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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1308: It Is Really A Miracle!

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Chapter 1308: It Is Really A Miracle!

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Ha, ha!” upon hearing Su Mo’s words, the Grand Priest laughed loudly and shook his head, “From this day on, you are our tribe’s Young Priest. Your status is almost as high as a core elder and is higher than that of a regular elder. Who would dare to give you trouble?”

“Hehe! That’s good then!” Su Mo laughed.

“Mmph! Let’s head back!” the Grand Priest said lightly before flipping his palm and pulling Wu Ren Wang towards him. Su Mo immediately stopped devouring when he saw this. He had already devoured about 80% of Wu Ren Wang’s internal lifeblood. He did not let Wu Chen’s body absorb this lifeblood, but he instead stored it temporarily within the Devouring Fighting Soul so that his real body would have the opportunity to use it.

The Grand Priest checked Wu Ren Wang and sighed once he found that Wu Ren Wang had not suffered severe injuries. Only his willpower had been affected and his consciousness slipped in and out. Then, with a gesture of his robe, a wave of force wrapped Su Mo and Wu Ren Wang. The Grand Priest began teleporting through space again and left the the starry sky.

The other spectators also followed to return back to Heavenly Underworld Star. The trip back was silent. A few moments later, everyone returned to Heavenly Underworld Star and reached the Grand Sorcerer Grounds. Not one of the spectators had left the grounds; all of them were waiting for the Grand Priest as well as the others to return.

“I wonder how many of Wu Ren Wang’s blows Wu Chen took?”

“I believe it can’t be over 5 blows!”

“It may not be that low! Wu Chen had a splendid performance in the tests and he has a high talent. Maybe his fighting strength is also quite strong and he might be able to withstand 10 or 20 blows!”

A cacophony of voices filled the grounds, everyone was talking about Wu Chen and Wu Ren Wang’s fight. One could not help but overhear all the guesses that the people came up with. Upon seeing the Grand Priest and the rest of the members returned, everyone quickly turned their attention to them.


A look around the grounds showed that all eyes were staring at the stage. To everyone’s surprise, Wu Chen was standing uninjured beside the Grand Priest while Wu Ren Wang, his face completely pale and his eyes devoid of any sign of life, was supported in the hands of the Grand Priest. The crowd was momentarily stunned as a mixture of emotions and confusion swept their minds. They wore incomprehensible looks on their faces.

Wu Ren Wang had lost? Wu Chen won? How could this be? How did Wu Chen defeat Wu Ren Wang?

In the midst of everyone’s shock, their minds were also full of suspicion. Wu Ren Wang was one of a kind, his fighting strength far superior than anyone, and he shook the heavens with his prowess. He had never lost against anyone of the same level as him, how could he have lost this time? Unless Wu Chen’s fighting strength surpasses any logic and had reached a heaven-defying level?

Wu Tian Yu, Wu Yuan, and Wu Qiong wore ugly expressions on their faces. Wu Chen had become the Young Priest, would he seek trouble with them? Wu Qiong wasn’t that worried. After all, he had only offended Wu Chen with his words, an apology should suffice. However, both Wu Yuan and Wu Tian Yu’s hearts sank, and their eyes were pitch black.

“From this day on, Wu Chen will be the tribe’s Young Priest. This year’s Young Priest choosing ceremony will end here!” looking at the crowd, the Grand Priest announced in a loud voice. Upon hearing his words, the crowd breathed out a sigh. This year’s chosen Young Priest was Wu Chen and Wu Ren Wang had been completely defeated.

“Congratulations Young Priest Wu Chen!”

“Congratulations Young Priest Wu Chen!”

“Congratulations Young Priest Wu Chen!”

Shouts and screams temporarily filled the grounds as everyone cupped their hands and saluted Su Mo, congratulatory expressions on their faces. No matter who Wu Chen was before, he had become the Young Priest. His status rose abruptly and now he was a top member in the Sorcerer Tribe. His current status could not be matched by ordinary people. Hence, everyone withdrew their prejudices against Su Mo and did not dare to look down upon him.

As Su Mo stood on the stage and stared down at the numerous tribesmen saluting him, his heart was full. His pride in himself was not meant to be displayed in front of the Sorcerer Tribesmen. But he was overcome with emotion and his anticipation of disrupting the entire tribe with his malicious plans.

The status of the Young Priest would be all benefit and no harm for him. Of course, this was all enjoyed by his avatar. His real body still had to leave this place as fast as possible in order to protect his identity.

“Wu Chen, go back and prepare, then come to the Clan Prefecture tomorrow!” the Grand Priest commanded Su Mo.

The Clan Prefecture was a core block of the Sorcerer Tribe. It was where the leaders and priests of the Sorcerer Tribe lived.

“Yes, Grand Priest!” Su Mo nodded.

“Mmph!” the Grand priest acknowledged him slightly before he took off with Wu Ren Wang. Su Mo eyes widened. The Grand Priest actually took Wu Ren Wang away; he couldn’t possibly be thinking of interrogating Wu Ren Wang about the details of their fight once he woke up?

Su Mo was nervous, but he didn’t stay for much longer before he left the Grand Sorcerer Grounds and headed for Black Gold City. Not long later, he returned to Black Gold City and headed back towards Wu Chen’s house. Then, he entered a secret room and released his real body and allowed his Devouring Fighting Soul to enter it.

With that, he allowed the lifeblood that the Devouring Fighting Soul had obtained to be absorbed into his real body. This lifeblood was shapeless and colourless, but it was a magnificent existence. The moment the lifeblood entered his real body, his body’s lifeblood surged and rolled uncontrollably.

Bang bang bang!!

Booming sounds continued to sound from his body, as though heavy thunder struck unstoppably within him. This caused his body to shiver uncontrollably.

“What is going on?” Su Mo was utterly confused. He concentrated on the sensations within him and felt as though the lifeblood that entered him was communicating with his own personal lifeblood. This stunned him. Was it not possible for a single body to possess two forms of lifeblood at once?

Just as Su Mo was becoming more concerned, the booming sounds in his body softened and the tumultuous lifeblood within him returned to a peaceful state.

“It merged!” as soon as Su Mo felt this, he broke out into a smile. The lifeblood of his Divine Sun body had actually merged with Wu Ren Wang’s lifeblood.

“Miracle! It is really a miracle!” the Flaming Ghost Sage’s voice rang in his head, his voice full of surprise.

“Senior, this cannot be considered a miracle. It is merely two forms of lifeblood merging with each other!” Su Mo grinned as he said this, although he did not think very highly of it.

“No! If it was just two regular lifebloods, it is not possible for them to merge!” the Flaming Ghost Sage corrected him.

“Then why did they merge?” Su Mo asked.

“Because of your Fighting Soul. The moment your Fighting Soul devoured it, it already began merging them, thus allowing them to be compatible with each other!” the Flaming Ghost Sage explained.

“Is that so?” after a moment of silence, Su Mo felt that what the Ghost Sage said made sense. Both the Divine Son body and Wu Ren Wang’s lifeblood came from the Devouring Fighting Soul. It had cultivated them and established a connection between them. The two merging with each other was reasonable.

“Miracle! Your Fighting Soul can definitely allow you to sweep the skies, overcome the heavens, and be the strongest individual for all of eternity!” the Flaming Ghost Sage marvelled. His voice was full of admiration; he knew early on that Su Mo’s talents would shake the heavens.

When he had first been captured by Su Mo, all he thought about was how to resist Su Mo and escape. But, after knowing Su Mo for a while, he had changed his thoughts. What a talented individual, the Ghost Sage thought. He had never heard of such talents in all of the ten thousand years he had lived. Once he matured and harnessed his powers in the future, he would be a great force of the world.

Furthermore, after this period of bondage with Su Mo, he finally understood Su Mo’s personality. Hence, he changed his intentions of escaping, and instead tried to help Su Mo and establish a good relationship with him. In this way, not only would he be released, but he would also have many benefits in the future.

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