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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1124: Secret Message from Huaxia Base

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Chapter 1124: Secret Message from Huaxia Base

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While Lin Wenwen was wondering how she returned to the past, Lin Feng and the others searched through the entire All Beings Base over and over again. However, no one suspicious was found.

Wu Chengyue in Sea City Base soon received the news as well.

“Did you say that Wenwen disappeared? She didn’t lose control of her superpower like what happened to her Chief, did she?” Wu Chengyue held Teng in his arms as he sat in the couch, raising his head and looking at Xiao Licheng confusedly, who was standing in front of him.

Teng also raised his head to look at Xiao Licheng. The boy thought for a moment and then said, “My Aunty has space power, but her second superpower is very special. Even I don’t know what it is. I only know that she’s able to foresee some things that will happen in the future. If she has really lost control of her power, can it be a result of the combination of her two different types of superpowers?”

Xiao Licheng looked at the boy and his father, “I heard that Wenwen has been in an abnormal condition these days because her power was upgrading.”

Wu Chengyue and Teng glanced at each other. Without knowing what had happened to Lin Qiao, they would not think that way. Lin Qiao died and then came back to life in someone else’s body, meaning that she was special. Her sister had triggered a special power. Was the specialty running in their blood?

“Do Lin Feng and the other have any clue?” Wu Chengyue thought for a moment and then asked.

Xiao Licheng shook his head and said, “They don’t know what’s going on either. They’re searching through the base now. No progress was made so far.”

“That woman has done her job and made her way to Green Mountain Base. I don’t think she’ll be back any time soon. Get ready. We’ll go to All Beings Base to find out what’s happening,” Wu Chengyue spent a moment thinking about Lin Qiao’s movements and figured that she wouldn’t be back soon.

Lin Wenwen was her sister-in-law now, so he couldn’t let bad things happen to her. He had to do something to help.

“Yes, Sir.”

Teng sighed, “We’ve only been here for a couple of days, but we’re going back already now.”

After saying that, he wrinkled his little face in a deep frown. His baby face looked adorable with that mature expression.

“Daddy, when can you make Mama agree to live here? Oh… You are probably not as important to Mama as her base is. Maybe you should move to her place so I don’t have to travel all the time,” Teng spent a short while furrowing her brows, then abruptly turned to Wu Chengyue and said to him.

After that, he looked at Wu Yueling and said, “Ling Ling, how about we go and live in All Beings Base?”

Wu Yueling was sitting beside him, focusing on her drawing. Hearing Teng call her name, she raised her head to look at him, then thought for a moment and nodded. She had gotten used to traveling between the two bases anyway. She didn’t care which base to live in as long as she could be with her father and Teng.

Wu Chengyue looked at Teng and said, “I’m fine with it, but your mother has to say yes first!”

The boy was right. In the zombie lady’s heart, he was probably ranked behind Teng and her base and family.

Teng said to him with great confidence, “Don’t worry, she’ll definitely say yes now! And Daddy, didn’t you invade her territory successfully last time? That means she has accepted you already. Don’t you understand?”

Wu Chengyue looked at him and smiled, “Alright, I get it now.”

At that time, Li Yue Shan ran in and delivered a secret message to him. “Chief, this is the news from Huaxia Base.”

Wu Chengyue looked at him as he raised a hand and said, “Give it to me.”

Li Yue Shan handed the envelope to him when he raised his hand. Wu Chengyue opened it and took out what was inside before reading carefully. The more he read, the further his lips curved downward. His eyebrows were knitted slightly as well.

According to the message, Si Kongchen was in contact with some foreign forces since long ago and had been making some kind of deal with them. The deal that he was making with those forces was probably related to the experimental weapons that he had been developing currently.

If he traded the supplies in the country for some weapons and technologies that only foreign countries had, his biological weapons would certain be improved further. It would be very beneficial for Si Kongchen, but not so good for Wu Chengyue and the leaders of the other bases.

Wu Chengyue believed that he needed to use some special ways to figure out what exactly was the deal which Si Kongchen had made with foreigners. Currently, the contents of the deal were unknown, so the result that it might cause was also unknown.

Currently, he had to find out what exactly those people were doing so that he could make plans.

“Go and tell Xiao Yunlong and Zou Shihui to prepare themselves for a meeting. Also tell Xiao Licheng that we’ll leave for All Beings Base in three hours.”

“Yes, Sir!” Li Yue Shan accepted the order and quickly left.

Lin Qiao had devoured the enormous yak with her dark fire and harvested a level-seven energy nucleus. At the time, she and her friends were still on their way to Green Mountain Base.

All the way, Yan Huiguang and Shui Mingjun who were both following Lin Qiao’s lead, had been ignoring each other completely. They wouldn’t even look at each other, let along talk. The atmosphere between them was very awkward.

Duan Juan, Yan Xiao and Jingyan had their eyes on the two guys. From time to time, they gathered together to make guesses. “I bet they won’t talk to each other before we arrived at our destination.”

Yan Xiao was holding a stainless bowl. In the bowl were some raw meat slices, soaked in water. She picked up a piece of meat from the bowl and put it in her mouth, then said while chewing, “No, I think they’ll start talking before that.”

The meat in the bowl was soaked in the lake water from Lin Qiao’s space. After soaking in the lake water for three hours, the meat would taste tender and sweet for zombies.

During the journey, Lin Qiao sometimes hunted a few mutated animals and sliced their meat for everyone else to eat. Sadly, she forgot to save the yak’s meat, but accidentally devoured it.

“I don’t think they’ll talk to each other even after we have arrived at our destination.” Standing beside her, Jingyan said expressionlessly. While speaking, she picked a slice of meat from the bowl and put into her mouth as well.

The two zombie girls shared the bowl of meat slices as if they were snacks. Duan Juan, who did not eat raw meat, could only watch them eat. If she wanted some of the meat, she would have to build a fire and cook it.

“I think Shui Mingjun will be the first to talk, because Yan Huiguang isn’t someone who likes to start a conversation,” Yan Huiguang said while putting another slice of meat into her mouth.

At that time, a gust of wind blew across and then a large dog showed up before them, sitting down on the ground and letting out its tongue while fixing its dark and sparkling eyes on the bowl in Yan Xiao’s hand.

“Have you finished your bones yet? These meat slices are far from enough for you. Just leave them for us!” Yan Xiao pulled a long face once she saw Bowwow.

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