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List Novels (Mind Control) 16 Results
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The use of magic, technology, or hypnotism to change and control how someone thinks or acts.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate’s LoverWeb Novel201594/134
2Bringing The Farm To Live In Another WorldWeb Novel20111633/11068
3Bu ShaPublished Novel2005106/106
4Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~Web Novel201688/88
5FFF-Class TrasheroWeb Novel2018465/428
6God and Devil WorldWeb Novel20131216/1216
7Law of the DevilWeb Novel2009573/669
8Monarch of EvernightWeb Novel20141517/1500
9Night RangerWeb Novel2015735/735
10Nightmare’s CallWeb Novel2019587/926
11Reverend InsanityWeb Novel20122345/2334
12Sage MonarchWeb Novel20111618/1600
13Shura’s WrathWeb Novel2014852/852
14Soul of NegaryWeb Novel2018436/752
15The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth TimeWeb Novel2015314/260
16The Dungeon SeekerLight Novel201578/100