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List Novels (Previous Life Talent) 54 Results
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Used when a character(s) memories and/or talent of their previous lives remain intact after their rebirth.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1A Returner’s Magic Should Be SpecialWeb Novel2016Completed(314)
2A VIP as Soon as You Log InWeb Novel2019Completed(345)
3Against the GodsWeb Novel20141959/1927
4Alchemy Emperor of the Divine DaoWeb Novel20152545/4915
5Almighty Game DesignerWeb NovelN/A575/1181
6Back to the ApocalypseWeb Novel2012Completed(131)
7Banished to Another WorldWeb Novel2014Completed(659)
8Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait PleaseWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1076)
9Doomed to be Cannon FodderWeb Novel2015Completed(295)
10Douluo DaluWeb Novel2008Completed(337)
11Dragon-Marked War GodWeb Novel20143054/3221
12Emperor of Solo PlayWeb Novel2015Completed(192)
13Golden Time (JungYong)Web NovelN/ACompleted(155)
14I am the MonarchWeb Novel2016334/348
15InvincibleWeb NovelN/A3201/3280
16Lady Su’s RevengeWeb Novel2019671/572
17Legend of Ling TianWeb Novel2011Completed(713)
18Magic Industry EmpireWeb Novel20141276/1283
19Miracle ThroneWeb Novel2015Completed(658)
20Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldWeb Novel2018Completed(90)
21Otherworldly Evil MonarchWeb Novel2010Completed(1277)
22Pierce Heaven Til’ It BreaksWeb Novel2012Completed(968)
23Re:MonsterWeb Novel201143/50
24Realms In The FirmamentWeb Novel2014Completed(1995)
25Rebirth of a Movie StarWeb Novel2014Completed(67)
26Rebirth of the Strongest Female EmperorWeb Novel20172760/2761
27Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingWeb Novel2017Completed(772)
28Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword GodWeb Novel20153255/2918
29ReincarnatorWeb Novel2015Completed(493)
30Reverend InsanityWeb Novel2012Completed(2334)
31Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~Web Novel2014252/253
32Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~Web Novel2016Completed(342)
33Sovereign of the Three RealmsWeb Novel2014Completed(2376)
34Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My LifeWeb Novel2019548/600
35Strongest Abandoned SonWeb Novel2012Completed(2266)
36Tales of Demons and GodsWeb Novel2015496/500
37The Amber SwordWeb Novel2010877/1467
38The Best Assassin, Incarnated into a Different World’s AristocratWeb Novel2018141/136
39The Founder of DiabolismWeb Novel2016Completed(128)
40The Human EmperorWeb Novel2016Completed(2466)
41The King of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2016Completed(282)
42The Magus EraWeb Novel2015Completed(1902)
43The Man Picked up by the GodsWeb Novel2014Completed(174)
44The Nine CauldronsWeb Novel2009Completed(621)
45The Path Toward HeavenWeb Novel2017840/1047
46The Queen of EverythingWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1063)
47The Steward Demonic EmperorWeb Novel2016633/1315
48The Strongest Dan GodWeb Novel2014Completed(601)
49Tomb Raider KingWeb NovelN/ACompleted(416)
50Transcending the Nine HeavensWeb Novel20111483/2663
51Transmigrator Meets ReincarnatorWeb Novel2016Completed(709)
52Trash of the Count’s FamilyWeb Novel2017812/800
53Worlds’ Apocalypse OnlineWeb Novel20171801/2212
54ZhanxianWeb Novel2011907/2665