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«White-Robed Chief (Web Novel) - Chapter 1083: Recklessness

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Chapter 1083: Recklessness

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Ten times?” Chu Li frowned.

He felt incredibly uncomfortable standing here. The Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture was desperately transforming Cloud Slashing Power inner energy, meanwhile, the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture was resisting the power that was suppressing an Enlightened Master’s power. If it were ten times stronger, it would be unimaginably powerful. Chu Li might not even be able to stand.

Hu Feixing said, “The guards of Chong Wen Hall are Elder Zhao and Elder Su. They have five hundred years of cultivation.”

Chu Li was shocked. “Five hundred years?”

The lifespan of a Grandmaster was around three hundred years, but could go up to three hundred and fifty. However, that seemed to be the limit. No one could live past five hundred years.

“You don’t believe me?” Hu Feixing scoffed. “They’re only one step away from becoming Enlightened Masters. Unfortunately, this step is as difficult as climbing the sky!”

“Isn’t it hard to become an Enlightened Master?” Chu Li frowned. “I heard that one country can only have two Enlightened Masters, one scholar and one martial artist. Besides them, there would be no other Enlightened Masters.”

“That’s true in the outside world.” Hu Feixing nodded. “However, it’s different in the Imperial Mausoleum.”

Chu Li froze.

Hu Feixing said, “The former emperors you see are all Enlightened Masters. Although their souls have flown to the Outland, their bodies still use heart techniques, and they’re still in the Enlightened Master’s Boundary.”

Chu Li nodded thoughtfully.

Hu Feixing said, “The Imperial Mausoleum has powerful formations and treasures, which is why it could form a world that isn’t bound by the rules of heaven and earth. If you want to become an Enlightened Master, you have to start from inside the Imperial Mausoleum. You can’t become an Enlightened Master outside.”

“You can’t go out even after becoming an Enlightened Master?” Chu Li frowned.

Hu Feixing replied, “You can as long as you don’t violate Heaven’s Rule.”

Chu Li nodded thoughtfully. “In other words, after becoming an Enlightened Master, you can leave the Mausoleum and Heaven won’t care?”

“Exactly.” Hu Feixing said. “Elder Zhao and Elder Su have the most hope of taking the last step to becoming Enlightened Masters. Even if they can’t leave the Mausoleum after becoming Enlightened Masters, they can just step directly into the Grandmaster’s Boundary.”

Chu Li nodded with a sigh.

It was no wonder they wanted to enter the Inner Mausoleum. The chances of becoming an Enlightened Master were very high here, and those who were not in the know could not become Enlightened Masters.

Hu Feixing said, “Did you think they were all fools who insist on doing the impossible? To tell you the truth, in the Inner Mausoleum, besides the past dynasties’ emperors’ inextinguishable golden bodies, there are also some inextinguishable golden bodies of Inner Mausoleum Protectors!”

Chu Li was genuinely surprised by this.

“There are ten people in total.” Hu Feixing sighed. “These ten Enlightened Masters are unknown to outsiders. Even if they left the Imperial Mausoleum, they did not reveal their status as Enlightened Masters, so no one knew about them. Then, they eventually came back here and became Grandmasters.

Chu Li gave a wry smile. “There are ten!”

“It’s why we’re all working hard to become the eleventh Enlightened Master!” Hu Feixing said. “Knowing this, do you still want to return to Fairy’s Capital?”

Chu Li smiled bitterly. “I really am still wet behind the ears.”

“That’s why you should cultivate earnestly.” Hu Feixing said. “Comprehend with your heart, and maybe you’ll become an Enlightened Master!”

Chu Li shook his head and laughed.

If he were not determined to go against heaven, he might not have been able to resist staying in the Inner Mausoleum, ignoring King An and reaching the Enlightened Master’s Boundary.

His comprehension was not inferior to others. If others could become Enlightened Masters, so could he.

It seemed like he had underestimated the formations here. It was no wonder he could not find any flaws in the formation. He did not know which master arranged the formation. Perhaps it was constructed purely by a Grandmaster?

“Alright, try comprehending yourself. If you can move forward, then move.” Hu Feixing did not want to say anymore and sat on his own cattail hassock. “Get as close as you can. Just don’t touch the former emperor.”

“What happens if you touch the former emperor?”

“You die.” Hu Feixing closed his eyes. “There’s an Enlightened Master’s heart technique on all ancestors’ bodies. If you touch it, it’ll be like getting hit by an Enlightened Master. There’s no way to survive. I suggest you don’t act recklessly.”

Chu Li fist saluted and stopped speaking.

Hu Feixing chuckled and also fell silent.

When he first entered the Inner Mausoleum, he had asked the same question as well. Hu Feixing thought that he would soon reach the former emperor’s golden body and touch the inextinguishable golden body.

Only now did he know his ignorance. Seeing Lu Xuzhou ask this, he was reminded of his old self, full of ambition and confidence. He believed he was the strongest and could do things that others could not.

Chu Li tried his best to circulate the Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture at the same time. Under the might of an Enlightened Master, they circulated faster than ever and were also making rapid progress.

Though it was not easy for the Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture to advance to the next level, they were improving. Advancing to the next level was as difficult as climbing the sky. Not even Chu Li knew how long it would take.

He did not have that much time, and time waited for no man. King An would not quietly wait for him to get everything ready.

He took a step forward, and the pressure suddenly increased. The Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture circulated even faster.

After a pause, he let himself adjust before continuing forward.

He moved forward step by step. The Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture had great potential. While under the crushing pressure, he actually stepped one hundred feet forward, reaching the same distance as Hu Feixing.

Although Hu Feixing’s eyes were closed, he had been paying close attention to Chu Li and was shocked to see Chu Li advance one hundred feet so quickly.

Then, under his astonished gaze, Chu Li continued forward, taking one step at a time. His whole body trembled slightly, as if standing in a huge wave and would fall at any moment. After a while, when his body got used to it and became stable, Chu Li took another step.

Step by step by step, Chu Li moved forward fifty feet.

After fifty feet, he could no longer advance. He could feel that the Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture were at their limits and could go no further. Thus, he stopped at fifty feet and settled down, motionless.

Time was slow. Chu Li felt the days pass like years. It was as if he would not be able to hold on at any moment and simply fly away.

With the Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture’s transformations, the Cloud Slashing Power inner energy in his body grew extremely powerful.

He suddenly had a thought.

Could he use the Cloud Slashing Power on his Light-body Technique and leap towards the inextinguishable golden body? At the same time, he would use the Heavenly Demonic Spirit Devouring Technique and snatch the Enlightened Master’s energy to complete the task. He could use that to kill King An.

The more he thought about it, the more it seemed plausible.

He felt that closing the distance step by step would take increasingly longer time. Perhaps to move forward twenty feet, it might take a year, while the final ten feet might need ten or even twenty years.

He could not wait such a long time. King An could have killed Xiao Qi by then. What would be the point killing him then?

He had to kill King An before King An moved against the Yi Public House. Otherwise, when King An died, the emperor would grow furious with the Yi Public House and cause it to inevitably decline.

Thinking about this, the Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture quickened again. While preparing, he understood that the moment he approached the golden body, the Earth Matrix and Reincarnation Scripture and the Maha-Vairocana’s Immobility Scripture would very likely collapse, and he might not be able to survive.

After a long time, he decided to take the risk. He still had the Life and Death Scripture, which gave him enough confidence to take the risk.

With such thoughts, he sprang up and shot towards the steps.

“Bang!” With a muffled sound, he lunged twenty feet before the inextinguishable golden body before flying backwards and spurting a mouthful of blood into the air and immediately falling unconscious.

Hu Feixing was dumbfounded as he watched Chu Li fly over and back again. He fell heavily on the ground and remain motionless.

He never thought that Chu Li would do such a foolish thing. Anyone who had a speck of rationality would not have done what he just did. It was a death wish. He really was seeking death!

When Chu Li woke, he was lying in his waterside pavilion.

The bright sunshine shone on the waterside pavilion through the window.

There was no one else there. He got up with difficulty, his head aching. His divine power had completely disappeared, and he could not access the void of his mind.

His body was fine, and the Cloud Slashing Power inner energy was still there, but his internal organs were slightly injured, and he was physically weak.

As soon as he remembered what happened, his head hurt as if it had been split open. He could only stop thinking and let things take its course.

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