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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 663: Under Siege

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Chapter 663: Under Siege

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“They’re not taking an action right now. What do they want?” Lin Feng stood on the roof, looking into the distance. They were under siege now. However, the enemies didn’t seem to launch an attack. No one could tell what plans the enemies had.

The quieter the enemies were, the more worried they became.

Not far away from the zombie wall of All Beings Base, a few figures were standing on top of the building. A tall and slim male zombie was standing on the edge of the roof. He was about six feet and three inches tall, and had a pretty, chiseled face. His slender eyes were narrowed, face bluish pale. Under his straight nose was a pair of light-purple lips. His skin wasn’t dry, and looked like the skin of a healthy person, without any luster through.

A complicated, dark-purple net of veins was seen on the left side of his neck, extending to his left cheeks and looking like the root of a tree.

Those blood veins made that pretty and cold male zombie look evil and spooky.

His narrowed dark eyes were glowing with a purple light of lightning.

That was the zombie emperor which Yun Meng had mentioned before, a level-eight, lightning-powered zombie. Standing behind the zombie emperor was a female zombie leader and two male zombie dominators.

At that moment, two figures leaped up from the roof of a shorter building, each carrying two living human beings.

Those were two zombie kings. They threw the four fainted people to the zombie emperor, then stepped back.

The zombie emperor turned around and walked to the four people, looking at them. After that, he squatted beside a relatively younger man and reached out a hand. His hand was clean, but his fingernails were long and sharp.

Puff! He spread his fingers and abruptly sank his nails into that man’s heart.

“Em…” The young man was woken up by the pain. He saw nothing but the dark sky, and felt nothing but the tearing pain from his chest. Then, he lost his eyesight and fell into unconsciousness.

Puff! Following the second slight noise, the zombie emperor pulled his hand out of the man’s heart, holding a warm heart.

He put the heart under his nose and sniffed at it, then stood up with satisfaction. He turned and faced All Beings Base while putting the bloody heart into his mouth.

He opened his mouth wide and made a bite. With that one bite, he ate one-third of the heart. Blood flowed out of his mouth corners, yet he didn’t mind as he kept chewing.

He soon finished the fresh heart, then turned back and dug out another heart before standing to eat it.

As he finished all four hearts, the female zombie nearby handed him a clean handkerchief.

The zombie emperor took over the handkerchief and first wiped his mouth corners before wiping his hand which was covered in blood. After that, he handed the handkerchief back to the female zombie.

His movements were so smooth that he looked even like a well-educated, posh man. After cleaning himself, he turned and clapped his hands.

Next, the female zombie and the four level-seven zombies behind him split the four fresh human bodies and ate them in an orderly way.

With close observation, one would find that the level-five female zombie was actually pretty. Despite the dark circles under her eyes, her face was delicate, and body shape was good. Her body remained nearly undamaged.

She was wearing a clean black dress, which made her half-invisible in the darkness of night.

As the zombie emperor ate the hearts of the four people, Yuan Tianxing and the other leaders of All Beings Base received the news about four people going missing.

“That is the third batch of people! They must have caught them sneakily!” Lin Feng clenched his teeth. His face even paled with anger.

“I’ve sensed the scent of blood from that way. I guess those people have already been eaten,” Yun Meng twitched her nose and said.

“Those people secretly left their spots, then never came back,” said the soldier who came to report.

“Didn’t I order them not to leave! Why didn’t they listen?” said Yuan Tianxing coldly.

“They were… they were from Sea City Base, so they barely followed our rules,” said the soldier.

The people in All Being Base had been kept in the hotel for a whole day. To avoid causing panic or a riot, Yuan Tianxing and the other base leaders hadn’t explained the whole thing to the people in details, and only told them not to leave the hotel.

However, some of those people who didn’t know what was happening refused to follow the orders.

“Keep a close eye on them!” said Yuan Tianxing loudly.

“Yes, sir!”

“They avoided our detections when making an action!” Yun Meng crossed her arms before her chest and frowned.

“Could it be him?” said Qiu Lili.

“No! He hasn’t been hiding his vibe. He’s staying over there, never moving,” Yun Meng shook her head.

“Has our place… become his sheepfold? Is he keeping us deliberately? So, he can get a few people and eat them whenever he gets hungry?” Yuan Tianxing looked at the others and said uncertainly.

The others looked at him, staying silent.

Downstairs, Mrs. Lin, Lin Wenwen, Cheng Wangxue, Long Qingying, and the other girls were staying in the same room. They didn’t know what was going on either, but could clearly feel that everyone was nervous.

The hotel building was surrounded by soldiers and superpowered people. Thousands of people had gathered in the hotel. People were making guesses without knowing what exactly was happening.

Every now and then, some ran out of the hotel and never came back. As a result, the invisible panic soon spread among the people.

When All Beings Base people became like a group of sheep which were surrounded by the wolf pack, Sea City Base received the news.

“What’s going on? Aren’t they able to control those zombies? Why did those zombies change their sides?” Zou Shihui was confused.

“That… I don’t know. Reasonably speaking, there should be no problem with the zombie crowd. Even though Miss. Lu isn’t there, Qiu Lili and Yun Meng are,” Xiao Yunlong frowned. He felt that what was happening to All Being Base was not normal.

“Our intelligence squad has already lost three members. However, they failed to get closer to see what was going on. I’ll go there myself if it’s necessary,” Kong Qingming stood beside Xiao Yunlong, his pretty face wearing a serious look.

“I think this is not just a simple accident. We shouldn’t make any reckless move. Besides, they haven’t sent out anyone yet. If there’s really something serious, they should at least send us a message,” Zou Shihui thought for a moment and then said.

“Perhaps they can’t get out. Or, they’re somehow limited,” said Xiao Yunlong.

“That’s possible. Oh, have you prepared the supplies for the trade yet?” Zou Shihui suddenly changed the topic and said to Kong Qingming.

“The supplies are almost ready. We’ll be ready to leave by tomorrow afternoon,” Kong Qingming nodded and responded.

After being injured severely, Kong Qingming returned to the base and recovered, breaking into level-six. Currently, he was already promoted to a Deputy Chief. He had filled Yan Fangyu’s place, and now had more work to do.

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