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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1525: Strongest Power

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Chapter 1525: Strongest Power

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Su Mo stood fearlessly in front of Yang Tianwei, even though he was shocked when he realised what Yang TIanwei’s special body constitution was. With his body as sharp as a sword, he sped towards Yang Tianwei at lightning speed.

“Die!” Su Mo attacked once again. As he sliced down with his stone sword, strong forces caused the sky to shake. Sword Qi swept out like a waterfall towards Yang Tianwei’s head.

Su Mo also activated his Devouring Ultimacy for this strike, causing the devouring power to increase in strength.

He felt that the devouring power of the Devouring Fighting Soul was insignificant to Yang Tianwei and hence he had to activate the Devouring Ultimacy to make the devouring power stronger.

At the same time, Su Mo’s mind moved quickly and the Natal Spiritual Sword Array formed. The two attacks rushed towards Yang Tianwei simultaneously.

Since the two of them were close, the vast Sword Qi and the sharp Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Swords instantly closed down on Yang Tianwei.

“What kind of strength is this?” A cold glare ran through yang Tianwei’s eyes. A massive devouring power surrounded him and not only did it cause his Long Sabre Fighting Soul to vibrate, his Dark Force and Blood Force was also shaking violently, as though they were trying to escape his body.


Without hesitation, Yang Tianwei retreated backwards in the face of Su Mo’s violent attack.

He simultaneously wielded his long sabre wildly in front of him. Sabre Radiance exploded out as Sabre Qi spilled from the sabre and heavily struck Su Mo’s Sword Qi and Ten Direction Spiritual Snakes Array.

Boom boom boom!!

Explosions unstoppably occurred as booms followed the terrifying explosions. Waves of back-force swept through the starry sky a few kilometers wide. Stray meteors in the starry sky were also destroyed by the force.

The Ten Direction Natal Spiritual Sword Snake Array was also broken apart into individual swords by Yang TIanwei’s blow.

However, the Sword Qi from Su Mo’s stone sword was still intact. Nothing seemed to be able to stop it and it tore the streaks of Sabre Qi apart as it headed for Yang Tianwei.

“What?” Yang Tianwei’s heart jumped in surprise. Su Mo’s strength far exceeded what he had expected.

Under the influence of the devouring power, Yang Tianwei’s speed was extremely slow and there was no way he could dodge the Sword Qi. He also didn’t have sufficient time to attack again.


An explosion occurred as the Sword Qi heavily collided against Yang Tianwei, bursting into streams of lights in the starry sky.

The Sword Qi seemed to have hit a steel board as it immediately crumbled apart into streaks of light.


Yang Tianwei’s body was thrown backward through the starry sky.

Everyone watching the scene had their hearts in their mouths. The battle had just begun but Su Mo was already crushing Yang Tianwei like an ant under him!

This outcome was unlike anything anyone had expected.

“How could he be so strong?” Yang Tianwei stopped himself as his face changed drastically. Scanning his body, he found a small but clear wound caused by the sword on his Sky Bones Body.

This meant that his Sky Bones Body had almost been torn apart by Su Mo’s strike.

On the other hand, Su Mo was also very surprised. The defensive skills of the Sky Bones Body was indeed very strong.

“Su Mo, no matter how strong you are, you will not be able to defeat me!” Yang TIanwei slowly suppressed the turmoil of forces and blood in him as he roared.

Yang Tianwei was confident in himself. His Sky Bones Body had never been overpowered by anyone’s attack and Su Mo would not be able to destroy it either.

“Break Thousand Mountains!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Yang Tianwei floated high into the air and began his attack.

Sabre Radiance exploded out from his Long Sabre. Each streak was a thousand feet long. Beside him, mirages of mountains circulated in a loop.

Finally, Yang Tianwei sliced his sabre down strongly.


In an instant, a thousand Sabre Qi rained down through the sky. Like thunder from the nine heavens, they were destructive.

Above these massive Sabre Qi were a large number of mirages of mountains, enhancing the power of the Sabre Qi to a godly level.

Su Mo felt his body jerk under the attack, as though a hundred large mountains were crushing him.

Light flashed in Su Mo’s eyes maliciously, Yang Tianwei’s strength was far above what he had imagined.

Taking a deep breath, Su Mo raised the stone sword in his hand as a boundless amount of Sword Force shot to the sky.

This time, Su Mo was breaking the limits of what was possible with his mental strength. Before this, Su Mo had activated a maximum of 15 Fighting Souls at once.

For instance, in the previous blow, Su Mo had activated 14 other Sword Fighting Souls along with his Devouring Fighting Soul.

Just now, Su Mo had activated 16 Fighting Souls in total. Aside from the Devouring Fighting Soul, Su Mo had activated 15 Sword Fighting Souls.

At the same time, various types of Fighting Souls were mixed through his Dark Force and channelled into the stone sword.

This was Su Mo’s ultimate attack. By directly using the Fighting Souls in the attack and sacrificing the Fighting Souls, Su Mo was using his strongest power.

Su Mo typically did not use such an attack because he had not devoured many Fighting Souls. Most of the what he devoured were average Martial Souls.

In the extermination of the Sorcerer Tribe previously, although Su Mo wiped out hundreds and thousands of Sorcerer Tribesmen, there were few martial artists who had a Fighting Soul.

Various types of Fighting Souls were mixed into the stone sword causing terrifying forces to sweep through the surroundings. The Sword Force became stronger and stronger, reaching a godly level of what was possible.

In an instant, 20 Fighting Souls had entered the Stone Sword. This was the maximum of what Su Mo could achieve because Su Mo was already struggling to control the power of the Stone Sword.

This didn’t mean that Su Mo could only mix 20 Fighting Souls into his attack. It was all dependent on how strong the Fighting Souls were.

If most of them were weak Fighting Souls, Su Mo could mix a lot more Fighting Souls in the attack, This time, Su Mo had used very strong Fighting Souls for his attack and he was also running out of the Fighting Souls he had devoured.

Activating 16 Fighting Souls, channelling 20 Fighting Souls into the Stone Sword and adding in the forces from Su Mo’s body itself, Su Mo was like the god of the underworld - unstoppable.

He was using his strongest power at that moment. Every card he had was being played as he wanted to kill Yang Tianwei with this one strike.


Su Mo flatly shouted out as he waved the Stone Sword down.

Boom boom boom!!

Sword Qi tore through the sky, slicing apart the Sabre Qi that was as strong as mountains. The space within a kilometer from Su Mo could not withstand the Sword Forces and instantly crumbled apart. It was as though it was the end of the world.

All the onlookers stared with their eyes wide-open, unblinking at the sight before them.

The forces from this sword strike caused a mix of emotions to rush through the onlookers’ hearts.


A ground-shaking explosion which spread a kilometer wide occurred. The terrifying Sword Qi instantly tore apart Yang Tianwei’s Break Thousand Mountain attack. Thereafter, its strength did not seem to decrease at all as it rushed towards Yang Tianwei.

“What?” Yang Tianwei immediately exclaimed in surprise as his eyes quavered in fear.

Yang Tianwei could sense an insurmountable danger from Su Mo’s attack. His Spiritual Soul seemed to be on the verge of being torn apart and totally destroyed.

However, he was suppressed by the forces from the Sword Qi and, under the devouring power, there was no where for him to run.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Tianwei barked like a mad dog. Wielding his long sabre and slicing it down violently, streaks upon streaks of Sabre Qi formed before him.


In an instant, an enormous explosion sounded as the cold Sabre Qi struck against the Sword Qi.

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