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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1372: Lowly Life?

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Chapter 1372: Lowly Life?

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Come with me!”

Grand Master Huo Yuan called out to Su Mo. Then, he took big steps and strode towards Shen Wu Peak.

Su Mo let out a heavy sigh. He had to act according to his current circumstances. Since the Grand Master was reassuring him that it would be alright, there shouldn’t be much problem.

Grand Master Huo Yuan would probably not harm him. Otherwise, with his cultivation level and identity, why would he need to go through so much trouble!

Then, Su Mo moved his body and immediately followed Grand Master Huo Yuan into Shen Wu Peak.

Shen Wu Peak was the main peak in the inner mansion. It was also where the Estate Master lived. Right in the middle of the inner mansion, it was the tallest and most grand structure in the entire fallen meteor.

This peak was more than 10 kilometres tall and the top was lush green with plenty of green growth on it.

Shen Wu Peak was not far off from Huo Yuan Peak. In just a mere span of two breaths, Grand Master Huo Yuan and Su Mo arrived at Shen Wu peak.

On top of the peak, there were only a few palace structures and there were not many other buildings. Among them, one was more majesticthan the others and two large, golden words, ‘Martial Hall’ danced like dragons and phoenixes on a wooden board. The aura they gave out was very mesmerizing.

Su Mo followed Grand Master Huo Yuan and lowered himself down right outside Martial Hall.

Right at this moment, he felt a cold pair of eyes staring at him. The murderous intent that was held in this stare caused his entire body to shiver as the lifeblood in him instantly froze.

At the same time, Su Mo also turned towards the person giving out this death glare. It was the Grand Priest of the Sorcerer Tribe.

The Grand Priest stood on the seat to the right of the main seat and he glared with daggers eyes at Su Mo.

However, the Grand Priest did not make a move. Firstly, it was because the Grand Master Huo Yuan was beside Su Mo and secondly, there was another expert in the room.

This man was a middle aged man. Wearing a long yellow robe, he carried a look of elegance and the aura he carried was extraordinary - almost as though he was a bodhisattva.

Sitting on the main seat in the hall, this man’s identity was obvious. He was the Estate Master of the Shen Wu Academy.


Grand Master Huo Yuan lightly coughed before striding into the hall.

As for Su Mo, he relaxed the moment Grand Master Huo Yuan coughed. Then he immediately followed behind the Grand Master and walked into the hall.

“Greetings to Estate Master!” Grand Master Huo Yuan walked into the hall and bowed towards the Estate Master.

“Greetings to Estate Master!” Su Mo did not dare to delay and immediately cupped his fists towards the Estate Master.

“Instructor Huo Yuan, please take a seat!” The middle aged man glanced slightly at Su Mo before smiling and motioning for Grand Master Huo Yuan to sit.

Su Mo was utterly confused. The Estate Master had actually called Grand Master Huo Yuan his instructor, what was going on?

It seemed that there was more to Grand Master Huo Yuan than he knew. He wasn’t just a Martial Sage Realm craftsman, he could even be the Estate Master’s senior and taught him before.

“Thank you Estate Master!” Grand Master Huo Yuan remained respectful as he cupped his fists. Then, he sat on the left seat beside the Estate Master.

Su Mo did not dare to stand alone in the hall facing the Grand Priest and hence, he followed closely behind Grand Master Huo Yuan and stood behind the Grand Master.

Silence filled the hall and the air felt suffocating as Su Mo kept his eyes locked on the Grand Priest.

The Grand Priest similarly glared at Su Mo. The cold and murderous aura in his eyes was enough to scare off anyone who dared to look directly at him.

“You must be Su Mo, the first ranked disciple on the True Sage Board?”

A few moments later, the Estate Master gazed at Su Mo and asked. His voice was very alluring but it did not reflect his emotions or whether he was happy or angry.

“Yes!” Su Mo proudly nodded his head.

“Not bad!”

The Estate Master said lightly before hesitating. Then, in a deep voice he said, “according to Grand Priest Wu Lun, you killed a few hundred thousand of his tribesmen. Is this true?”

“It is!” Su Mo sighed heavily as he nodded his head. He couldn’t deny this fact.

Even his battle in the Fighting World was recorded down by someone. He definitely could not hide the fact that he had massacred a few towns of the Sorcerer Tribe.

The Grand Priest probably managed to investigate this.

Therefore, he could not deny it.

“You have committed such a grave crime and now, Grand Priest Wu Lun wants to take you away, what do you have to say?” The Estate Master continued.

Su Mo’s face was grim. He could not hear from the tone of the Estate Master whether he had any intention of protecting him.

In any case, the Estate Master seemed to be neither biased nor emotional. He maintained an attitude as if he was doing business.

“Estate Master, the reason why I killed so many Sorcerer Tribesmen is because the Sorcerer Tribe killed over a million of my countrymen!” Su Mo said in a deep voice.

“What?” The Estate Master was slightly shocked upon hearing Su Mo’s words. The Sorcerer Tribe killed over a million of Su Mo’s countrymen? Was that possible?

Even Grand Master Huo Yuan was surprised by Su Mo’s words.


The Grand Priest immediately spat out an accusation and said in a cold voice, “Su Mo, you massacred over a hundred thousand of my tribesmen. No one can save you!”

The Estate Master and Master Huo Yuan both raised their eyebrows. The Grand Priest’s words were seemingly scolding Su Mo, yet at the same time, it was subtly telling them that none of them could stop him from taking Su Mo away.

“I massacred people?”

Su Mo laughed coldly before he glared at the Grand Priest and yelled, “your tribe destroyed the Firmament World, taking over a billion lives. Is that not a massacre? That is a million times worse than a massacre!”

At that moment, Su Mo wasn’t even scared of the Grand Priest anymore. After all, fearing him was useless.

With the Estate Master and Grand Master Huo Yuan around, the Grand Priest could not force him to do anything. Right now, Su Mo had to logically work his way around this.

“Firmament World destroyed is just that. It is just one small world!” The Grand Priest said indifferently towards Su Mo.

“Just a small world?”

Su Mo’s eyes turned cold and he yelled, “do you know how many people lived in the Firmament World? Over a billion, maybe even ten billion. Those ten billion lives were all killed by you. So, between us, who do you say is a murderer?”

“A bunch of useless lives… how can you compare them to the hundreds of thousands of Sorcerer Tribesmen we lost?” The Grand Priest coldly replied.

“Ha ha ha ha!!”

Upon hearing his words, Su Mo immediately broke out into a hysterical laughter. Like a mad man, his voice spread out in all 8 directions.

Then, his face hardened till it was like steel, and he raged out loud, “useless lives? You are telling me that the Firmament World lives are useless, then how precious are your Sorcerer Tribe lives? If I dare ask, how can your Sorcerer Tribe lives be precious?”

Su Mo was really angry. He hated it most when the Sorcerer Tribe men proclaimed themselves to be more honourable while the Firmament World men were dismissed as useless lives.

In the entire universe, amongst all the stars and the countless tribes, there was never one tribe that was considered a higher class than the others and there was never another tribe that was considered worthless.

In his eyes, every tribe, every lifeform, was just lives!

“What words!”

The Grand Priest laughed coldly before he slowly spelled it out, “let me tell you what is high class and what is low. My tribe controls over a hundred stars. In the entire Ancientspirit Galaxy, our name is enough to shake the heavens and the stars. This is our class. All you Firmament World people are worthless beings, living in a puny land. There is nothing lower than to be born as lowly beings!”

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