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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1783: The Ultimate Battle

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Chapter 1783: The Ultimate Battle

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Looking at the four magnificent words on the mountain and Su Mo’s loud and domineering words, Xue Juntian was stunned. Ju Shen, Wu Qiong as well as the 2 others were also rooted to their spots in shock.

Blank looks crossed their faces as they were temporarily at a loss as to what to do.

In the outside world, many spectators above Lake Guang were no better than the 5 talents as they dumbly stared at the scene in front of them.

“Su Mo actually wants to obtain the first rank?”

“He wants to go against the 5 godly talents!”

“My god, what strong words, he is such a boss!”

“Isn’t he too confident to want to fight against all 5 talents?”

“That is impossible, although his strength is exceptional, the 5 godly talents are also incredible. Most importantly, he is 2 ranks lower than the other 5!”

Chaos erupted on Lake Guang as Su Mo’s arrogant behavior shocked many others.

The 5 godly talents were the top talents from the younger generation in Ancientspirit Galaxy. However, Su Mo was 2 ranks lower than them but he dared to stand against the 5 others. That confidence could destroy him.

Of course, many people felt that Su Mo was confident but others also felt that he was arrogant as the possibility of what Su Mo claimed to be able to do seemed impossible.

If Su Mo was a Rank 8 Martial Honorable, it was highly likely that he could win. If he was a Rank 7 Martial Honorable, there was also a thread of hope for him to win. But yet, as a Rank 6 Martial Honorable, it was impossible for him to stand against the 5 godly talents.

“Presumptuous!” Saint Elder Jia Shen scoffed. He had high expectations for Wu Qiong to kill Su Mo.

His face was calm but his eyes shimmered brightly. He couldn’t confirm whether or not Su Mo could kill the 5 others but he would wait for the outcome of the battle.

“Su Mo, whether or not you can accomplish the mission is up to your strength!” Jiang Shenye sighed. He had already been eliminated and could only hope for Su Mo to complete the mission.

In the high skies, Xue Juntian was the first to regain his senses among the 5 godly talents. His face darkened. Was Su Mo mad?

To want to obtain the first place was a natural reaction. But to want to crush the 5 of them, Su Mo wasn’t even arrogant, his mind was in water already!


Ju Shen also regained his senses and he burst out into a mad roar of laughter. His face was covered with a mocking expression as he bulged his eyes open and questioned, “Su Mo, I didn’t hear wrongly right? Not only do you want to obtain the first place, you also want to crush all 5 of us?”

“Your words are the biggest joke in all of the galaxy for the past 100 years!” Hei Yaohuang coldly mocked.

Fei Tianyu and Wu Qiong did not speak but they both smirked coldly. To crush all 5 of them? What a joke!

With their Rank 8 Martial Honorable Realm, a typical Martial Sage might not even be able to crush them, not to mention Su Mo who was a Rank 6 Martial Honorable.

“It seems like all of you are not willing to eliminate yourself willingly?” Su Mo remained calm as he stared at his 5 opponents. His calm exterior caused the 5 others to frown.

“Everyone, let’s eliminate Su Mo together before we battle amongst ourselves.” Wu Qiong said in a loud voice. He knew that the 4 others would not let him confront Su Mo by himself, but there should be no problem if all 5 of them acted together!

Due to his special skills, Su Mo could not teleport out of the small world and eliminating Su Mo would not raise his cultivation rank, Wu Qiong could not say that out loud as that would be a breach of the rules.

Whether or not he acted singly or with the others, the outcome would be the same. Su Mo had to die.

“Alright! Let’s attack him together!” Ju Shen shouted.

“If we eliminate him together, we probably won’t have our cultivation ranks raised, that would be the best!” Fei Tianyu nodded his head.

Xue Juntian stared at Su Mo with a solemn face and said, “Su Mo, this is the result of your arrogance. I hope that you have enough strength to go against us all!”

What Xue Juntian implied was for Su Mo to eliminate himself quickly the moment he found himself to be in danger under the combined attack of the 5 talents, lest he throw his life away.

He knew that Elder Xu Wushen seemed to be familiar with Su Mo and wanted to protect him. As such, Xue Juntian gave Su Mo a warning as well as a reminder.

“Thank you for your reminder!”

Su Mo stared at the crowd as Sword Radiance flashed in his hand and he retrieved the stone sword. Then, he said, “You are all revered to be top talents in Ancientspirit Galaxy and I hope you will not disappoint me.”

The battling spirit surged in Su Mo’s heart. A difference of 2 cultivation ranks was not considered anything to him.

“You can die now!”

Killing intent shot out of Wu Qiong’s eyes and without delay, a black flag appeared in his hands. It was the Honorable Soul Banner.


The flag waved in the breeze and numerous Blood Radiance shot out of the Honorable Soul Banner and Wu Qiong’s body.

This Blood Radiance was thick and felt like ocean waves of blood that crashed in all directions. A thick, bloody scent filled the air and formed a Blood cloud a few dozen meters wide.

In the blink of an eye, Wu Qiong’s body had already been submerged within the blood cloud and he had disappeared.

Su Mo glanced at the massive blood cloud that hovered in the air above him. Was that the secret arts of the Sorcerer Tribe, the Blood Cloud Rebellion?

It was rumored that the Blood Cloud Rebellion was a very strong forbidden Sorcerer Art. It was one of the top 10 skills among all forbidden arts.

Furthermore, Wu Qiong possessed the Blood Spirit Body and could manipulate blood with ease. Using the Blood Cloud Rebellion for him was a huge showcase of his strength.

Boom boom boom!

The massive Blood Cloud continuously circulated and dissipated a cold, sinister aura that caused goosebumps to form.

If typical martial artists felt such an aura, they might go insane from the sheer amount of pressure from it.

The aura also caused Ju Shen, Hei Yaohuang and the other geniuses to frown. Wu Qiong’s strength did frighten them.

Right at that moment, the large Blood Cloud suddenly had numerous rays of blood-colored light amass together to form a long, blood-colored spear.

This blood-colored spear was longer than 10 meters and almost 1,000 feet thick. Blood-colored light that radiated from it was dazzling and blinded all nearby eyes.


In the blink of an eye, the blood-colored spear shot away from the Blood Cloud and like a large, blood-colored arrow, it tore through the sky and shot towards Su Mo at an unimaginable speed.

The layers of empty space broke one after another as the blood-colored spear flooded and an insurmountable killing intent shot towards Su Mo.

At the same time, Xue Juntian and the other geniuses did not stand by and do nothing. They would not let Wu Qiong be the only one to attack Su Mo.

Ju Shen raised his large fists and punched the sky as golden light tore through it.


Terrifying fist force shook the skies and destroyed everything within a kilometer of it. Blinding fist radiance was like holy light from the nine heavens and the punch felt like a meteor that fell from the sky. Not being any slower than the blood-colored spear, the fist rushed towards Su Mo.

The 3 other geniuses also attacked Su Mo at the same time.

Xue Juntian had formed a large sword in his hand that glistened with gold specks of light. As he brandished the sword, Sword Force surged into the sky and a 100,000 foot long Sword Qi swung out towards Su Mo.

Hei Yaohuang clawed with his sharp claws forward and a small mountain sized Claw Radiance whipped through the sky behind Su Mo.

At the same time, Fei Tianyu’s body felt like the lightning in a thunderstorm. As his wings flapped once, he travelled 10,000 meters in the blink of an eye and appeared behind Su Mo.

Similarly, he swung out with his sword and a sharp Sword Qi instantly lashed out at Su Mo’s back.

In one moment of time, the 5 godly talents had unleashed all their attacks on a single target, Su Mo.

Incredibly strong attacks shot out tp Su Mo from all 5 directions.

Aside from Wu Qiong, who had unleashed his ultimate killing strike, the four others held back slightly. After all, they did not have a deep strike against Su Mo and did not harbor the murderous intents that Wu Qiong possessed.

Silence befell on Lake Guang, no one breathed as they widened their eyes and stared intently at the water screen.

Whether or not Su Mo could stand against the 5 godly talents would be known in this strike.

If Su Mo wasn’t strong enough, he could die instantly under the round of attacks.

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