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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 451: We Don’t Owe Each Other

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Chapter 451: We Don’t Owe Each Other

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Lin Qiao looked at him with a weird expression, saying, “We had sex once, so what? That doesn’t give you the right to tell me what to do, does it? About whether I’ll choose another man or not, do I need your permission for that? Besides, if I do need a man for upgrading, I’ll surely want to choose someone whom I think is right.”

Wu Chengyue regretted after saying what he did. He didn’t understand why he suddenly got angry and said that without thinking.

He looked at Lin Qiao without saying another word. He had discovered the difference between his attitude and hers.

He had already been seeing Lin Qiao as his girlfriend, but the latter was not on the same page with him. In her eyes, there was nothing happening between him and herself. They did have sex, but that fact would not make her think differently.

She had still been maintaining a distance from him and see him as a normal work-related partner. She didn’t even think of him as a friend. If it weren’t for Ling Ling, they wouldn’t have been involved so deeply in each other’s life.

As Wu Chengyue stayed silent, Lin Qiao continued speaking, “Let’s talk about our second time. First of all, both of us were entrapped. We didn’t know that was going to happen, so we’re both innocent. Neither of us did anything wrong. Besides… you didn’t lose anything, except for some sperms. You clearly enjoyed it… Eh-hem, if you didn’t help me with the upgrade, I’d think that I’m the one who had suffered losses.

While speaking, she couldn’t help but glance at the ceiling awkwardly. Only after that did she look back at him and continue.

Wu Chengyue blinked. He didn’t say anything and only looked at her in the eyes. Somehow, he felt that she was wearing a very embarrassed look while saying the words ‘you enjoyed it’.

He wondered if she would be infuriated when she found out that he broke her hymen which was fixed. He also wondered if she had realized that yet. If she didn’t know it now, she would certainly find out about it someday. Perhaps, she would blame him for not telling her about that.

She had the right to know. However, he was worried that if he told her about it, she might put him even further away.

Wu Chengyue was thinking about that while Lin Qiao said, “If you want to talk about the first time, I don’t think I owe you anything for that. I’ve returned Ling Ling to you, and she’s perfectly unharmed. I might have raped you, but do you remember attacking me with lightning? I survived, but that wasn’t something fun for me! I have suffered a destructive lightning attack from you and saved Ling Ling’s life after that. Can’t all that make it even? Why are you so narrow-minded? You also bit my thigh! How are we gonna do about that? If you do the calculation, you’ll know that I’m the one who suffered losses!”

Hearing her words, Wu Chengyue felt that he might really have been a little narrow-minded…

“Didn’t you also steal my zombie king nucleus?” He said without confidence, then put the glass near his mouth and poured all the vodka in.

He then said while smiling, “The vodka is nice. Are you really not gonna taste it?”

Lin Qiao leaned against the back of the couch and gave him a glance before responding, “We have made this clear. We don’t owe each other a thing. For Ling Ling’s sake, I’ve been pretty nice to you.”

Finishing talking, she stood up and turned, preparing to leave. However, she came back after she had just made two steps, picked up the bottle of vodka which still had eighty percent left, then disappeared.

Wu Chengyue silently watched her take the bottle of vodka. Next, he saw that the glass door was opened and then closed from the outside by an invisible being. He said something silently in his head.

‘Don’t you owe me something? You still owe me a baby! Do you expect me to forget about that?’

However, based on Lin Qiao’s attitude, Wu Chengyue understood that he should not act too aggressively. Otherwise, she might leave this new base with the baby in her belly and run to an unknown corner of the world, and he would never be able to find her.

However, he did not know that she was planning to leave indeed even though he didn’t act aggressively.

Lin Qiao put the bottle of vodka into her space and then left. She went to the roof of the hotel, hopped onto the highest spot, and gave a roar to the sky.

Soon, a few zombie leaders came from all directions.

Lin Qiao changed the water in their bathing buckets, then let them sit inside.

While walking around their bathing buckets, she said, “Today, you can bathe until tomorrow morning, because I’ll leave this place to do something else, and will be back in one or two months. When I’m not here, Mengmeng will keep an eye on you. You can also go to her if you need anything.”

The group of zombie leaders looked at her and nodded to accept her orders. None of them was interested in where she was planning to go and what she was going to do.

Lin Qiao thought for a moment, and then decided to talk to Mrs. Lin before leaving.

Mrs. Lin heard the knocks and opened the door. She looked at Lin Qiao with surprise, as she hadn’t seen the latter for days.

“Eh? You’re back!” She stood at the door and asked.

Lin Qiao nodded.

Mrs. Lin looked at Lin Qiao in the eyes. She wanted to know why they looked different again, but didn’t really care about that. Instead of asking any question, she turned and let the latter in.

“Are you gonna come in? Do you have something to say to me?” she asked. She understood that Lin Qiao wouldn’t come to her so late at night if she didn’t have anything important to say to her.

Lin Qiao nodded, then walked into the room and sat down on the couch as if she was very familiar with this place.

Mrs. Lin closed the door, then walked to her and said, “Do you always come back so late at night? I heard from Lin Feng that you’re catching zombies out there and training them to farm lately. I’m surprised that you actually came up with that idea.”( updated at WuxiaWorld.Site)

While laughing, she picked up a pot and prepared to pour Lin Qiao a glass of water. But before the glass was filled, she suddenly recalled that Lin Qiao had already become a zombie, and didn’t seem to need water.

She paused and turned to ask, “Um, do you want some water?”

Lin Qiao smilingly shook her head and said, “My body does not need to be hydrated, because my energy and the zombie virus have been maintaining its functions.”

“Ah, I see!” Mrs. Lin nodded without fully understand.

She sat down, then looked at Lin Qiao and said, “Since you don’t drink water, are you living on only raw meat? Zombies eat human flesh. Will you really be okay without eating any of that?”

Lin Qiao gave a faint smile, then answered her question, “You need to know that I’m not like normal zombies. Human flesh might be more delicious to me than other kinds of flesh, but I am able to live on other kinds of meat too. I’m just living in a zombie body, in a new form. It doesn’t mean that I’ll become a zombie without humanity.”

Mrs. Lin sighed with relief and then responded, “That’s not what I meant. I’m just worrying if anything bad would happen to your current body if you don’t eat human flesh.”

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