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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 393: Unfaithful Woman

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Chapter 393: Unfaithful Woman

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Lin Qiao entered an old building beside the administration building. It was a small, three-storeyed building, and the gate before the stairs wasn’t locked. She took the stairs to the third floor, which had a hallway in the middle with rooms on both sides.

Lin Qiao walked into the hallway, then paused abruptly. A man was standing in front of her before a door, and banging on it loudly.

‘Something is happening here !’ she thought.

She walked over and stood at two meters behind that man to observe him.

He was a superpowered man, only at level-four, wearing a leisure suit. The suit was nicely styled, simple, and elegant, perfectly highlighting the man’s tall and slim body.

However, the suit looked very old.

Standing two meters away from them, Lin Qiao had been sensing a strong foul smell, maybe because she was a zombie with a very sensitive sense of smell.

The man looked in his thirties and was not ugly, but not handsome either. He was just an average-looking man.

After banging the door for a few times and getting no response at all, he put a hand into his pocket and took out a key. After that, he inserted the key into the keyhole and twisted it.


Following a slight noise, the door was opened by him.

“Huang Xiaoqing, I know you’re home. I have a way to get in even though you didn’t open the door for me. You see, I’m coming in now. Are you still gonna hide?” The man didn’t walk in immediately after opening the door, but stood at the door and widely opened it. He talked with a proud grin, his eyes glowing with a light of excitement.

However, the grin on his face froze when he looked inside the room.

Lin Qiao, who was behind him, sensed the change of his emotion and walked up with curiosity. She looked into the room, then showed a knowing look in her eyes.

No wonder that man froze. In the room, a woman was sitting on the couch with another man. They had their arms around each other, and were both looking at the man at the door scornfully.

However, Lin Qiao didn’t pay attention to those people, but soon turned her eyes to the man who was tied up, sitting in a corner.

That man’s head was slightly lowered. He sat there silently, as if he didn’t even exist. Therefore, the man at the door didn’t notice him.

The woman on the couch looked at the man at the door displeasedly and said, “What are you doing here? I’ve told you to not come to me anymore. Yet you sneakily made a copy of my key. Are you going to do something bad?”

The man at the door had his expression changed immediately. He angrily walked into the room with big steps and pointed at the man who was sitting beside the woman as he asked, “Who is him? You found a boy-toy so quickly? Good for you!”

While speaking, he began sneering.

The woman’s face reddened as she abruptly stood up and yelled at that man, “What are you talking about! He’s not a boy-toy! You think I’d agree to be together with a man like you? In your dream! There are lots of men in this base who’re more capable than you!”

Lin Qiao followed that man into the room and looked at the woman. She found that even though the woman was a commoner, her clothes were pretty new, and of good quality at that.

She then glanced at the room. The room was fully furnished by almost new furniture pieces. Not too many old things were seen.

Clearly, except for this woman, a quite capable man also lived in this place. Otherwise, a female commoner could never be able to live in a building like this and have so many furniture pieces.

This could be considered a rather good place in the post-apocalyptic world.

That long-haired woman was quite pretty. She wasn’t stunningly beautiful, but did look young and comely. However, Lin Qiao didn’t like the vibe that she was giving.

She was about twenty-seven or eight years old, wearing a low-cut top, a tight skirt, and a pair of seven-centimeters heels, exposing her obvious cleavage and a pair of slightly fat legs.

In the post-apocalyptic world, dressing like this would make a woman look exactly like a prostitute.

Lin Qiao disliked these sexy kind of clothes the most. She believed that women shouldn’t wear these unless they wanted to make some men commit certain crimes.

Judging by the current situation, the relationships between that woman and those men seemed to be a little complicated. ‘It should be like this ,’ thought Lin Qiao.

The man who was sitting on the couch was a level-five superpowered man. He wasn’t handsome either, but looked slightly younger and better than the man who just came in.

He was wearing a clean pair of jeans and a shirt, lazily leaning against the back of the couch.

“Oi, watch your language. From this moment on, Huang Xiaoqing is my woman. Her ex-boyfriend has given her to me. Who are you?”

While speaking, the man in a shirt pointed at the man in the corner, who had been staying motionless with his head lowered. Only after that did the man in an old suit notice the third man in this room.

With both surprise and doubts, he observed the man in the corner while asking, “Are you… Xie Dong?”

The man in the corner didn’t reply, neither did he make any move. He just kept sitting there.

The man in old suit stared at him for a few seconds, then turned to the man on the couch and the woman who was standing in front of him. At last, he suddenly turned to leave.

“Wait! Leave the key of my apartment!” Huang Xiaoqing yelled at him.

The man swung an arm back and threw the key to the floor, then walked away quickly, leaving the door wide open.

“He sneakily made a copy of my key! Thankfully, he came at daytime. If he showed up at night, I’d be in a trouble!” Huang Xiaoqing angrily walked to the door and closed it with while complaining.

On her way back to the couch, she bent over to pick up the key from the floor. While doing that, her round hip was raised high enough to make the man on the couch have his blood boil.

The man stared at her hip and swallowed his saliva. As the woman walked back to his side, he couldn’t help but put an arm around her waist and make her sit straight on his lap.

Meanwhile, his hands were already all over her.

“Aw, don’t do this. There’s someone else in this room!” The woman chuckled and said. Despite her words, she didn’t make any move to resist.

The man paused briefly, then turned to Xie Dong who was sitting in the corner and said scornfully, “So what? Can’t we just let him watch a free show? Eh? Come here and let me kiss you.”

After saying that, he put his mouth to that woman’s neck and started kissing her.

The woman tried to dodge while chuckling and saying, “What should we do now? Should we kick him out? But, this apartment is registered under his name. If he crosses my name, I won’t be able to live here anymore.”

The man responded carelessly while touching the woman’s body, “If you want, I can send him to the security department and tell the guys over there that he’s one of Yang Chao’s people. After that, he won’t be able to come out alive.”

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