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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1596: Hop On The Same Boat

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Chapter 1596: Hop On The Same Boat

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Looking at the disappearing Sun Moon Holy Palm and Su Mo’s body, mixed emotions rushed into everyone’s hearts.

Leng Xie’s Holy Palm was incredibly strong and it had surprised everyone. Leng Xie was really exceptional!

The Sun Moon Holy Palm?

That definitely was an ancient sacred skill of the Sun Moon Tribe. How terrifying it was!

A few moments later, booming sounds echoed from afar. Everyone knew that the explosion was due to the powers of the Sun Moon Holy Palm.

While their hearts were surprised, their eyes widened in shock and they looked towards the direction of the booms.

Su Mo should be dead!

If he had managed to survive after such a blow, he would probably be half-dead regardless.

Smiles stretched across the Empty Sky Sect disciples’ faces. Su Mo was finally dead!

A slight smile was also worn across Leng Xie’s pale face. His body shivered and a slight loss of balance would see him falling out of the sky.

He was in bad condition. His mental strength was crippled and his Dark Force had almost dried up.

The Sun Moon Holy Palm was, among all of the sacred skills, one of the most powerful attacks. One attack could wipe out almost his entire pool of Dark Force.

Such an attack could typically only be pulled off by high-rank Martial Honorables.

With Leng Xie’s cultivation rank, he could only barely manage to execute the attack. After one blow, all his Dark Force would be diminished.

Unfortunately, with such a strong blow, Su Mo would be dead but the treasures on him, including the storage rings and weapons, would be destroyed. The Blood Heart Fruit would also be gone.

At that point however, Leng Xie wasn’t aiming to get the Blood Heart Fruit anymore. As long as he could kill Su Mo, his inner rage would be eased.

On the other hand, Bei Jing sighed inwardly. He honestly admired Su Mo’s strength and talents. At only the Rank 2 Martial Emperor Realm, Su Mo was almost on par with him.

It was really a pity for such an exceptional genius to die like that!

“Su Mo!”

Yun Youyou’s face turned completely. If Su Mo died, she would never be able to confirm and find out her past.

Her body flashed and she flew anxiously in the direction of the explosion.

However, she suddenly stopped after flying a hundred meters. Her eyes widened in surprise as she stared in shock in front of her.

A figure slowly flew from afar and headed towards her.

This figure was Su Mo, who had just been hit by the Holy Palm.

Yun Youyou smiled with glee and the worry etched across her face instantly dissipated.

At that point, everyone else had their eyes widened in utter shock as they saw Su Mo flying back. Disbelief filled all their faces.

Su Mo didn’t die?

How was that possible?

How did Su Mo block such a strong attack?

Confusion whipped through everyone as they were all in disbelief.


Leng Xie also caught sight of the returning Su Mo and his mouth instantly fell open, as though he had seen a ghost.

How was it possible?

Not to mention Su Mo, even Bei Jing could be killed in one shot by the Holy Palm. How could Su Mo have survived?

Leng Xie refused to believe what he had seen. Thinking that he must be blind, he rubbed his eyes fiercely and focused on the figure again.

However, everything was real. Su Mo didn’t die and he had really returned!

“Not possible!” Leng Xie roared in disbelief. He completely refused to believe that such a strong attack that had definitely hit him had failed to kill him. How could Su Mo not die?

Furthermore, Su Mo only appeared slightly pale, and there was no evident injury sustained.

It was as though the heavens had protected him. Such a situation was not possible!

Leng Xie refused to accept the facts of the situation. He had used up all his fighting strength, and unless Su Mo was heavily injured, Leng Xie would definitely lose.


Very quickly, Su Mo flew over. He passed by Yun Youyou and stood in front of Leng Xie.

“Leng Xie, you are weak!” Su Mo coldly glared at Leng Xie, wearing a stoic look.

He saw that the aura around Leng Xie was very weak and Leng Xie didn’t have much strength left.

The Sun Moon Holy Palm of Leng Xie was arguably strong, and it was almost comparable to the strength of the Rank 6 Martial Honorable elder in the yellow robes who had tried to assassinate him in the starry sky.

However, the current Su Mo was no longer his past self.

Not only did his cultivation rank increase, his Blood Force and his relevant skills were much stronger than before.

Hence, Leng Xie’s Sun Moon Holy Palm was still subdued by Su Mo.

Su Mo’s special body constitution was composed mainly of body constitutions that were ranked on the Archean Special Body Constitution Board. Once they merged together, Su Mo’s Blood Force had reached a horrifying level of strength in addition to the Blood Heart Fruit he ate.

Of course, Su Mo wasn’t completely unharmed and he had sustained a few minor injuries.

“Su Mo, how did you manage to block my Sun Moon Holy Palm?” Leng Xie’s face was as dark as water as he glared at Su Mo.

“It is measly. Why should I not have been able to block it?” Su Mo wore a condescending face.

“You…!” Leng Xie immediately fumed upon hearing Su Mo’s mockery. Su Mo’s condescending look and prideful tone gave Leng Xie the greatest humiliation he had ever faced.

“Leng Xie, you can lose now!” Su Mo raised the Holy Sword in his hand up high as terrifying Sword Radiance shot into the air. He was prepared to defeat Leng Xie once and for all.

Leng Xie’s face instantly turned dark upon seeing Su Mo’s actions. His Dark Force was almost diminished and he was no match for Su Mo already.

The other onlookers who saw this also reeled in shock. Was Su Mo really going to kill Leng Xie?

“Su Mo, stop!”

Right at that moment, a loud shout filled the air. Yun Youyou’s body flashed and she stood in front of Su Mo.

“Su Mo, let’s stop this here!” Yun Youyou stared at Su Mo sternly as she warned.

Su Mo frowned. He had not expected that Yun Youyou would stop him.

“Su Mo, Leng Xie must not die!” Yun Youyou said in a solemn voice. Leng Xie was the disciple of the leader of the Sun Moon Tribe and he definitely could not be killed.

If Leng Xie died, Su Mo would definitely not be able to survive, even if he had a hundred lives.

The moment that the leader was enraged, no one in the entire Ming Xu Galaxy would be able to settle his wrath.

“Su Mo, let’s have a contest next time!”

Leng Xie also tried to hop into the same boat. Seeing that Yun Youyou had stepped forward to help him, Leng Xie immediately yelled out as he suppressed the killing intent in his eyes.

However, he was gritting his teeth inwardly and he swore to himself that he would definitely kill Su Mo in the future.

If he didn’t kill Su Mo, he wouldn’t absolve the hatred in his heart.

Furthermore, Leng Xie had actually lost to a martial artist who had a lower cultivation rank than him. If this news spread, he would lose all face as the disciple of the leader and the Young Clan Leader.

His authority and status would be completely ruined due to this incident, and he would be the joke of Ming Xu Galaxy!

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