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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 723: He Has A Purpose

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Chapter 723: He Has A Purpose

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Soon, the people from the other bases had heard about that and were all surprised.

“What? Wu Chengyue proposed to the leader of that new base? Was the leader a woman?” Huaxia Base leaders were surprised by that news.

“Currently, we only have very limited information about that base. It’s called the All Beings Base. According to the information that we collected in Sea City Base, that base only has about three-thousand people. Their fence wall is still under construction. Their leader is a mysterious person. I did hear that she’s a woman.”

Han Xiao said, “Except for the gender, we know nothing about her. We have lost connection with the first intelligence squad that we sent to that base. The second squad left the base just now. Hopefully, they’ll bring us some useful information.”

“Can’t we find anything about that base from Sea City Base?” Si Kongchen looked at him.

Han Xiao shook his head and said, “No useful information. We did find out about two important people in that base though.”

“Who are they?” Wei Haichao asked the question before Si Kongchen did.

“That new base is built by some survivors from Hades Base. The family of Lin Qiao, the leader of Hades Base, and Yuan Tianxing, the vice-leader, founded the base together. Currently, the base is mainly run by Yuan Tianxing and Lin Feng, Lin Qiao’s brother, and that mysterious female leader. There is another man who moved to All Beings Base from Sea City Base. He’s only at level-six, but he’s also doing some administrative work in the base. We don’t know about his exact position yet,” Hades Base browsed the files in his hands and answered the question as he glanced at the others from time to time.

“Yuan Tianxing is a capable man indeed. Lin Feng also helped Lin Qiao in running the Hades Base. It’s reasonable for them to build a new base step by step. However, the new base is located in a zombie city. Why they chose that dangerous place to build their base is not important anymore. What is important now is how they managed to build the base. It is very hard for merely three-thousand people to settle down in a zombie city. Only a small part of them have superpowers,” Si Kongchen leaned on the back of the chair as he crossed his arms before his chest and said with a frown.

“I want to know about that too,” Han Xiao nodded and said, “We’ll know when we get more information about that base.”

“Keep an eye on that female base leader. She is leading a base, and she’s the woman that Wu Chengyue wants to marry. I think she’s a capable one,” Wei Haichao said with a great interest.

“Are you interested in her?” Han Xiao glanced at Wei Haichao and laughed.

“I’m curious. Wu Chengyue has never been interested in a woman before. But, he suddenly proposed to one. He proposed! He is serious… I didn’t see him have frequent interaction with that mysterious female chief. Does he have some other purpose?” Wei Haichao said curiously.

“I agree with Haichao. Wu Chengyue won’t propose to a woman without a good reason. If it’s not that woman’s problem, he must have some kind of purpose,” Si Kongchen nodded.

“Oh, we have news from Heilong Base. A few important base members were killed, and none of them were weak. They all had superpowers, at level five or six. Without them, Heilong Base is weakened by thirty percent,” Han Xiao mentioned the other piece of news.

“Heilong Base? Does the murderer have personal issues with that base? Who are those dead people?” Si Kongchen paused briefly and then asked with surprise.

“Two level-six vice leaders, and a few level-five members. Those victims had no connections. The only thing in common was that they all benefited from Mo Yan’s experiments that happened a few years ago. Most of the people who ate Mo Yan’s flesh and drank his blood had died in the zombie massive zombie attack, but a few survived. The ones how had eaten Mo Yan’s flesh had been upgrading very easily. Their Chief had eaten Mo Yan’s flesh as well,” Han Xiao said while reading the file in his hands.

“Sadly, Mo Yan is dead. Otherwise, he might be as valuable as Macuy. We might have developed something helpful for the anti-virus project from him,” Liu Zhinan and Hu Zhiyong had their interest aroused when Han Xiao mentioned Mo Yan’s name.

“Yeah, if only he were still alive!” Hu Zhiyong nodded.

Most of the people on the scene knew about what happened in Heilong Base a couple of years ago. Among the survivors of the massive zombie attack, some benefited from Mo Yan’s blood and flesh indeed. Those people upgraded quicker than the others, such as Gao Haoyun and Du Kunsheng, the base leaders. A few vice leaders under their commands all ate Mo Yan’s flesh.

Among all vice leaders of Heilong Base, some had recently broken into level-seven.

“When they were here, I sensed that Gao Haoyun’s vibe was a little strange. I think he restrained his vibe to keep us from finding out that he has already entered level eight,” Si Kongchen frowned slightly and thought for a moment.

“What? He made it already? Well… that’s normal actually. Heilong Base doesn’t have rich population, but the general strength of that base isn’t weak. The base leaders have been upgrading very speedily. They would have attacked long ago if we didn’t outnumber them,” Wei Haichao nodded and said.

“Chief Si, you were from Heilong Base too. You didn’t eat Mo Yan’s flesh too, did you?” Liu Zhinan abruptly turned to Si Kongchen and asked a question with a weird look.

Hearing that question, all the others instantly turned to Si Kongchen.

Soon, the unnatural look in his eyes faded. He shook his head and responded, “I wasn’t so lucky.”

“Is that so? Such a pity! I was going to ask you if Mo Yan’s flesh tasted good. That was some magical flesh after all!” Liu Zhinan smiled in a strange way and then said jokingly.

Si Kongchen denied that firmly. However, he himself clearly knew what the truth was.

He, of course, ate the flesh too.

He wouldn’t let anyone else know about that.

He believed that he was the only one who knew that. However, he had no idea that Mo Yan, who was in Heilong Base now, was able to sense the connection between the people who ate his flesh and himself.

Hearing Liu Zhinan’s joke, the others all smiled and then turned to the expressionless Si Kongchen.

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