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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1526: Your Name Is Hong Qingxuan

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Chapter 1526: Your Name Is Hong Qingxuan

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The Sabre Radiance struck against the Sword Qi, causing a thunderous boom to occur. However, it was unable to block the Sword Qi at all.

As the Sabre Radiance shattered apart, the Sword Qi continued on its path to cut through Yang TIanwei’s body.


A blood curdling scream escaped Yang Tianwei’s mouth as he approached death’s door.

In the next instant, the terrifying Sword Qi heavily struck Yang Tianwei’s Sky Bones Body.


With another explosion, the defensive Sky Bones Body was forcefully torn into two.

Once the Sky Bones Body was torn apart, Yang Tianwei changed back to his real body. Blood spilled through the sky as a downpour of blood rain fell.


Yang Tianwei’s Fighting Soul screamed a piercing scream as it tried to escape.

“Think you can escape?”

Su Mo coldly laughed as his body flashed and he chased the Long Sabre Fighting Soul.

Under the influence of the devouring power around it, the Long Sword Fighting Soul moved slowly and there was no way it could escape.

At the same time, Yang Tianwei’s corpse, as well as the fallen Blood Force, were sucked towards Su Mo.

Su Mo would definitely not give up on the Blood Force of the Sky Bones Body.

The Flaming Devil Ghost Sage had reminded him before that he should not miss out on devouring powerful Special Body Constitutions if he encountered one.

The speed of the Long Sabre Fighting Soul could simply not compare to Su Mo’s speed and in a mere two breaths of time, Su Mo caught up to it.

“Come back!”

Su Mo clawed forward as a Dark Force based palm formed and grabbed the Long Sabre Fighting Soul within it.

“Su Mo, we have no grudges towards each other. Let me go!” The Long Sabre Fighting Soul struggled desperately in the grasp of Su Mo’s palm as it roared out pitifully.

Yang Tianwei was terrified. He had never imagined such an outcome and now he could only try to escape.

“Let you go?” Su Mo scoffed as he said coldly, “Then why didn’t you let me go previously?”

“You…!” Yang Tianwei was at a loss for words. Then, his voice once again emerged from the Long Sabre Fighting Soul, “Su Mo, you must be aware of the consequences of killing me!”

“Hehe, consequences!” Su Mo snickered before he continued, “kill one, kill two, kill three… these are all killings, there is no difference between any one of them!”

As soon as he said these words, Su Mo didn’t waste any more time and squeezed his palm hard.

“No…!” A screeching scream escaped the Long Sabre Fighting Soul as the Fighting Soul instantly crumbled apart under the massive force of the palm.

The scream of the Fighting Soul echoed out through the starry sky until silence fell.

Su Mo did not devour the Long Sword Fighting Soul. After all, there were many people at the scene and it would be too much for him to devour another Fighting Soul under all those eyes. It would be much more sensible to just destroy the Fighting Soul.

After killing Yang Tianwei, Yang Tianwei’s corpse and the large pool of Blood Force flew toward Su Mo.

Su Mo casually waved his hand and retrieved all the Blood Force and the corpse.

Following Yang Tianwei’s utter defeat, peace fell in the starry sky. It was a peace that was deadly quiet.

Everyone stared blankly at the scene before them. The second ranked pro-disciple of the Empty Sky Sect, the Rank 3 Martial Honorable,Yang Tianwei had been killed by Su Mo.

This outcome was shocking.

Even Tian Lang and Yun Youyou were taken aback. Su Mo’s strength shocked them out of their senses.

At that point, Yang Tiancheng had gone pale. His body trembled like a pillar.

He had not imagined that his exceptionally talented senior would be killed so mercilessly by Su Mo in a few breaths of time.

Yang Tiancheng had thought that Yang Tianwei could easily capture Su Mo, such that he could torture Su Mo to his heart’s content and resolve the hatred in him. However, the outcome was vastly different from what he had imagined.


Quickly, run!

Yang Tiancheng did not dare stay in that location further. Without hesitation, he turned and fled, leaving behind even Yun Youyou.


Flying as fast as lightning, Yang Tiancheng shot through the sky. In the blink of an eye, Yang Tiancheng had travelled beyond the sight of the human eye.

“Mm!” Su Mo turned to look in the direction which Yang Tiancheng had fled off to, killing intent sparkling in his eyes. However, once he saw Yun Youyou at one side, he suppressed the killing intent in him.

At that point, he had more important things to attend to.

The whole reason he had gone to Ming Xu Galaxy was for Qingxuan.

Su Mo slowly lowered himself beside Yun Youyou.

“Holy Lady, sorry for making you wait!” Su Mo looked towards Yun Youyou.

“What are you looking for me for?” Yun Youyou calmed herself down and asked curiously. At the same time, she made up her mind to leave immediately if Su Mo was like other men, such as Yang Tiancheng, who were chasing after her.

Su Mo turned to look at his surroundings before he said towards Yun Youyou, “There are many people here. Shall we find another place to talk?”

Yun Youyou threw a suspicious glance at Su Mo. She didn’t want to interact with Su Mo by herself. After all, Su Mo was a mysterious man and she didn’t know what aims he had.

“Hehe! Holy Lady, you may rest assured that I will not do anything bad to you!” Su Mo smiled as he spoke.

Yun Youyou was silent for a moment before she nodded. Although she didn’t fully trust Su Mo, she was confident in protecting herself.

Not to mention that Su Mo, even though he was a top Rank 9 Martial Honorable, would be seeking his own death if he dared to do anything to her.

“Alright then let’s head to Sun Moon City!” Su Mo smiled. With that, his body jerked and he flew towards Sun Moon City from the starry sky.

Yun Youyou immediately followed Su Mo and left the starry sky.

It was only a few moments later before the crowd regained their senses. Uproar followed suit.

“My god! Su Mo killed Yang Tianwei, he is going to be in deep trouble!”

“Yes! Su Mo is so heartless!”

“I heard he killed Wu Ren, another pro-disciple of the Sky Moon Sect previously. This time he killed Yang Tianwei!”

“He is so strong, it is really unimaginable!”


On Sun Moon Star, a man and a woman stood apart on a barren hill.

This man and woman were Su Mo and Yun Youyou respectively.

“So, what did you find me for?” Yun Youyou looked at Su Mo before her and spoke coldly.

“Qingxuan, do you really not remember anything?” Su Mo asked Yun Youyou warmly.

Yun Youyou jumped in surprise and her eyebrows furrowed together before she asked, “What did you call me?”

“It seems like you really don’t remember anything!”

Su Mo sighed deeply. Then, he stared directly into Yun Youyou’s eyes and said, “Your name is Hong Qingxuan. This is your real name, not Yun Youyou.”

Yun Youyou’s heart jumped once again in surprise. She only had memories of the past few recent years and did not have any memories of her past. This was her own private secret and she had never told anyone about it.

However, if Su Mo was telling her this, did it mean that he really knew about her past?

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