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«White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1162: Escape

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Chapter 1162: Escape

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Them?” Elder Su was surprised.

Chu Li smiled. “They found us so quickly, so it won’t be hard for them to find Liang Yinge. They should be here soon.”

As he said this, he raised his voice. “Seniors from the Fu Dynasty, how about we join forces to destroy Liang Yinge?”

He had seen the thoughts of the four Fu Dynasty elders earlier of wanting to deal with Liang Yinge. With their tracking technique, it would be fine if Liang Yinge returned to the Zheng Dynasty, but if he dared to come back, he would be caught very quickly.

Using the secret skills earlier and letting Liang Yinge stall for a moment gave the four Fu Dynasty masters enough time to track them.

At that point, they finally saw the four of them appear.

Chu Li’s voice rolled like thunder, resounding throughout the morning sky.

He turned his head and said, “Prince, please stay here. Elder Su Elder Ren, follow me!”

Chu Li then fluttered away.

Elder Su and Elder Ren hurriedly followed after him.

Sun Yucheng paced back and fro impatiently.

He knew that he was just a burden. In the past, not only could he not help them, Sun Yucheng had even dragged their energy down. It was better for him to stay here. However, not being able to see the situation made his heart itch, and he could not help but finally run after them.

Sun Yucheng chased them to a forest and saw that Chu Li and the others had already started fighting Liang Yinge. The four Fu Dynasty Elders also joined in, and the seven of them fought against Liang Yinge’s five.

Chu Li and Liang Yinge were intertwined with one another while the other six dealt with the four Mysterious Pavilion Elders.

Chu Li was like a ghost moving erratically, his face could not be seen clearly. He constantly blocked Liang Yinge’s front, preventing him from rescuing his companions.

Liang Yinge’s handsome face was calm and cold, showing no anxiety. He was also like a ghost, body movement technique extremely fast and equally matched with Chu Li.

His palms conjured a string of shadows, and his palm energy surged like waves. Even from such a distance, Sun Yucheng could feel the dense murderous intent like it was stabbing him.

Sun Yucheng was horrified. Although his step technique was profound, he would not be able to save himself from such a powerful palm energy. It seemed that Liang Yinge was forced to fight seriously.

Chu Li spoke as he fought. “How did pavilion master Liang develop this skill?”

Liang Yinge did not have a calm and unhurried look from before, but he did not speak either. He closed his lips without saying a word and brandished his palm. From time to time, his figure flashed as if to rush to one of the four elders’ side, but Chu Li always intercepted in front of him.

When Chu Li wanted to use the Light Blade against the four Elders, he was blocked by Liang Yinge. The two men entangled with each other and could not meddle with the battle on the other side.

Chu Li could not see Liang Yinge’s thoughts clearly.

Liang Yinge’s heart technique was profound and could resist prying eyes, but his subtle expressions and movements could still be clearly seen by his Omniscient Mirror. The Nature Restoration Manifestation could also predict key moments and opportunities.

However, Liang Yinge also seemed to have the same skill. When Chu Li thought about dealing with Liang Yinge’s companions, Liang Yinge would also seize the opportunity to block him.

Liang Yinge wore treasured clothing and threw flying blades fearlessly which weakened Chu Li’s strength and suppressed him. If not for the Omniscient Mirror and the Nature Restoration Manifestation, it would be hard for Chu Li to win without using the Heavenly Demonic Power.

Liang Yinge suddenly whistled shrilly, and his figure instantly became thinner.

The whistle was high-pitched and sonorous; it resounded to the clouds.

After the whistle, Liang Yinge’s phantom turned into four wavy figures and turned away from Chu Li to pounce at the other side.

Chu Li’s body was like a ghost, and he once again blocked in front of one of the figures.

“Bang!” The two’s palm energy collided.

Chu Li slipped ten meters in the air and landed in the direction of Sun Yucheng.

He turned to look at Sun Yucheng who was standing on the treetops and shook his head to motion for him not to come out.

“Pff!” Chu Li continued to slide in the air, spurted an arc of blood and hissed. “Look out!”

Liang Yinge’s strength soared tenfold with the secret skill. After a hit from the four blurry figures made by the phantom that injured Chu Li, they reappeared behind the round-faced Elder and slammed their palms towards him.

“Bang!” The chubby Elder was sent flying, spurted blood in the air and slid more than ten meters away, sharing Chu Li’s fate.

Chu Li hurriedly said, “Elder Su and Elder Ren, retreat!”

Elder Su and Elder Ren quickly withdrew from the battle.

Liang Yinge’s four figures shot towards the three Fu Dynasty masters at the same time.

The three people from the Fu Dynasty spat blood and flew back.

“Go!” Liang Yinge growled. The four wavy figures lunged into the forest at the same time. The four masters also followed closely, disappearing into the woods.

The chubby round-faced elder turned to glare at Chu Li. His eyes were icy, showing resentfulness.

Chu Li remained calm. “Liang Yinge’s martial arts is too strong. Elder Su and Elder Ren are both injured. You’re no match for him!”

Liang Yinge had hidden his cultivation. If not for the Omniscient Mirror and the Nature Restoration Manifestation, he would not be able to go up against Liang Yinge just by relying on his cultivation. If he did not hide his Heavenly Demonic Power, it would be a good fight.

The fat elder glared at him and took a deep breath before exhaling sharply.

Chu Li was telling the truth, but he was indeed annoyed that he could not stop Liang Yinge and easily let him escape. It was truly humiliating.

Chu Li said, “He won’t dare to come back to the Fu Dynasty. At least he learned his lesson.”

The chubby elder said coldly, “You’d best return to the Li Dynasty as soon as possible. Liang Yinge won’t stop until he reaches his goal. He’ll come after you again!”

Chu Li fist saluted. “Many thanks for helping us, Seniors!”

“No need!” The chubby elder snorted angrily and fluttered away.

Chu Li turned to look at Elder Su and Elder Ren.

The two Elders’ complexion did not look too bad. Their injuries were not too serious.

“We can’t stop to heal up. We have to go back as soon as possible.” Sun Yucheng emerged from the forest. “Elder Su and Elder Ren, can you make it?”

“No problem,” The two answered.

Sun Yucheng looked at Chu Li with concern. “Brother Zhao, how are your injuries?”

“They’re fine,” Chu Li said. “We need to hurry.”

“Yes, let’s go,” Sun Yucheng said.

The four of them then rushed with all their strength, speeding along while using miraculous pills.

In the early morning of the next day, they finally crossed Li Dynasty’s border and entered Tian Nan Town at the southernmost part of the Li Dynasty, and directly entered the Main Town Residence.

The Mayor saw the Prince and naturally grew extremely enthusiastic.

Sun Yucheng stopped the Mayor’s enthusiasm and asked for a courtyard.

The four of them were exhausted and went back to their own rooms to have a good rest. In the evening, they left their rooms full of energy and gathered in the courtyard for dinner.

A square table painted with red lacquer was set up in the courtyard, and the lights were brightly lit. Chu Li and the three others faced a large table of delicious food and ate joyously.

Chu Li suddenly frowned and said lowly, “There are assassins!”

Six men in black silently avoided the Main Town Residence Protectors and arrived at their courtyard. The six men’s cultivation level was as deep as Elder Su and Elder Ren’s.

Chu Li’s thoughts raced.

To be able to send out such assassins to directly attack them, it must have been a powerful figure. Who was it who spread the news that they were at the Main Town Residence, and how did they know that they were staying at this courtyard?

Clearly, someone from inside the Main Town Residence spread the news.

The six men in black entered the yard and charged over without saying a word. The longswords by their waists were unsheathed, and a dense chill instantly filled the courtyard. The temperature in the courtyard seemed to drop immediately, the chill threatening.

Sun Yucheng scoffed. “Who are you?”

Chu Li said, “They should be from the Sixth Prince.”

“Sixth Imperial Brother really takes care of me in every possible way!” Sun Yucheng laughed scornfully and unsheathed his sword.

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