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List Novels (Netori) 14 Results
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The protagonist forces a love interest who is already in a relationship with a third party into a physical relationship, and the love interest comes to like it over time, thus either cheating or breaking up with their original partner. If the protagonist is the one having their partner seduced, use 'Netorare' instead. If there's no evolution from unwillingness to infatuation, use 'Adultery' instead.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate’s LoverWeb Novel2015145/134
2I am a Gao Fushuai VillainWeb Novel2019510/1319
3Land Key FairyWeb Novel20201661/774
4Legend of the AsuraWeb Novel2012297/742
5Masked KnightWeb Novel2005Completed(338)
6Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiWeb Novel2014636/676
7Portraits of BeautyWeb Novel2012Completed(2492)
8Pure Love ✕ Insult ComplexWeb Novel20111468/1470
9Soaring the HeavensWeb Novel2012532/2253
10Stealing SpreeWeb Novel20201307/1500
11Summoning the Holy SwordWeb Novel2012Completed(1381)
12The Lord’s EmpireWeb Novel20171728/3327
13Transmigrated as side character, I will steal all the heroinesWeb Novel2021341/1000
14Wonderful Medicine FutureWeb Novel2016922/2266