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List Novels (Orphans) 40 Results
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Tag should be used if major characters in a novel, not necessarily only the main character, are orphans.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1A Sorcerer’s JourneyWeb Novel2014643/2100
2A VIP as Soon as You Log InWeb Novel2019Completed(345)
3A Wish to Grab HappinessWeb Novel2017290/653
4Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo YasesasetaiWeb Novel2017Completed(127)
5Apotheosis of a Demon – A Monster Evolution StoryWeb Novel2018Completed(99)
6Chaotic Lightning CultivationWeb Novel2011293/954
7Chronicles of Primordial WarsWeb Novel2015Completed(847)
8Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai KyusoukyokuWeb Novel2013649/667
9Embers Ad InfinitumWeb Novel2020Completed(953)
10EverlastingWeb Novel20131412/3764
11Fantasy SimulatorWeb NovelN/A853/453
12I Am SupremeWeb Novel20171092/1479
13I Just Want to Be in a RelationshipWeb Novel2017Completed(226)
14Immortal Path to HeavenWeb Novel2016Completed(1360)
15Isekai de Kojiin wo Hiraitakedo, Nazeka Darehitori Sudatou to Shinai Ken (WN)Web Novel2016Completed(115)
16Kingdom’s BloodlineWeb Novel2016580/648
17Lady CultivatorWeb Novel2010356/685
18Magic Chef of Ice and FireWeb Novel2006171/256
19Master of the End TimesWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1087)
20My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online DailyWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1102)
21Otherworld Nation Founding ChroniclesWeb Novel2015161/305
22Pure Love ✕ Insult ComplexWeb Novel20111468/1470
23Realms In The FirmamentWeb Novel2014Completed(1995)
24Reborn into Naruto World with TenseiganWeb Novel2018512/1460
25Reverend InsanityWeb Novel2012Completed(2334)
26Secret Wardrobe Of The DuchessWeb NovelN/ACompleted(257)
27Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~Web Novel2014252/253
28Sha Po LangWeb Novel2015Completed(139)
29Soaring the HeavensWeb Novel2012532/2253
30Spare Me, Great Lord!Web Novel2017Completed(1332)
31The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth TimeWeb Novel2015353/483
32The President is Being Shameless AgainWeb Novel2017Completed(422)
33The S-Classes That I RaisedWeb Novel2018204/785
34The Sword and The ShadowWeb Novel2014Completed(671)
35The Wolf Lord’s LadyWeb Novel201645/67
36Throne of Magical ArcanaWeb Novel2013Completed(910)
37Trash of the Count’s FamilyWeb Novel2017830/800
38Upgrade Specialist in Another WorldWeb Novel2011Completed(1357)
39What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter?Web Novel201713/508
40Worlds’ Apocalypse OnlineWeb Novel20171811/2212