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«The Everlasting Supreme Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 2923 – Tianming’s Cosmic Chart

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Chapter 2923 - Tianming’s Cosmic Chart

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Honestly, whether Tianming ended up hollow or not, the process of having his order grow made him feel only warmth and comfort. He could clearly feel the power of his order forming a sea. The ordeal was something that brought him closer and closer to the cosmic itself, pulling their relationship ever so closer.

He noticed that his level of control over the world, the cosmos, and the heavens and earth had grown somewhat. It was as if he had become a minor hegemon of his own little corner of the universe. It was a feeling shared by all astral gods that had orders, being the true essence of cultivation.

“At the very end of the path of cultivation, will a single person truly control the universe itself and dictate its laws? Can the sea of order be the personal sea of such a person?” He couldn’t help but wonder about that. He could feel that his streams of order were like eight draconic fish in a chaotic ocean filled with uncertainty and impreciseness. But no matter what, his power reserve had still grown from a lake to a sea. His orders had also evolved into hives.

“The closeness I feel with heaven and earth, as well as my control over the cosmos, has greatly grown.” It was an unmistakable feeling. The fundamental change he needed was there, hollow as it was. His dark stellar charts that had appeared in his body at the twelfth astral phase began brightly manifesting.

The birth of his cosmic charts changed the astrons in his body. They split up, expanded, and translocated to different places. The change happened at the micro level; on the macro level, it only appeared like a small cosmic chart could be seen around Tianming’s body. The chart was a little blueprint that controlled the way starlight shone. He seemed to glow brighter, like a tiny universe, with each astron resembling a nova source world.

The power of his astrons—cosmoforce—had come from the cosmos itself, after all. It was worth noting that Tianming’s astrons were still made of the Order Relic, and each one had hexagonal holes all around them. As such, he still had an edge against the suppression caused by order. He could also absorb the power of order and convert it for his own use, but it wasn’t substantial enough yet.

“Cosmic chart, manifest!” Tianming wanted to see what it looked like and evaluate the growth of his orders.

A glowing chart manifested when he looked up as a scroll of the universe opened up before his eyes. The cosmic chart had changed from being constellations, to sacrosuns, and then to minor stellar charts, of which Tianming had two. However, he only had one cosmic chart, one that was a fusion of his cyclic and pandemonium minor stellar charts.

There were white, sand-like stars near the border of the chart, orbiting the center like two astral fish. That was formed from the cyclic minor stellar chart. At the center of the chart was a black and gold imperial star, magnificent and domineering like the pandemonium sacrosun.

He let the power of his order flow from his astral organs and body. It flowed toward the imperial star and formed a single hive-shaped outer shell composed of imperial, lifesbane, infernal, genesis, primordial, immortal, radix, and ancestral orders.

The sheer awe they inspired in him made him somewhat stunned.

“Even though it’s indeed hollow, it still seems strong on the outside. The basic nature of these eight streams of order are enough to cover up the weakness underneath.” That was his cosmic chart, the core of his lifeline transferred outside his body. As long as the chart wasn’t destroyed, he was theoretically unkillable even if all his astrons were destroyed.

“I wonder if that applies to our universe as well… Can it be rebuilt as long as we have its blueprint?” Tianming just loved to theorize about the relationship between people and the universe they inhabited. For now, the end of the path of cultivation he imagined was an astral giant like Huang Qi.

“I wonder how far I am from Huang Qi’s level, and how far Huang Qi is from encompassing the universe as a whole… Well, I shouldn’t overthink it. I don’t even know if the universe itself is a living organism. Others would laugh if they heard my wild conjectures.”

He focused his attention back on his body. Using primordial breathing, he expanded his lungs and sucked in xeno source from his surroundings. As the xeno source wasn’t too dense, he used soulstones to supplement them to quickly replenish his cosmoforce.

“My control over order has increased to this extent?” He noticed that the amount of energy his body could handle had skyrocketed. His cosmic chart itself could also hold energy, considering how the pandemonium and lifebane sacrosuns had been used to hold omnisentient power. The upper limit he could handle was a far cry from what it was before.

“The control afforded me by my streams of order allows me to handle more energy than normal first-level cosmic cartographers… I wonder if I’ll be able to take in even more omnisentient power back on the Sun…” He felt like that was a real possibility.

Standing up, he felt a little lightheaded. He noticed that his streams of order were like cups filled to the brim with water, making them rather easy to spill. “I have to stabilize my orders through battle and training.”

The only reason his instability hadn’t shown itself in an obvious manner was that each of his order were top grade and wouldn’t crumble so easily. If anyone else had tried what he had, their energy would explode in a volatile manner.

“I’m much stronger now either way.” His only hope was that he could be of help. “Let’s go back to the Sun and see if my enhanced imperial order can let me control even more omnisentient power!”

He felt incredibly powerful deep down. The sensation was partly derived from the power that the Primordial God-Emperor had granted him, and partly from his own imperial order. The fusion of the two was perfect, forming the core of his foundation. The orders of his six lifebound beasts and lifesbane order surrounded the imperial star, subjugated and controlled there to stabilize his imperial order.

He tugged on the interdimensional line to have Feiling pull him back to the Sun.

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