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«You Are My Unforgettable Love (Web Novel) - Chapter 1180: Their First Collaboration (16)

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Chapter 1180: Their First Collaboration (16)

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Qiao Lian wheeled herself away from Qiao Zhigang and returned to Shen Liangchuan.

He looked at her and asked, “How was it?”

She cast her gaze down and replied, “I will never compromise with my parents’ death.”

Although Lu Nanze had saved her, it didn’t change the fact that there was right and wrong.

Her parents had put up with a sullied reputation for so many years, she couldn’t possibly let that continue even after they had died.

At this thought, she lifted her gaze and looked at Shen Liangchuan.

He nodded as he sharply glanced at her, “We’ll just have to owe him a favor and find a chance to return that someday.”

Qiao Lian nodded.

Shen Liangchuan lowered his voice and asked, “So where are we heading now?”


They were here initially to see Lu Nanze.

But now, she suddenly felt that it was only right that she kept a distance from the man.

Qiao Lian looked away.


Qiao Yiyi managed to locate Dad Lu in a spa while he was getting a full body treatment. He had a towel wrapped around him when he walked out and saw Qiao Yiyi standing there awkwardly. Taken aback, he asked after a pause, “What brings you here?”

It was indeed an awkward meeting between the future father-in-law and his future daughter-in-law.

Qiao Yiyi’s eyes lit up as she quickly stepped forward. “Uncle Lu, you have to help my father!”

As soon as she had said this, she lowered her head and started sobbing quietly.

Dad Lu was stunned and asked, “What’s the matter with your dad?”

Qiao Yiyi told him what had happened, of course, spinning a tale about how Qiao Lian had harassed her and seduced Lu Nanze, hence her father had had to step in to teach her a lesson. He hadn’t meant to harm her.

But Lu Nanze and Qiao Lian were now forcing them into a corner and unwilling to forgive them.

At this point of the story, Qiao Yiyi hung her head and cried pitifully, saying, “Uncle Lu, you know my dad, he doesn’t like being at a disadvantage. It’s true that his methods may not always be right and going to jail to learn is not a bad thing, but I’m worried that if he ends up hating Second Brother, he might hand something over to the police and what do we do then? I mean… like the account book.”

Dad Lu had impatiently been listening to her ramblings until she said this. Then his pupils shrank at once and he looked up.

He hadn’t expected the weak and delicate young lady to be this scheming.

Dad Lu immediately smiled and said, “Isn’t this a simple matter that we can talk through? Don’t worry, your father will be fine.”

“What about the guys that had been nabbed by the police?”

“I know the bureau chief, I’ll give him a call later.”

Qiao Yiyi immediately sighed in relief.

After she left, Dad Lu picked up his cell phone with narrowed eyes. He walked to the side of the room.

First, he called the bureau chief. “Xiao Li…”

Xiao Li was one of Lu Nanze’s friends who was now a high-positioned officer.

Xiao Li exclaimed, “Uncle Lu, I know why you’re calling, but Second Brother has just called and said that we should handle this matter according to the law.”

According to the law meant a thorough investigation.

Dad Lu narrowed his eyes and muttered, “This unfilial son, I’ll go to the hospital right now!”

After he hung up, he drove straight to the hospital.

At the same time, police officers had arrived at Qiao Zhigang’s home. They knocked on his door and then said, “Please come with us.”

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