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List Novels (Cooking) 51 Results
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Tag is to be used ONLY if the protagonist of the series can cook (definition may vary based on novel). If the series has multiple protagonists, only use this tag if cooking is a prominent feature of one of them.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo YasesasetaiWeb Novel2017127/127
2An A-Ranked Adventurer’s “Slow-living”Web Novel201784/130
3Ancient Strengthening TechniqueWeb Novel20122498/2492
4ArkKorean Novel2008217/217
5Black Iron’s GloryWeb Novel2018594/596
6Come and Eat, Shan ShanLight NovelN/A44/44
7Daddy Fantasy World RestaurantWeb Novel20171639/2054
8Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)Web Novel2013628/589
9Everyone is Young Except for MeWeb Novel2018380/375
10Fields of GoldWeb Novel2016745/732
11Fishing the Myriad HeavensWeb Novel2016641/1550
12God of CookingWeb Novel2015597/733
13Godly Stay-Home DadWeb Novel20171056/1733
14Gourmet Food SupplierWeb Novel20161003/1561
15Gourmet of Another WorldWeb Novel20161920/1851
16Heavenly CastleWeb NovelN/A137/92
17Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni KarigurashiWeb Novel2014137/137
18I Opened a Café in Another WorldLight Novel201271/300
19I Was Kicked out of the Hero’s Party Because I Wasn’t a True Companion so I Decided to Have a Slow Life at the FrontierWeb Novel2017169/150
20I Was a Sword When I ReincarnatedWeb Novel2015597/559
21I am a Chef in the Modern EraWeb Novel2016125/125
22Isekai Kaeri no Ossan wa, Fusei Sukiru de Fathercon Musume-tachi o Tororori niWeb Novel201858/263
23Isekai Nonbiri NoukaWeb Novel2016571/705
24Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~Web Novel2016314/300
25I’m Actually a Cultivation BigshotWeb Novel2020395/613
26Lady Su’s RevengeWeb Novel2019525/572
27Level Up Just By EatingWeb Novel2016114/114
28Magic Chef of Ice and FireWeb Novel2006171/256
29Magic Gems GourmetWeb Novel201729/385
30My Cold and Elegant CEO WifeWeb Novel20162522/2512
31My Master Disconnected Yet AgainWeb Novel2018705/704
32Only Sense OnlineLight Novel201299/150
33Perfect WorldWeb Novel20132033/2017
34Raising a Fox Spirit in My HomeWeb Novel2010683/988
35Red Packet ServerWeb Novel20161443/2035
36ReturneeWeb Novel2016359/353
37Skeleton Knight, in Another WorldWeb Novel2014197/197
38Super Dimensional WizardWeb Novel20161035/2726
39Talisman EmperorWeb Novel20082265/2251
40The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth TimeWeb Novel2015310/260
41The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!Web NovelN/A273/1090
42The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered WifeWeb NovelN/A983/3661
43The Legendary Moonlight SculptorWeb Novel2007677/700
44The Sweets Prince’s SearchWeb Novel201389/89
45The Two-Faced Venerate EmperorWeb Novel2016927/1448
46Transmigration with QQ FarmWeb Novel2014597/600
47Transmigrator Meets ReincarnatorWeb Novel2016709/709
48Ultimate Scheming SystemWeb Novel20161572/1567
49Virtual World: Peerless White EmperorWeb Novel2016994/1262
50World Teacher – Other World Style Education & AgentWeb Novel2014195/185
51Worlds’ Apocalypse OnlineWeb Novel20171539/1410