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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 450: Make It Clear And Figure Out Who Owes Whom

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Chapter 450: Make It Clear And Figure Out Who Owes Whom

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Lin Qiao understood what his words meant.

She was surprised that he had found out about her being Lu Tianyu so quickly. Even though Lu Tianyu was only the previous owner of her current body, she was using her identity now. Therefore, she needed to take responsibility for what that woman had done.

Wu Chengyue’s smile grew bigger as he nodded and said, “You’re right. I did forgive you for kidnapping Ling Ling and threatening me with her life, because you had saved her for quite a few times. However, I haven’t forgiven you for another thing, which is taking away my virginity.”

While speaking, he stared at Lin Qiao, his eyes glowing with a weird light.

Lin Qiao stayed silent.

If he were yelling, she might have believed him. However, he was wearing a cunning look. ‘What did that mean?’ thought Lin Qiao , ‘Does he think that I can’t tell he’s trying to entrap me now?’

Finally, she put the glass on the table and smiled faintly as she said, “You are a grown man, so I think you should be open-minded about these things. You’re not a woman who lived in hundreds of years ago. Ancient people needed to take responsibilities for having sex, but I don’t think we should do the same. Besides, were you a virgin guy?”

The term ‘virgin guy’ nearly made Wu Chengyue grin. He quickly glanced at the ceiling and adjusted his expression, then responded, “Um… I have had a girlfriend, but we broke up ten years ago. After that, I have cherished my virginity, not like some people…”

He glanced at Lin Qiao while speaking.

Lin Qiao immediately felt that Lu Tianyu’s identity had brought her to a lower position, so she cursed in her head.

‘Damn! Why did I end up in this woman’s body! Such bad luck!’

However, her expression didn’t change much. Her green pupils sparkled as she smiled and replied, “I was just enjoying the fun that human beings are supposed to have. That seems to be a little off-topic. Since you think saving Ling Ling’s life three times… no, twice, is not enough to pay back for your so-called virginity, what do you want then? Maybe I’ll fulfill your request, as long as what you want is not too hard for me.”

They were talking things out now. She understood that Lu Tianyu’s identity would bring her some disadvantages, but she still left some room for herself to regret. However, she doubted that Wu Chengyue would fall for it easily, as he was a very shrewd man.

To her surprise, Wu Chengyue responded, “Well about that, I’ll let you know when I have thought of something that I want you to do.”

“Do you want me to give you a long-term effective promise so you can make the request any time you want?” said Lin Qiao.

Wu Chengyue nodded and said, “Yeah, you can think that way if you want.”

Lin Qiao looked at him, feeling a little confused.

Wu Chengyue didn’t ask for anything. He claimed that Lin Qiao owed him, but didn’t make any request. Lin Qiao couldn’t tell what he would ask her to do in the future. Judging by his attitude, Lin Qiao clearly felt that he was offering her an invisible way to go.

The future situation was unpredictable. Who knew what their relationship would become like? They weren’t likely to become friends anyway…

Lin Qiao was happy about Wu Chengyue’s answer. It provided more possibilities than him making a clear and specific request.

She thought for a moment, then said, “Alright! Let me know whenever you want to. I will not turn you down, no matter if our relationship is good or bad by the time.”

She sighed silently. She had a second life, yet she needed to deal with a huge trouble for the previous owner of her new body. She really couldn’t say if she was lucky or unlucky. She would have to face this trouble sooner or later, so she decided to solve it now.

Wu Chengyue looked at her and said abruptly, “You are… really different from before.”

Lin Qiao looked at him in the eyes. Suddenly, she felt something. “I guess we wouldn’t be talking so peacefully if I were still the same as before, right?” she said.

The look in Wu Chengyue’s eyes changed as Lin Qiao thought it would. He nodded and replied, “You’re right! If you were still the same as before, I wouldn’t even give you a glance.”

Lin Qiao rolled her eyes and said without thinking, “Don’t then.”

She would really like that.

Seeing her roll her eyes, Wu Chengyue was slightly stunned. Her expression had given him a very strange and interesting feeling.

He didn’t hate that feeling. On the contrary, he was slightly touched by it.

He quickly thought about the main issue that he wanted to talk to her this time and said, “About what happened earlier, neither of us started it. It can be considered as an accident. So, neither of us should hold responsibility for that. But, if I guessed right, you should be… pregnant already, right?”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but glance at Lin Qiao’s lower abdomen, his eyes showing a weird look.

Lin Qiao automatically covered her belly. “I get it, you don’t need to say it out. I want to know when you got into the lake, and how you entered my space,” she said, her tone of speaking not being friendly.

Wu Chengyue raised his eyebrows and said, “About that, you need to ask the one in your belly. She dragged in me when I was off-guard, then let me smell some kind of aroma. After that, I went into the water muddle-headed. I was a victim. You can’t blame me for what happened.”

Lin Qiao gave him a cold glance and said, “How would you be dragged in if you didn’t send Ling Ling to my place? She was going to drag someone else in, yet you brought yourself to her.”

Hearing her last sentence, Wu Chengyue’s expression froze on his face for a second. Somehow, he was suddenly unhappy.

Why did her words sound so unpleasant? What did she mean? Was Viney planning on letting her have sex with another man?

How could that ever happen!

He silently said no to that possibility the moment it emerged in his mind. He refused to let that happen!

He stared at Lin Qiao and said, “Are you saying that… you don’t care who you did it with? So… you don’t mind doing it with me, do you?”

Lin Qiao responded blandly, “It already happened once, so I do not mind for it to happen again. Although I wasn’t doing it willingly, I could not resist under that situation. I couldn’t do anything about it. If it were someone else…”

She thought for a moment about that. She believed that she would feel no difference if it were someone else. No matter who that man was, it would be all the same for her. In that situation, she couldn’t resist what was going to happen, and was not allowed to choose. Therefore, she could only endure it. Some things might happen very suddenly. The more people cared about those things, the greater influence they would cause to their lives. So, they might as well accept those changes, which would make their lives much easier.

“It can’t be anyone else!” Wu Chengyue narrowed his eyes and interrupted her with discontentment, “Since you have already done it to me once, you need to be responsible for me. You have no right to choose another man now. You can only choose me.”

Hearing his bossy tone of speaking, Lin Qiao was a little stunned.

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