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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1421: The Erupting Mist

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Chapter 1421: The Erupting Mist

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Lin Wenwen’s movement gave others a start. “What’s wrong?” Xiao Licheng looked at her with concern.

At that moment, Lin Wenwen had no spare attention to respond to the others, because her mind was occupied by disordered images.

Yuan Tianxing hurriedly raised a hand to signal for Xiao Licheng not to disturb her. “I think it’s her superpower,” he said, “She should be seeing something in her mind. I don’t think she can talk to us now.”

“Is this because of the question that I just asked her?” Xiao Licheng made a guess, “Did my question trigger her power?”

“Probably,” Yuan Tianxing turned and glanced at him.

Xiao Licheng stopped talking. He and Yuan Tianxing quietly looked at Lin Wenwen, waiting for her to recover. Fortunately, her abnormal state didn’t last long. In a few seconds, she slowly raised her head and closed her eyes while rubbing her temples with her fingers.

“What happened?” Yuan Tianxing looked at her and asked.

Lin Wenwen opened her eyes, which were still a little unfocused. She had to close her eyes for another two seconds so she could see things clearly again.

“Em, I saw something, but I don’t understand it,” she said with confusion.

“What did you see? Tell us,” Yuan Tianxing asked her to share what she had seen.

Lin Wenwen raised her head and looked at him, and then at Xiao Licheng. After that, she said, “I saw streets, not the way they look like now, but the way they were before… I saw people walking on the streets, and many cars. The trees by the street sides looked normal too. It was so peaceful… I think what I saw is the world before the apocalypse.”

Xiao Licheng and Yuan Tianxing exchanged glances, both feeling confused. They turned back to look at Lin Wenwen together, and then Yuan Tianxing asked her, “Nothing else?”

Lin Wenwen shook her head and said with a look of confusion on her face, “No. That was all. Nothing strange, except for the fact that there were some scenes from before the apocalypse. Everything seemed normal.”

She had no idea about the meaning of the scene that she had seen.

Lin Wenwen’s words made Yuan Tianxing and Xiao Licheng feel even more bewildered. “Why did you see the scenes before the apocalypse?” They started to think about all possibilities.

Yuan Tianxing looked at Lin Wenwen, recalling that she had traveled through time to the past. She had just seen the past in her mind. Did that mean that she would travel to the past again?

Why would she be traveling to the past again? Or, would something happen to make her go back to the past?

“Was there anything special? No?” After spending a while thinking, Yuan Tianxing couldn’t help but ask.

Lin Wenwen shook her head and said, “As I’ve said, there were people and cars on the streets, buildings, and stores, but nothing else. The trees by the roadsides looked perfectly normal too.”

Yuan Tianxing turned and glanced at Xiao Licheng. He didn’t know if the latter knew about Lin Wenwen’s time-traveling story, so he didn’t ask any further questions.

Xiao Licheng thought for a moment and said, “Maybe there was something very important in the scenes that Miss. Lin has seen, but she doesn’t know about it yet. After all, she has been seeing the future before, not the past. What she has seen this time might have something to do with what we’re about to face.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Wenwen knitted her brows and carefully recalled the images that she had seen earlier, searching for any missed details. It was like playing a game of finding differences between two highly similar pictures.

But at last, Lin Wenwen failed to think of anything unusual, and Xiao Licheng returned to his base with disappointment.

He reported to Wu Chengyue about what had happened when he got back. After hearing his report, Wu Chengyue put on a look of confusion as well. With a slight frown, he said, “Her superpower worked after she saw you, that means your questions triggered her power. So, what she has seen must have something to do with what you’ve said. She can’t control her power to see whatever she wants to see. It requires a trigger. Something must have triggered it.”

“That’s what I thought,” Xiao Licheng nodded and said, “But what was the trigger?”

Wu Chengyue stayed silent with his brows furrowed.

In a few days, the underground creatures had eaten a big half of the zombie crowds, and they were probably full at that point. Si Kongchen was still staying in his own base, waiting to catch Lin Qiao. In the meanwhile, he had been sending out his people to keep close eyes on All Beings Base. As for Lin Qiao, she was staying in her own space comfortably, planting catmint.

She was not worried about the outside, but Lu Tianyi was. “You’ve been here for so many days. Is this really okay?”

Lin Qiao was squatting on the ground, transplanting a catmint seedling into the earth. She held the seedling with a hand while burying its roots with the other. In the meantime, she said to Lu Tianyi, “It’s only been about two weeks. If something serious is really happening, I think they’ll find a way to distract Si Kongchen and let me go out.”

Si Kongchen was super powerful now. It would be impossible for people to come straight into Huaxia Base to look for Lin Qiao under his watch. Therefore, to create an opportunity for her to exit her space, they would need to distract Si Kongchen. Catching his attention without approaching him was doable.

“I wasn’t expecting Si Kongchen to be so patient,” Lu Tianyi said, “He never left. He’s been here for so many days. Isn’t he worried about those underground creatures?”

“There’s nothing to be worried about,” said Lin Qiao, “He’s a level-nine man. None of those creatures is stronger than him. They won’t have the courage to come in here, will they?”

Lu Tianyi thought for a moment and agreed with her, “I think you’re right. So, you seem to be stuck here. When will he leave?”

Lin Qiao wouldn’t exit her space until Si Kongchen left.

Lin Qiao rubbed her chest while looking at the ground and falling into thoughts. “I don’t know,” she said, “But I guess he won’t be staying here for long.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Tianyi didn’t understand.

“It’s hard to explain. Just wait and see,” Lin Qiao shook her head and said.

During the recent days, she had been having a feeling similar to palpitation, as though something bad was about to happen. It was like the feeling she had in the underground realm when she was very close to the level-nine monster.

The feeling she was having now wasn’t as strong as back then, so she wasn’t on the alert yet. But indeed, it was warning her.

Before long, Si Kongchen, Wu Chengyue, and the people from the other bases all received a message.

The message said that a large amount of mysterious mist was rising from the holes where the underground creatures came out from. This time, the mist was bringing itself out, instead of being brought out by the underground creatures.

Every hole was now like a mist sprayer. Large clouds of mysterious mist rose from them, high into the sky and spreading in the air.

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