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List Novels (Marriage) 112 Results
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To be used if the protagonist gets married at any point of time in the series, due to mutual consent in a romantic manner.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
112 Hours AfterWeb Novel2018Completed(198)
2A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming BlissWeb Novel2016429/350
3A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to ImmortalityWeb Novel2008Completed(2455)
4A Step into the PastChinese Novel1997Completed(293)
5A VIP as Soon as You Log InWeb Novel2019Completed(345)
6A Valiant LifeWeb Novel2017Completed(1240)
7A Wizard’s SecretWeb Novel2013Completed(1063)
8About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like MeWeb Novel2017Oneshot
9Against the GodsWeb Novel20141962/1927
10All My Beasts are LegendaryWeb Novel2020Completed(504)
11An A-Ranked Adventurer’s “Slow-living”Web Novel201787/130
12Ancient Godly MonarchWeb Novel2015Completed(2053)
13Archean Eon ArtWeb Novel2019Completed(766)
14Battle Through the HeavensWeb Novel2009Completed(1649)
15Battle of AscensionWeb Novel2018Completed(518)
16Beautiful Wife And Genius SonWeb NovelN/ACompleted(89)
17Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP WaifusWeb Novel2016100/214
18Black-Bellied DadWeb NovelN/ACompleted(12)
19BreakersWeb Novel2016Completed(234)
20Bringing the Nation’s Husband HomeWeb Novel2015Completed(973)
21Chaotic Sword GodWeb Novel20103327/2852
22Coiling DragonWeb Novel2008Completed(806)
23Crazy Leveling SystemWeb Novel2016840/3002
24Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First WifePublished Novel20151151/1252
25Divine Throne of Primordial BloodWeb Novel2016Completed(1158)
26Douluo DaluWeb Novel2008Completed(337)
27Dragon King’s Son-In-LawWeb Novel2010Completed(790)
28Dragon-san Wants a FriendWeb Novel2014Completed(184)
29Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s WifeWeb Novel20131195/1568
30Endless Path: Infinite Cosmos EPICWeb Novel20182314/2000
31Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal ManWeb Novel2012Completed(62)
32FFF-Class TrasheroWeb Novel2018442/428
33Game LoadingWeb Novel2018Completed(309)
34Genius Doctor: Black Belly MissWeb Novel2015Completed(3123)
35God of CookingWeb Novel2015651/733
36Godly Stay-Home DadWeb Novel20171364/1733
37Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored HusbandWeb Novel20181732/1701
38Hakai Me no YuuriWeb Novel2014Completed(113)
39Harem of the Dora PrinceLight Novel2017Completed(21)
40Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni KarigurashiWeb Novel2014Completed(137)
41Husband, Be A GentlemanWeb Novel2015Completed(91)
42I Shall Seal the HeavensWeb Novel2014Completed(1618)
43I'm Secretly Married to a Big ShotWeb NovelN/A3012/2866
44Imperial God EmperorWeb Novel2015Completed(1370)
45Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei MajutsuLight Novel2014473/500
46Isekai Nonbiri NoukaWeb Novel2016741/705
47I’m Really a SuperstarWeb Novel2014Completed(1696)
48Legend of SwordsmanWeb Novel20164063/5826
49Letting Loose After Marrying A TycoonWeb NovelN/ACompleted(515)
50Love Again: Flash Marriage with My Arrogant SweetheartWeb Novel2015Completed(298)
51LuciaPublished Novel2015Completed(230)
52MMORPG: Martial GamerWeb Novel20161601/1930
53Magic Industry EmpireWeb Novel20141276/1283
54Martial Arts MasterWeb Novel2016Completed(753)
55Martial WorldWeb Novel2012Completed(2275)
56Masked KnightWeb Novel2005Completed(338)
57Miracle ThroneWeb Novel2015Completed(658)
58Mushoku TenseiWeb Novel2012Completed(285)
59My Dangerous Billionaire HusbandWeb Novel2015Completed(1564)
60My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’Web NovelN/ACompleted(1012)
61My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The ShotsWeb NovelN/A2323/3624
62My Youth Began With HimWeb Novel20164928/4919
63Otherworldly Evil MonarchWeb Novel2010Completed(1277)
64Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiWeb Novel2014631/653
65OvergearedWeb Novel20142016/1579
66Overgod AscensionWeb Novel201757/851
67Peerless ValkyrieWeb Novel2012Completed(2500)
68Perfect WorldWeb Novel2013Completed(2017)
69Power and WealthWeb Novel2011929/1474
70Pure Love ✕ Insult ComplexWeb Novel20111468/1470
71Re:MonsterWeb Novel201143/50
72Rebirth of a Movie StarWeb Novel2014Completed(67)
73Rebirth of the Godly ProdigalWeb Novel2014Completed(1316)
74Reborn as My Love Rival’s WifeWeb Novel2014Completed(96)
75Release that WitchWeb Novel2016Completed(1498)
76ReturneeWeb Novel2016359/353
77SSS-Class Suicide HunterWeb Novel2018240/400
78Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi no Slow Life~Web Novel2016Completed(460)
79Seeking the Flying Sword PathWeb Novel2017Completed(738)
80Shen Yin Wang ZuoWeb Novel2011Completed(872)
81Shoujo Grand SummoningWeb Novel20151397/2000
82Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No JokeWeb Novel2016829/2040
83Stellar TransformationWeb Novel2007Completed(682)
84Strongest Abandoned SonWeb Novel2012Completed(2266)
85Super God GeneWeb Novel2016Completed(3462)
86Supreme Emperor of SwordsWeb Novel20141065/1338
87Swallowed StarWeb Novel2010Completed(1486)
88Tales of the Reincarnated LordWeb Novel2015Completed(591)
89The Book Eating MagicianWeb Novel2017Completed(400)
90The Empress’s GigoloWeb Novel2017950/1256
91The Glory After RebirthWeb Novel2018Completed(579)
92The Laid-back Life in Another World of the Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned out to be a Cheat from Level 2Web Novel2015108/544
93The Legend of FutianWeb Novel20182969/2967
94The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered WifeWeb Novel2015Completed(2152)
95The Nine CauldronsWeb Novel2009Completed(621)
96The Rest Of My Life Is For YouWeb Novel2017Completed(2430)
97The Shadowy Wedding Day with the PresidentWeb Novel2019Completed(1533)
98The Strongest Legend of Dragon BallWeb Novel2016803/934
99The Strongest SystemWeb Novel2016Completed(1159)
100The Villainess Reverses the HourglassLight Novel2018Completed(288)
101The Villain’s MotherWeb Novel2018Completed(322)
102The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as YouWeb NovelN/ACompleted(1632)
103Throne of Magical ArcanaWeb Novel2013Completed(910)
104Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work HardWeb Novel2016Completed(1274)
105Under the Oak TreeWeb Novel2017271/361
106War Sovereign Soaring The HeavensWeb Novel20144170/4480
107Warrior’s PromiseWeb Novel20162712/2941
108Way of the DevilWeb Novel2017773/1213
109Womanizing MageWeb Novel2014Completed(683)
110World Teacher – Other World Style Education & AgentWeb Novel2014Completed(202)
111Zero no TsukaimaLight Novel2004Completed(221)
112ZhanxianWeb Novel2011936/2665