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List Novels (Weak Protagonist) 20 Results
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Used when the protagonist lacks physical strength for most of the story. This weakness most often refers to physical or combat ability, rather than mental ability.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1A Wish to Grab HappinessWeb Novel2017254/653
2Ascendance of a BookwormWeb Novel2013216/677
3Dungeon DefenseKorean Novel2016Completed(54)
4Half-elves Fall in LoveWeb Novel2017345/878
5Heavenly CastleWeb Novel2018137/138
6I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags…Light Novel201468/69
7I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at PeaceWeb Novel20161203/861
8Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!Light Novel2013130/150
9Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldWeb Novel2018Completed(90)
10Release that WitchWeb Novel2016Completed(1498)
11Silver OverlordWeb Novel2017688/930
12Soaring the HeavensWeb Novel2012532/2253
13Tada, Sore Dake de Yokattan desuLight Novel2016Completed(12)
14Tales of Leo Attiel ~Portrait of the Headless Prince~Light Novel201513/31
15The 5000-year-old Herbivorous DragonWeb Novel2017159/203
16The Grandmaster StrategistWeb NovelN/A214/224
17The S-Classes That I RaisedWeb Novel2018191/785
18Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou MeshiWeb Novel2016393/580
19Under the Oak TreeWeb Novel2017271/361
20Waltraute-san no Konkatsu JijouWeb Novel2012Completed(6)