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«¥1 Trillion Wife, Buy One Get One Free (Published Novel) - Chapter 791: Untitled

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Chapter 791: Untitled

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Ye Feimo, third in the family, was the second-generation Third Young Master Ye. He, ten years old, was the standard young cute boy and was unbelievably good-looking. While he did not look like Third Young Master Ye or Cheng Anya, he was especially good-looking to the point he looked older than his age. He was not as adorable as a young Ye Ningyuan, or as queer as Ye Hailan.

He was one who laughed little and spoke little. Cheng Anya often wondered where her youngest son came from as he did not even have any of the characteristics of the Ye family. Initially, Cheng Anya was very troubled as to whether she had carried the wrong baby in the hospital.

“Xiaomo!” Ye Hailan jumped out of the sofa and leaped into Ye Feimo’s embrace. Ye Feimo, surprisingly, caught hold of her easily in a princess hug before he ruthlessly threw her back onto the sofa.

Although Little Hailan was older than Ye Feimo, she developed much more slowly than him and was not as tall as him. Ye Feimo, our young cute boy, was interestingly much stronger since young.

“Elder brother.”

Ye Ningyuan waved his hands. As the young cute boy approached, Ye Ningyuan suddenly pinched his cheeks. “Come, baby, smile for the camera.”

“How boring!” Ye Feimo pushed his hands away.

“Baby, how could you be so rude toward your elder brother?” Ye Ningyuan was sad and angry.

Ye Feimo threw his bag down and got a bottle of milk from the fridge. Once he had finished drinking, he took a look at Xunuo and said, “Your girlfriend?”

Ye Ningyuan was lost for words.

Xunuo was stunned into silence.

“Xiaomo, you’re so spot-on! Call her big sister-in-law!” Little Hailan said.

“How lame!”

“Eh, didn’t you ask?” Ye Hailan asked in return as Ye Feimo helped himself to another bottle of milk. Ye Ningyuan’s and Ye Hailan’s eyes twitched. They really could not understand what was so tasty about milk that their younger brother would have several bottles of it.

An Xunuo wanted to laugh at how the character of the three children differed. She actually took quite a liking to the young cute boy as he was adorable and tender-looking despite having a stoic face.

Ye Ningyuan was definitely not like this when he was younger.

When Cheng Anya came downstairs, Ye Feimo had already finished two bottles of milk and an apple.

An hour later, somebody had the clothes delivered. When An Xunuo received them, she was slightly taken aback. They were all summer dresses and there were two sets of nightwear. The clothes were well-designed and well-made, and one honestly had nothing to nitpick about it. The person who selected the clothes had undoubtedly good taste, but she did not like the colors of the clothes, nor had she worn them before…

“What’s up? You don’t like it?”

“My clothes are all red, and I’ve never worn something of this color,” while she ought to have replied that she liked the clothes, she was honest and instead said the truth since she felt the clothes didn’t quite suit her.

When she was about to apologize for Cheng Anya getting busy because of her and how she ought not to have said that, Cheng Anya instead smiled and said, “You look very good in red as well as in other colors.”

An Xunuo nodded and went upstairs with the clothes.

“Mommy, this elder sister does not even look like a killer! She’s so cultured and honest!” Little Hailan silently said after they had already conned her into the house.

“She definitely does not look like a killer! Xu Xing’s mother is her godmom, and her father, the classic British royalty, is the leader of the House of Lords,” Ye Ningyuan plainly said.

“Huh, why is she a killer then?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“Elder brother, aren’t you all-capable?”

“I’m not interested.”

“How merciless. Be careful lest you shoot yourself in the feet.”

The young cute boy nodded, and Ye Ningyuan dope-slapped him. “Thanks to you, little traitor, the ladies run the house.”

“How lame!”

“How many times does he say ‘lame’ in a day at most? Did anyone do the math?”

Ye Hailan raised her hands. “Twenty times a day at most, which are about a third of whatever he says.”

Ye Ningyuan gave a thumbs-up. ‘Dear younger brother, you’re a badass!’

An Xunuo did not expect Ye Ningyuan to be able to cook. She originally thought that Cheng Anya was responsible for all of the housework despite being Third Young Master Ye’s secretary at work and that she was no regular housewife. Since the Ye family had no helpers, women were typically doing housework. Little did she expect Ye Ningyuan to prepare dinner without help.

Cheng Anya went to play games with Ye Hailan and had no intention to play games. An Xunuo, who was sitting down, was pestered by Ye Hailan to play games with her, but she did not join them, so the mother and daughter had a very good time.

After a round, she was the weakest link in the team and decided, as Ye Hailan looked on at her innocently, not to play. To be despised by a little girl was undoubtedly ego-crushing, and she hence went to the kitchen.

“What brings you from your games to the kitchen?”

“I can’t play!” Xunuo said. Although she was very good at playing games, she had never seen the games that both Mommy Ye and Daughter Ye played. As the tag-teaming was complicated and thrilling, newcomers would take quite some time to get used to it. Since both mother and daughter had played it for a long time, they were familiar with it. As she was not familiar with it, she decided not to play the game. Said game was interesting and fun, though.

“How stupid of you,” Ye Ningyuan shook his head. An Xunuo coldly looked at him and harrumphed. She felt that he looked especially different in an apron. “Can you cook that well?”

“Of course! I am good at everything, so cooking is child’s play to me.”

“It was nothing difficult.” Seeing his smug face, An Xunuo was unhappy as she recalled how she could not cook.

“What can you cook?”

An Xunuo was tongue-tied at his question. She was smart enough to know that there were no ready steaks in the Ye mansion, and Ye Ningyuan prepared primarily Chinese meals. “I can prepare a very decent steak,” she calmly replied.

Considering An Xunuo knew nothing about cooking, to be able to describe how to prepare a steak was already quite an achievement although she had absolutely no idea how to actually prepare one.

Ye Ningyuan looked at her tastefully and said, “Very well, then! We’ll go get steaks tomorrow, and you can prepare them.”

An Xunuo was lost for words.

‘F***, don’t you know what being polite is?!’

“Why should I prepare it for you?” An Xunuo asked in return.

“Didn’t I prepare for you? And haven’t you heard of this Chinese saying called reciprocation in politeness?” Ye Ningyuan gently smiled as he tastefully gave her a lesson in Chinese etiquette. His background investigations clearly showed that she was nuts in the kitchen.

“I’m British, and I know nuts about Chinese customs!” An Xunuo retorted.

“If you don’t know, just spit it out. Do I look like I’d make fun of you?”

An Xunuo stared at him angrily. “You’re already laughing.”

“Oh, I’m sorry! That’s how I normally smile.”

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