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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1125: Level-nine Crisis

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Chapter 1125: Level-nine Crisis

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Bowwow didn’t give up as he kept looking at the meat in her hand with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and breathing loudly.

“I don’t think he’ll leave until you give him a bite,” said Duan Juan with a smile.

With no other choice, Yan Xiao took a piece of meat out of the bowl with a bitter face. While throwing the meat to Bowwow, she said, “That tiny piece isn’t even enough for him to chew on…”

Jingyan glanced at her expressionlessly and said, “You shouldn’t have let him see the meat.”

Lin Qiao was sitting on the other side, gazing into the northwest. A short while later, a car was driven over, and Xie Dong got off it.

“I’ve found out what’s been going on. Lan Lu has received the message. He knows that you’re heading to his base. I think he’ll soon send his people to find you.”

Lin Qiao looked at him and asked, “How’s the level-nine superpower possessor doing now?”

Xie Dong took a glance at Yan Huiguang, who was in a distance away, then turned back to Lin Qiao, “He is no longer as destructive as before. Also, he has injured himself quite badly. He is very strong, but I think he’ll soon grow weak after his energy runs out.”

Lin Qiao nodded and said, “Is he running out of energy already?”

“Almost. Green Mountain Base people have become nervous as Huaxia Base people have started to make moves. I think they will take an action against the target soon,” Xie Dong nodded and said.

“What’s Lan Lu doing now?” Lin Qiao asked. If she had guessed right, Lan Lu should be guarding his Chief in case the outsiders attacked the level-nine man, who was growing weak after losing control of himself.

“Lan Lu is staying near the level-nine man. I think he’s protecting his Chief against the people from the other bases,” said Xie Dong.

“So, we need to get there as soon as possible,” Lin Qiao furrowed her brows as she stood up and said, “Get ready to go.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Xie Dong nodded. Then, he turned and said loudly to the other zombies, “Get ready to go.”

Yan Xiao was going to throw the last piece of meat to Bowwow. On hearing Xie Dong’s words, she quickly put the meat into her own mouth, then poured away the water in the bowl. After that, she carried the bowl and ran into the car.

Bowwow was having his mouth wide open, waiting for the last piece of meat.

‘I was waiting for the meat! How could you eat it? Stop! Give me my meat back!’

Watching Yan Xiao eat the last piece of meat and then get into the car, Bowwow immediately turned and thrust his rear legs against the ground, wagging his tail as he leaped high. In the next second, he landed on top of Yan Xiao’s car.

“Do not break my car!” From the corners of her eyes, Lin Qiao saw him leaping on top of the cars so she immediately shouted at the dog.

Boom! If there were rain, the inside of the car would become wet.

“Owooo…” Under Lin Qiao’s glare, Bowwow retracted his sharp claws and sat quietly on top of the car, also sneakily covering the few holes on the car roof with his paws. It was not his fault; the crappy car roof was way too fragile. It was like a piece of paper and his claws just went through!

“Bad dog! Be careful or I might cut off your claws someday!” Lin Qiao gave the dog a glare angrily and helplessly, then turned and sat into her own car.

“Owowowo!” Bowwow raised his chin and barked unhappily.

‘It wasn’t my fault! Why are you cutting off my claws? The girl ate my snack! It’s her fault. Why don’t you cut off her claws?’

Shui Mingjun sat into the car and asked Ye Qingxian, who was sitting next to him, “Do you all remember the things that happened before you turned into zombies?”

Ye Qingxian took off his sunglasses as he looked at Shui Mingjun, then nodded and said, “Yes.”

Shui Mingjun looked at him with surprise as he asked, “Do you remember everything? Why?”

They had become zombies, but their memories weren’t gone. How magical!

Weren’t all zombies brain-dead? Lin Qiao’s zombies were not only able to think, but also had life memories. Apart from that, they were even able to talk! That was unbelievable! Also, their skin had become like the skin of healthy people. They looked a little pale, but not as rotten and broken as normal zombies.

“Would you want to eat humans uncontrollably?” Earlier on, Shui Mingjun gave a big start when he saw Lin Qiao’s zombies take off their sunglasses and show their scarily dark eyes. Hearing his words, Ye Qingxian turned and gave him a glance, then abruptly leaned toward him and sniffed at him.

“Eh!” Shui Mingjun was obviously scared by him. He automatically flinched and popped his eyes.

Ye Qingxian moved away from him and then laughed, “What are you afraid of? I’d have eaten you long ago if I wanted to. Before I restored my memory, I did have trouble controlling myself. But since my memory came back, I can no longer stand the idea of eating human beings. That’s like a wall in my heart. As long as we stay sane, we can control our desire of feeding on humans.”

Shui Mingjun looked at him in shock. But then, he gave it thought and found it reasonable. They had turned into zombies, but as their memories came back, their humanity had come back as well. Eating humans should, of course, be intolerable for them. They certainly couldn’t accept it.

“Did you say that your memory was restored after you became a zombie? Did it happen when you met your Chief?” Shui Mingjun soon grasped the key words.

Ye Qingxian looked at him as he smiled and said, “Yes. As you should have noticed, we are not like the zombies that your boyfriend created. We are freer than them.”

Hearing the word ‘boyfriend’, Shui Mingjun pulled a long face and looked at him coldly. ‘Boyfriend? Seriously?’

Ye Qingxian grinned carelessly, then continued, “You have seen what our Chief can do. She was in a good mood earlier. Otherwise, Sky Fire Base might have ended up liked Earth Dragon Base already. We didn’t even take away the supplies in Sky Fire Base. We are so kind!”

Hearing that, Shui Mingjun asked a question, “Isn’t your Chief from Sea City Base? Why does she hate Earth Dragon Base, Hidden Cloud City Base and Sky Fire Base so much? She’s not from Hades Base. She has no reason to take revenge from all those three bases, does she?”

Ye Qingxian blinked, then shook his head and said, “You are wrong. Who said that we’re taking revenge from them? They offended my Chief first. Your information isn’t quite accurate, or you’re probably thinking in a wrong way.”

Being reminded by him, Shui Mingjun recalled that before Earth Dragon Base was attacked, Long Yubai had indeed made a trip to East China. He even attacked All Beings Base, which was still in construction back then. He was soon forced back though. Not long after that, Long Yubai, the Deputy Chiefs in his base, and some senior base administrators were all killed in secret.

Hidden Cloud City Base seemed to also have eyes on All Beings Base before suffering an attack.

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