck.” Li Qiye remarked.

Demon Moon opened her mouth for a second but only let out a sigh.

“Immortal Suppression didn’t take the brand too seriously or your clan wouldn’t have survived, let alone produce a saber saint.” Li Qiye said.

Their expression changed after hearing this, becoming cautious of Li Qiye and taking one step backward.

“Don’t be afraid now. If I truly care, I don’t even have to do it myself.” Li Qiye said and the tiger stood up.

It didn’t reveal its true form but the others remembered how it ate two pseudo-emperors. Demon Moon clenched the hilt of her saber.

“You all wouldn’t be alive right now if I harbored any ulterior motive.” Li Qiye smiled and patted the tiger. It obediently sat down again.

“What is in your possession?” Chu Zhu asked with a smile. Those who didn’t know her true cultivation would consider her a lovely girl full of life.

Demon Moon lowered her head and said: “We are fugitives, our wealth and legacies are long gone. What we have is bare enough for subsistence.”

Her words were true since they wandered aimlessly after being branded, declining day by day. It was remarkable that they had enough resources to produce a saber saint.

“True.” Chu Zhu became sentimentality and nodded: “I know your ancestor was a supporter of Desolate Ancestor and Lord of Life and Death. Are you sure that nothing was left behind? They were incredible cultivators, anything from them can drive Sin crazy.”

“We have nothing.” Demon Moon denied instantly because the wrong answer could end her clan.

Chu Zhu’s speculation was logical as well. Desolate Ancestor and Lord of Life and Death were above the imperial level; items from them were priceless.

“Desolate Ancestor was Moshi’s rival and the pioneer of the dao.” Chu Zhu stroked her chin while musing.

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