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«White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1161: Stalling

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Chapter 1161: Stalling

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The four elders looked over to Chu Li before finally snorting and fluttering away.

Elder Su grit his teeth at the sight of them leaving before hatefully saying, “They’re so overbearing!”

He was furious. Even as the Prince’s Protector, he had to submit to humiliation and let the Prince accept a compromise. It really was a disgrace. Elder Su was too old now. If he was still young, he would have acted long ago.

Elder Su glanced at Chu Li and shook his head while sighing inwardly. This Zhao Dahe could really keep his composure.

Chu Li said, “Those four are not to be trifled with.”

“They’re stronger than Liang Yinge?” Elder Ren asked.

Chu Li shook his head. “They’re not as good as Liang Yinge, but if a falling out occurs, there will definitely be experts coming! There are many experts in the Fu Dynasty!”

If he was alone, he would not hesitate to take action and teach them a lesson, but there were three burdens around him. If the Fu Dynasty experts came, he would certainly die.

Elder Su said, “Although the Su Dynasty is strong, there aren’t any experts that have been around for more than three hundred years.”

Chu Li smiled without saying anything.

The Fu Dynasty had eight major sects. There were already many Grandmasters, but as time passed, the number of three-hundred-year-old masters naturally increased as well.

He had first-hand knowledge of the Fu Dynasty and knew that the prowess of the Fu Dynasty’s masters was no exaggeration. The difference was huge between the Li Dynasty, Ji Dynasty and them.

They continued onwards.

At dawn, they rested at a cypress forest. Chu Li’s expression soured as he said lowly, “That Liang Yinge is here again!”

“Hehe…” Liang Yinge’s voice fluttered over. He appeared with four elders, stood on the treetops and smiled. “Gentlemen, we meet again. I trust you’ve been well!”

“Insincere bastard!” Sun Yucheng scoffed.

He looked at Chu Li. This time, they did not have a trump card, but the people Liang Yinge brought were even stronger. If the situation worsened, it would be disastrous.

Chu Li frowned silently.

He sighed deeply in his heart. This Liang Yinge acted unexpectedly and was extremely bold. He actually dared to chase after them. He was not afraid of the Fu Dynasty coming after him at all.

Elder Su and Elder Ren exchanged glances as their hearts sank.

“Young Zhao, you take the Prince and go. Elder Ren and I will deal with them,” Elder Su whispered.

Chu Li shook his head. “There’s no need. Elder Su and Elder Ren, it seems we’ll have to fight for our lives!”

As he spoke, his body suddenly swelled into a ball. His eyes turned bloodshot and his face and muscles twisted horrifyingly. He scoffed coldly. “You with the surname Liang, do you think that you’ve already beaten us?”

“Haha, why do you have to throw such a large tantrum, Brother Zhao? It’s bad for your health.” Liang Yinge laughed.

He was secretly surprised. He never thought that Chu Li would immediately use a secret skill.

Chu Li said, “If I don’t live today, I’ll drag some of you along with me to share my fate!”

“Brother Zhao, you’re being too serious. Someone with your talent is most welcome in the Mysterious Pavilion. Brother Zhao doesn’t even need to betray and leave the Holy Church of Light. All you have to do is become our High Official and occasionally help the Mysterious Pavilion out.” Liang Yinge laughed. “As for the Twelfth Prince, we can just invite him to visit. Of course, we won’t do anything too extreme to trigger a war between the two countries, right?”

His tone was amiable and sincere, making others believe in his words.

Chu Li snorted coldly. “Ridiculous!”

Sun Yucheng said, “Pavilion master Liang, are you planning to take me as a hostage and gain benefits from the Li Dynasty?”

“Haha…” Liang Yinge said helplessly, “The Prince is clever but rest assured, we’ll definitely be respectful and never do anything to disgrace the Prince’s identity.”

“If I become a hostage, I’ll never have the courage to meet Imperial Father ever again.” Sun Yucheng shook his head. “You might as well kill me.”

“The Prince should know that the overall circumstance is more important than the person. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. Even if the Li Dynasty suffers some losses, at least you’re still alive. All they have to do is work hard in the future to snatch you back.” Liang Yinge smiled. “It’s better than being killed here, isn’t it? While the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn (Note: An idiom meaning if there’s still hope as long as one is alive).”

Elder Su and Elder Ren listened with interest.

They had already decided to die fighting, but they knew that even if they died, they could not save Sun Yucheng. It would truly be unfortunate if the Prince died like this. It would be better to suffer a little now and find an opportunity in the future.

Chu Li turned his head. “Elder Su and Elder Ren, use your secret skills.”

“Yes.” The two men’s bodies suddenly rose before shrinking, becoming smaller than before. They looked lean and strong, and a dense aura on their bodies pervaded the air. Their cold eyes seemed electrifying, making others dare not look directly at them.

Chu Li stared coldly at Liang Yinge. “Aren’t you afraid the Li Dynasty will retaliate if you kidnap a prince of the Zheng Dynasty?”

“Haha. The Zheng Dynasty doesn’t have many princes. Each of them is closely protected and have profound cultivation. They don’t have to worry about getting kidnapped.” Liang Yinge smiled and shook his head. “But thank you for your concern, Brother Zhao.”

Chu Li sneered. “It seems that pavilion master Liang has never suffered a loss before.”

“Well…” Liang Yinge smiled and nodded. “Ever since I took over the position of pavilion leader, I’ve acted cautiously and prudently, as if walking on ice, so as not to make mistakes.”

Chu Li said, “However, it seems that pavilion master Liang has miscalculated today. If we perish, you shall perish along with us!”

“Hehe…” Liang Yinge shook his head. “You don’t have to go that far, Brother Zhao. Is it worth for a master like you to die on behalf of others? Such a master should be a high-ranking person like me so that his life isn’t wasted!”

He saw that Chu Li and the others used their secret skills and tried to stall for time.

A secret skill had a time limit and became weaker as time dragged on. The three people who unleashed their secret skills all had powerful destructive capabilities.

The five of them would have to use their secret skills as well if they wanted to remain unscathed, but once they used their secret skills and fought with these four, it would be a joke if a different master appeared and profited off them.

Therefore, the best tactic was to stall for time, break down their fighting spirit, and try to pacify them until the time limit for their secret skills passed. Then, they would be successful!

Chu Li coldly said, “I’m under orders from the Saint to protect the Twelfth Prince. The moment the Prince falls into your hands is the moment I die.”

“You can go back for reinforcements to get the Prince back.” Liang Yinge smiled.

Chu Li shook his head. “Running away from the battlefield is a huge disgrace. Instead, I’d rather fight and drag you down along with me, and let you accompany me on the path to the underworld. Come!”

He stepped forward like a fierce tiger descending a mountain, overflowing with might and power.

Chu Li could easily kill all of them if he went all out. The four elders opposite him were sensitive and felt like they were in grave danger, and could not help but feel like running away.

Liang Yinge motioned with his hand. “Retreat!”

The four elders and Liang Yinge retreated at the same time and disappeared into the woods. They had to stay away for a while until the three’s secret skills lost effectiveness before taking action.

Sun Yucheng looked at Chu Li in confusion. “Brother Zhao, aren’t you going to fight?”

Chu Li shook his head.

“Did Brother Zhao ask Ninth Elder Sister for help?” Sun Yucheng revealed a smile.

Chu Li still shook his head.

Elder Su and Elder Ren’s bodies suddenly rose and stopped the secret skill.

“Young Zhao, what exactly is your trump card?” Elder Su asked.

Elder Ren said, “Is it a stalling tactic?”

Chu Li nodded. “It is.”

Elder Su said, “If the Saint can come, we wouldn’t have to be afraid of that Liang bastard!”

He glared with hatred at the direction which Liang Yinge and the others disappeared. He knew that they must not have gone far and were hiding in the dark while observing him. Once he relaxed, they would interfere, leaving the four of them exhausted and unable to fight back.

Chu Li said, “We’re waiting for masters from the Fu Dynasty.”

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