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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1230: Bear it Together

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Chapter 1230: Bear it Together

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A loud howl came out of the Melding Spiritual Beast’s mouth. It was struggling madly, desperately trying to escape the devouring power’s control.

Yet, Su Mo was already activating his Devouring Martial Soul to its fullest. The vigorous devouring power was tightly binding the Melding Spiritual Beast.

A short stalemate was created, since the Devouring Martial Soul could not fully devour the Melding Spiritual Beast while the beast also could not escape.

Not only was this Melding Spiritual Beast a special Fighting Soul, Liao Yunjian was also a martial artist at the Peak Lv 2 Martial Emperor Realm. Despite the death of his material body, his Fighting Soul was still strong.

Not so far away from here, Nie Qian and Han Ying stood still in deep shock of Su Mo’s strength.

In a matter of seconds, that strong and mighty Liao Yunjian was utterly destroyed by Su Mo. His Fighting Soul was all that remained of him.

Who would have thought that the cultivation of the Emperor-to-be realm had such a terrifying strength!

The two of them couldn’t help but think about the rumor of Su Mo rejecting the offer of becoming Grand Master Huoyuan’s discipline. It appeared that Su Mo was not stupid, but incredibly confident.

“Get over here!” Su Mo yelled as he struggled to devour the Melding Spiritual Beast. He waved his hand and aimed for the Fighting Soul.

A three-colored palm filled with Dark Force leaped through space and grabbed the Fighting Soul in a flash.

“Su Mo, come on, release me, you can’t kill me!” the Melding Spiritual Beast suddenly began to shout. Despit his desperate situation, Liao Yunjian still seemed tough.

“Oh? Why shouldn’t I?” Su Mo was not in a rush, and asked coldly.

“I’m in the Taishi Family. You’ll die too if you killed me!” the Melding Spiritual Beast shouted in an arrogant tone.

“The Taishi Family? Your last name isn’t even Taishi, do you think I’m stupid?” Su Mo jeered.

“Hmph, I’m an outer cluster of the Taishi Family. My mother is in the Taishi Family.” The Melding Spiritual Beast said in a loud voice.

“An outer cluster?” Su Mo’s expression darkened.

“Exactly. Release me, and you’ll have a chance to survive!” The Melding Spiritual Beast said pompously. Liao Yunjian was secretly outraged while his Spiritual Soul hid inside the Melding Spiritual Beast, but he tried to control his anger and use the Taishi Family to put pressure on Su Mo.

In reality, although Liao Yunjian was an outer cluster of the Taishi Family, his status was very low.

Not only was his talent extremely high, but he had also been waiting and enduring for a long time just to find a chance like this to merge a super Martial Soul or Fighting Soul and rise to the top.

He had met some powerful Martial Souls a few years ago. For instance, he killed and absorbed the Martial Soul of a Rank Nine Heaven Class genius in the Martial King Realm when he was only in the Martial Royal Realm.

He thought for a whole month, and decided at last to not merge it with his own Martial Soul. He wanted to find an even stronger Fighting Soul once he reached the Martial Emperor Realm.

God indeed did not fail those who tried hard, as he finally found a place containing the Demonic Soul of an ancient Amor Devil. It was incredibly strong, being a Demonic Soul of a Demonic Armor Clan member in the Martial Sage Realm.

This Demonic Soul was stored in this place for a long time and fitted him perfectly.

Yet, he could not come here alone. He also could not bring anyone stronger than him if he still wanted a share of the Demonic Soul.

That was the reason he selected those like Nie Qian who was reasonably strong, but did not surpass his power at the same time.

However, no matter how many times he thought it through, he did not consider the possibility that Su Mo, whom he disregarded the most, could have hidden away his strength so well and mess up his plan.

“The ones of the Taishi Family are indeed special!” Su Mo said while nodding his head.

“Of course. If you release me right now and apologize, not only will I not speak of this again, but I’ll also recommend you to the Taishi Family!”

The Melding Spiritual Beast said with a more relaxed tone. If he could survive today, he could find a hundred ways to destroy Su Mo later.

“Brother Su, why don’t we release him?” Nie Qian asked. He did not come from some big family, if Liao Yunjian died, he would get in trouble as well.

Han Ying had a grim expression too. The Taishi Family was a superpower in the Ancientspirit Galaxy. It was one of the very top human powers.

Su Mo ignored Nie Qian and looked at the Melding Spiritual Beast. “I’ll tell you one thing,” he said and laughed with an mysterious look in his eye.

“What?” Liao Yujian was startled.

“You have again insulted the intelligence of the human kind!” Su Mo chuckled. He then immediately used his Dark Force Palm to throw the Melding Spiritual Beast into the Devouring Martial Soul.

Su Mo was never kind to his enemies. Nor was he ever threatened by them.

“Ah!” a disturbing scream came out of the Melding Spiritual Beast’s mouth as he disappeared into the dark vortex of the Devouring Martial Soul.

Peace was completely restored to the hall.

Soon after, Su Mo felt his Devouring Martial Soul had completely devoured and combined the Melding Spiritual Beast’s Fighting Soul. However, his Martial Soul did not rank up.

Su Mo walked towards the corpse of Liao Yunjian and grabbed his storage ring.

“Brother… Brother Su, you just… just killed him?” Nie Qian was in shock. He was chilled by Su Mo’s determination.

He not only killed Liao Yunjian, but also devoured his Fighting Soul!

“Brother Su, we’ll have trouble after killing Liao Yunjian!” Han Ying’s pretty face was pale.

“Brother Nie, Ms. Han, do you think Liao Yunjian would let us live if he was alive?” Su Mo sighed and asked.

Nie Qian and Han Ying went silent. They knew killing him was necessary, but the Taishi Family still worried them.

“Guys, Liao Yunjian was killed by me. It had nothing to do with you two!” Su Mo shook his head in resignation.

“Brother Su, why would you say such a thing? That Liao Yunjian wanted to kill us all, he well deserved what was coming to him. I will bear the responsibility with you.”

Nie Qian said firmly. His heart would not let him to have Su Mo bear all the responsibility.

Moreover, Su Mo saved his life by devouring all those Evil Spirits.

“Yes! Brother Su, we did this together. No matter what the consequences are, we bear it together!” Han Ying nodded her head and said in determination.

If not for Su Mo, who knew what would had happened to her. She naturally could not ignore it.

Su Mo nodded his head. He did not think that these two would share his responsibility. They seemed to be decent people to befriend now.

“You guys check around this place and look for any treasures around!”

Su Mo ordered the two and walked towards the space underneath the altar.

Nie Qian and Han Ying split and started to search the other parts of the palace. Since Su Mo was interested in the Demonic Soul, they did not want to fight over it.

“What is the rank of the expert that held this Demonic Soul?”

Su Mo whispered to himself while he looked at the Demonic Soul in the crystal ball above.

This Demonic Soul had an incredible demonic aura. Its coercion was outstanding. Even with the crystal ball protecting it, it could still overwhelm any ordinary martial artist in the Martial Royal Realm.

Su Mo’s heart started to speed up. If he devoured this strong Demonic Soul, would his Devouring Martial Soul reach the Rank 9 Heaven Class immediately?

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