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List Novels (Strategic Battles) 33 Results
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# Novel Type Year Chapters
1108 Maidens of DestinyWeb NovelN/A781/767
2A Step into the PastChinese Novel1997Completed(293)
3ArenaWeb Novel2014Completed(201)
4Battle FrenzyWeb Novel2016Completed(1228)
5BreakersWeb Novel2016Completed(234)
6Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai KyusoukyokuWeb Novel2013649/667
7God Level SummonerWeb Novel2016Completed(393)
8Gu Fang Bu Zi ShangChinese Novel2005Completed(75)
9I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space MercenaryWeb Novel2019380/400
10I am the MonarchWeb Novel2016334/348
11Inexorable ChaosWeb Novel2019260/300
12Kingdom’s BloodlineWeb Novel2016580/648
13Legend of the Supreme SoldierWeb Novel2006Completed(606)
14Life MissionPublished Novel2015Completed(279)
15My Disciples Are All VillainsWeb Novel2019Completed(1834)
16Night RangerWeb Novel2015Completed(735)
17Otherworld Nation Founding ChroniclesWeb Novel2015161/305
18Rakuin no MonshouLight Novel2008Completed(113)
19Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of ConcubineWeb Novel2020Completed(361)
20Release that WitchWeb Novel2016Completed(1498)
21SevensLight Novel2016136/200
22Tales of the Reincarnated LordWeb Novel2015Completed(591)
23The Charm of Soul PetsWeb Novel2013Completed(1822)
24The Empress’ LivestreamWeb Novel2016781/1875
25The Girl Who Ate a Death GodWeb Novel2012Completed(38)
26The Girl Who Bore the Flame RingWeb Novel2014Completed(48)
27The Grandmaster StrategistWeb NovelN/A219/224
28The Legendary MechanicWeb Novel2017Completed(1463)
29The Strongest Interstellar CommanderWeb Novel2020219/1083
30To Be a Power in the Shadows!Web Novel2018Completed(203)
31Utsuro no Hako to Zero no MariaLight Novel2009Completed(74)
32World of CultivationWeb Novel2010Completed(915)
33Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu eLight Novel2015678/700