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«You Are My Unforgettable Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 1524: He Is My Son (97)

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Chapter 1524: He Is My Son (97)

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Mo Xicheng looked at the cheerful and nervous Shi Nianyao and a smile immediately lit his face.

The restlessness that he had felt throughout the drive vanished the moment he saw her.

He did admire her parents. They had brought up such an energetic and optimistic daughter, who they had to eventually give away and part with.

If he had a daughter as adorable as Shi Nianyao in the future, he would have a hard time marrying her off.

Hence, if Shi Jinyan treated him poorly in the meeting later, he could only take it in his stride.

With this thought, Mo Xicheng turned around and started to unload all the shopping bags from the trunk.

Immediately, Shi Nianyao exclaimed, “Why did you buy all that stuff?”

Mo Xicheng: …

He lifted his gaze and at once spotted Si Jingyu, who was standing at the front door.

He smiled at her instantly and called out, “Aunty.”

Si Jingyu nodded. Because she knew the truth about Mo Xicheng, she couldn’t help but look at the young man with pain and regret in her eyes.

He should have been a wealthy young master, but had been swapped to live the life of an illegitimate son.

Since childhood, he had been scolded, beaten and despised. And fortunately even then, apart from being a little gloomy, he had not grown up poorly—surely, the heavens had been kind to him.

She sighed and waved at Mo Xicheng as she said, “Mo Xicheng, you’re here, come in quickly.”

She glanced at the bags he was holding and then shot a look at Shi Nianyao, who stared back at her. Immediately, the woman caught on and played along. She turned to the living room and said loudly, “That’s a lot of things you bought. Why spend so much money?!”

Mo Xicheng was a little distracted by the interaction between the two women.

He had never seen a child and parent behave this way with each other. In his own home, he didn’t have a very close relationship with Yao Lili.

In the past, he had attributed it to gender differences. After all, he was a son and Yao Lili was a woman, so there would be a certain gap between them. But now, he felt that they didn’t even share a mother-and-son relationship.

As he contemplated this, he heard Si Jingyu yelling again, “Hurry up and come in!”

That voice broke his train of thought and he snapped back to present. Looking up quickly at Si Jingyu, he smiled and nodded as he followed her into the living room.

Shi Jinyan was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. When he heard the noise, he looked up calmly. Then he nodded at Mo Xicheng when he saw the young man and said, “You’re here.”

That was his greeting.

Mo Xicheng quickly took a step forward to greet the man “How are you, Uncle?”

Shi Jinyan nodded and looked at the young man with a judging eye. Mo Xicheng unconsciously straightened his back, worried that Shi Jinyan would think he wasn’t quite up to par.

Shi Jinyan noticed this and his gaze deepened. He was about to say something when Si Jingyu interrupted, “Alright, it’s been a long day at work and you must be tired. Dinner’s ready, let’s eat first.”

In any case, it was considered rude to talk while eating. If he couldn’t talk, then he couldn’t make things difficult for Mo Xicheng.

Shi Nianyao’s eyes lit up at this thought and immediately said, “That’s right! I’m starving!”

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