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«You Are My Unforgettable Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 1249: Mei Feng’s Ending (14)

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Chapter 1249: Mei Feng’s Ending (14)

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If someone was suffering from a stroke, immediate medication and medical treatment was be critical, otherwise the person’s life would be in danger.

Mei Feng jumped off the bed, ran to the medicine chest on the side and opened it. Then she retrieved his medicine and started looking for water.

She got a glass and filled it with water. She was about to rush over to Shen Xiu when she suddenly halted.

She looked at his trembling body on the ground and images of him strangling her suddenly flashed across her mind.

She froze on the spot, her pupils shrank back.

At this point, Shen Xiu was looking at Mei Feng with a hand stretched out towards her. His lips were trembling but he had trouble speaking. He seemed to be mouthing the word, “Medicine, medicine.”

But Mei Feng stood there and she wasn’t moving.

A look of devastation appeared in Shen Xiu’s eyes.

After a moment, he finally saw Mei Feng moving.

She walked up to where he was lying and lowered her body. Then she brought the medicine close to his mouth.

He opened his mouth but, suddenly, Mei Feng lifted her arm and, with one motion, flung the medicine into the trash bin.

Shen Xiu: …

The trembling man wanted to move towards the trash bin, but he realized that he wasn’t able to control his own body.

One side of his mouth was dropping and he could hardly see clearly.

At this point, he heard Mei Feng’s voice in his ear, saying, “You wouldn’t even agree to giving me half of your assets if we were to get a divorce. You’re so petty, why don’t you… die then? If you die, all your assets will be mine.”

Shen Xiu widened his eyes upon hearing these words.

His anger rose again. He was so infuriated that this anger worsened how ill he was feeling from the stroke.

This fury unleashed his emotions once more.

Then a curtain of darkness enveloped him… And he never woke up again.


Five minutes later.

Mei Feng stared at him. She noticed that his chest was still and unmoving.

It looked like he was dead.

Slowly, she lowered to the ground and extended her hand, placing a finger under his nostrils.

She felt no breath.

She felt all her energy drain out of her as she dropped on the floor, sitting down with a thud.

Shen Xiu was dead.

Shen Xiu was dead!

The man she had loved all her life was dead.

Although she hadn’t killed him, she had indirectly caused his death.

The fury she had felt when he had been trying to kill her had vanished without a trace, along with the feelings from his death. All that was left within her now was a great void filled with loneliness.

She had actually caused his death.

Mei Feng clenched her fists tightly as she stared at Shen Xiu. Suddenly, she threw herself on him like a mad woman and yelled, “Shen Xiu, wake up, you! Shen Xiu, wake up! Wake up!”

As she shouted, she cried. Her loud cries caught the attention of the housekeepers and very quickly, there was a knock on the door. Then the door was opened.


Shen Zihao did not sleep well all night.

One would wonder if the hearts of a father and son are joined.

On this night, his sleep was full of dreams.

He dreamed of his childhood, when his father would play with him, carrying the boy on his back. He dreamed of his father telling him in a meaningful and heartfelt way that he was no worse than his big brother.

When he woke up in the morning, he had the oddest feeling.

Why had he kept having dreams about his father?

He got out of bed, washed up and took a cold shower.

He picked up his towel and walked out of the bathroom, toweling his hair dry. The moment he got downstairs, he saw everyone had a sombre expression on their faces, which meant that something bad had happened.

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