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List Novels (Slow Romance) 138 Results
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Where the protagonist only meet or develop feelings for the love interest at a late point in the novel (either half way or a few hundred chapters in). AND has no love interest before hand.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
123:11Published Novel2014Completed(23)
2A Will EternalWeb Novel2016Completed(1315)
3A Wish to Grab HappinessWeb Novel2017307/653
4Absolute Great TeacherWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1341)
5Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo YasesasetaiWeb Novel2017Completed(127)
6Assassin’s ChronicleWeb Novel2007Completed(580)
7Assistant ArchitectWeb Novel2016Completed(241)
8Banished to Another WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(659)
9Battle Through the HeavensWeb Novel2009Completed(1649)
10Beauty and the BodyguardWeb Novel20117843/10444
11Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like YouWeb Novel2016122/245
12Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!Web NovelN/A630/1979
13Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous ConsortWeb Novel2015860/7635
14Card RoomWeb Novel2019Completed(610)
15Clearing an Isekai with the Zero-Believers Goddess – The Weakest Mage among the ClassmatesWeb Novel2018341/256
16Coming of the Villain Boss!Web Novel2017Completed(1666)
17Common Sense of a Duke’s DaughterWeb Novel2015256/265
18Complete Martial Arts AttributesWeb Novel20191242/1633
19Consort of a Thousand FacesWeb Novel20151433/1440
20Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a ManWeb Novel20131502/1501
21Divine Card CreatorWeb Novel2018483/594
22Don’t be So ProudWeb Novel2014Completed(68)
23Douluo DaluWeb Novel2008Completed(337)
24Dragon King’s Son-In-LawWeb Novel2010Completed(790)
25Easily Set AflameWeb Novel2011Completed(65)
26Evil Emperor’s Wild ConsortWeb Novel2015Completed(1799)
27Fairy Tale ChroniclesWeb Novel2013290/500
28Fall in Love with Mr. Nian SlowlyWeb NovelN/ACompleted(2058)
29Fields of GoldWeb Novel2016744/732
30Forsaken ImmortalsWeb Novel2020338/500
31From Sidekick to BigshotWeb Novel20201463/1465
32Genius Doctor: Black Belly MissWeb Novel2015Completed(3123)
33Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest MissWeb Novel2016Completed(2262)
34Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable ConsortWeb Novel2015315/1747
35God Level SummonerWeb Novel2016Completed(393)
36God of CookingWeb Novel2015651/733
37God of FishingWeb Novel20192637/2728
38Half PrinceChinese Novel2004Completed(78)
39Harry Potter and the Secret TreasuresWeb Novel2016512/1781
40Heavenly CastleWeb Novel2018137/138
41Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little WifeWeb NovelN/A1783/2844
42Holy Chronicles of BaatorWeb Novel2021344/400
43I Get A Random New Occupation Every WeekWeb Novel2020644/2800
44I Have MedicineWeb Novel2016418/1085
45I Shall Seal the HeavensWeb Novel2014Completed(1618)
46Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young MissWeb Novel2015Completed(2319)
47InvincibleWeb NovelN/A3408/3280
48Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei MajutsuLight Novel2014473/500
49I’m Really a SuperstarWeb Novel2014Completed(1696)
50Keyboard ImmortalWeb Novel20201507/774
51Lady CultivatorWeb Novel2010356/685
52Lazy Dungeon MasterWeb Novel2015543/500
53LegendWeb Novel2013530/1932
54Lessons on Raising a PartnerWeb Novel2016Completed(137)
55Little Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook)Web Novel2016Completed(833)
56Love Rival Romance SystemWeb Novel2018Completed(79)
57LuciaPublished Novel2015Completed(230)
58Madam, Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again!Web Novel2019Completed(745)
59Mai Kitsune WaifuWeb Novel20131128/1318
60Martial Arts MasterWeb Novel2016Completed(753)
61Martial God SpaceWeb Novel2012951/3886
62Martial King’s Retired LifeWeb Novel20161358/1842
63Mesmerizing Ghost DoctorWeb Novel20163034/5265
64Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the BossWeb Novel20201608/1910
65MushroomWeb Novel2019Completed(89)
66My Artist Is RebornWeb Novel2017Completed(194)
67My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince CharmingWeb Novel2017Completed(198)
68My Dangerous Billionaire HusbandWeb Novel2015Completed(1564)
69My House of HorrorsWeb Novel2018Completed(1211)
70My Master Disconnected Yet AgainWeb Novel2018Completed(704)
71NightfallWeb Novel2011Completed(1119)
72One Useless RebirthWeb Novel2019Completed(293)
73Our Glamorous TimeWeb Novel2013Completed(82)
74Overgod AscensionWeb Novel201757/851
75Peerless Battle SpiritWeb Novel20152341/2526
76Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little SweetWeb Novel2017Completed(2490)
77Phoenix DestinyWeb Novel2016390/850
78Pierce Heaven Til’ It BreaksWeb Novel2012Completed(968)
79Poison Genius ConsortWeb Novel20151368/1370
80Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly WifeWeb Novel2015544/3122
81Power and WealthWeb Novel2011984/1474
82Princess Medical DoctorWeb NovelN/A1149/960
83Prodigiously Amazing WeaponsmithWeb Novel20163601/4000
84Rakuin no MonshouLight Novel2008Completed(113)
85Rebirth of the Strongest Female EmperorWeb Novel2017Completed(2761)
86Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants BottomWeb Novel2017Completed(153)
87Reborn Girl’s New LifeWeb Novel2019Completed(910)
88Reborn as My Love Rival’s WifeWeb Novel2014Completed(96)
89Reign of the HuntersWeb NovelN/A488/468
90Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?Light Novel2009222/300
91Sha Po LangWeb Novel2015Completed(139)
92Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No JokeWeb Novel2016829/2040
93Skyfire AvenueWeb Novel2014Completed(904)
94Stellar TransformationWeb Novel2007Completed(682)
95Stunning EdgeWeb Novel2010Completed(332)
96The CEO’s Villainess Childhood FriendWeb NovelN/ACompleted(230)
97The Daily Life of the Immortal KingWeb Novel20171817/1345
98The Devious First-DaughterWeb Novel2019Completed(678)
99The Dreamer in the Spring BoudoirWeb Novel2014Completed(510)
100The Earth is OnlineWeb Novel2017Completed(245)
101The Empress’s GigoloWeb Novel2017950/1256
102The Experimental Log of the Crazy LichWeb Novel2014Completed(840)
103The First OrderWeb Novel20191209/1260
104The Founder of DiabolismWeb Novel2016Completed(128)
105The Good for Nothing Seventh Young LadyWeb Novel2013Completed(2759)
106The Great ThiefWeb Novel2015Completed(1977)
107The Heavily Armoured Noble Girl Monette: How To Break a Curse You Don’t Remember CastingWeb Novel2016Completed(59)
108The Hero ReturnsWeb NovelN/ACompleted(555)
109The Law of WebnovelsPublished Novel2017574/596
110The Lazy SwordmasterWeb Novel2016222/253
111The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s Princess AgentWeb Novel2009Completed(292)
112The Legendary Moonlight SculptorWeb Novel2007695/700
113The Little Brat’s Sweet And SassyWeb NovelN/A1175/1251
114The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering StubbornnessWeb Novel20162302/5707
115The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered WifeWeb Novel2015Completed(2152)
116The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military LineageWeb Novel2016Completed(299)
117The Regressed Demon Lord is KindWeb Novel2020622/628
118The Return of the God Level AssassinWeb Novel2018920/900
119The Ring That Defies The HeavensWeb Novel2014Completed(3028)
120The Spider QueenWeb Novel2020684/1000
121The Strongest Dan GodWeb Novel2014Completed(601)
122The Villain’s MotherWeb Novel2018Completed(322)
123Throne of Magical ArcanaWeb Novel2013Completed(910)
124To Be A Virtuous WifeWeb Novel2013Completed(123)
125Top ManagementWeb Novel2015Completed(219)
126Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand YearsWeb Novel20211161/867
127Transmigrator Meets ReincarnatorWeb Novel2016Completed(709)
128True Martial WorldWeb Novel2015Completed(1710)
129Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young LadyWeb Novel2016Completed(1284)
130Unrivaled Tang SectWeb Novel20121733/1729
131Valerian EmpireWeb Novel2018Completed(118)
132Virtual World: Peerless White EmperorWeb Novel2016990/1346
133Warrior’s PromiseWeb Novel20162712/2941
134Winter Rabbit in WonderlandWeb NovelN/ACompleted(103)
135Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu eLight Novel2015678/700
136Zhan LongWeb Novel20131461/1379
137ZhanxianWeb Novel2011966/2665
138Zombie Sister StrategyWeb Novel2016Completed(1456)