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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 2293: I Will Only Throw Out One Blow

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Chapter 2293: I Will Only Throw Out One Blow

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When Su Mo flew to the platform, everyone fixed their gazes on him.

They were amazed by the strength that Duan Jingtian had displayed and they were curious about his actual strength.

Everyone was excited and started to look forward to witnessing his strength.

Qin’er was especially nervous and she took a deep breath. She had not expected Duan Jingtian to obtain the top position. She would be happy as long as Duan Jingtian could defeat one of the gifted geniuses from the other Palaces.

If he could do so, her father would definitely accept him as his disciple.

Even Chu Yan, who detested Duan Jingtian, looked extremely grave. He wanted to find out Duan Jingtian’s actual strength…

“May I know if any of you wish to spar with me?”

Su Mo asked as he looked at the people who were standing on the Sovereign’s fingers.

The skinny youth from Heavenly Palace was about to speak but he stopped.

Someone had taken action before him.

A tall and slender figure flew toward the platform and landed in front of Su Mo.

She was none other than Lin Wushuang from Human Palace.

Lin Wushuang was in a red dress and she looked slender and aloof. Although she was not a great beauty, she looked attractive.

“Duan Jingtian, I shall challenge you!”

Lin Wushuang said. She had not gone to the platform because Duan Jingtian was from Human Palace.

She was well aware of her own strength. There were not many people whom she had confidence in being able to defeat.

However, she still had some confidence that she could beat Duan Jingtian.

“I will only throw out one blow!” Su Mo said. Since it was time for him to prove himself, he wanted to end the fight in the shortest time possible.

Lin Wushuang’s face darkened when she heard what Su Mo had said. Duan Jingtian has humiliated her!

“He is so presumptuous! Does he think that he can defeat Lin Wushuang with one blow?” Chu Yan sneered. Although Duan Jingtian was powerful, it was presumptuous of him to think that he could defeat Lin Wushuang that easily.

“Hoho, he is arrogant!”

“I am interested to find out how Duan Jingtian can defeat her in one blow!”

“He is merely a Rank 1 Advanced True God and it is not surprising that he gets puffed up given his combat strength!”

The people started to talk among themselves. Some felt that Su Mo was being too presumptuous, while others felt that it was acceptable for him to behave in that manner.

Those martial artists who possessed such great combat strength had the tendency to behave arrogantly.

Luo Yu’s face looked cold. She felt irritated as Ji Yuesong had been defeated and Duan Jingtian was trying to impress everyone.

“Invincible Leng, let us see your actual combat strength!”

At that instant, someone shouted.

Suddenly, the area was in complete silence as everyone turned their heads abruptly to look at the person who had made that comment.

It was none other than Chen Fan, the gifted genius from Earth Palace.

Invincible Leng?

Who is Invincible Leng?

Is Duan Jingtian Invincible Leng?

The people were astounded. They had heard of Invincible Leng. Back then at Sky One Number One Fighting Ground. Invincible Leng had defeated the geniuses whose cultivation levels were two small realms and one big realm higher than him.

“What did you say? Is Duan Jingtian Invincible Leng?” Chu Yan widened his eyes and looked at Chen Fan with disbelief.

“Yes!” Chen Fan nodded.


Chu Yan felt as though he had been blasted in the head. He felt aggrieved, frustrated, and embarrassed.

Back when he had been defeated by Invincible Leng, he had felt great resentment toward Invincible Leng.

On top of that, he had never stopped putting Duan Jingtian down in front of Qin’er.

When he knew that Duan Jingtian was Invincible Leng, he felt ashamed of himself.

Luo Yu was stunned as well. She had never expected Duan Jingtian to be the Invincible Leng who had defeated her previously.

Duan Jingtian was a gifted genius but yet, he had hidden his power.

Qin’er was excited. Indeed! She had guessed it right!

Invincible Leng! Duan Jingtian, you have kept it from us!

On the platform.

Su Mo ignored the people and lifted the sword in his hand.

“Get ready!”

Su Mo told Lin Wushuang as he looked at her. Beams of light shot out of Su Mo’s body as he threw out the blow with his sword.

As Su Mo brandished his sword, a terrifying sword power raged through the firmament. He looked peerless.


Dazzling chaotic Sword Qi cut across the sky like lightning to attack Lin Wushuang.

That blow was quick and formidable and it shook the heavens and the earth.

Su Mo had fully activated the power of his Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit and his Blood Force in that blow.

He was not concerned about whether Lin Wushuang would be able to duck away from that blow as it was impossible for her to do so due to the short distance between them.

“Oh no!”

Lin Wushuang was astounded when she saw the power of the blow and she immediately tried to fend it off.

She was a swordsman as well and she brandished her sword, vigorously throwing out the sword radiance.

The Water-Based Power raged in front of her and formed a huge maelstrom.

The maelstrom churned rapidly, causing the Water-Based Power to rumble like a raging river.

That was Lin Wushuang’s most powerful means of defense. She had created the means and it possessed great defense power.

In an instant, the terrifying Sword Qi, which contained immense force, hit the maelstrom.


There was a blast and the maelstrom exploded.


Lin Wushuang was thrown out by the force created by the Sword Qi and the blasting of the maelstrom.

After flying out of the platform, she only managed to come to a halt when she was around 3,000 meters up in the sky.

She seemed to have suffered an internal injury as she looked pale.

Everyone was amazed to see that Duan Jingtian had ended the fight with one blow.


His strength is comparable to that of Ji Yuesong!

Duan Jingtian is merely a Rank 1 Advanced True God but he is incredibly powerful!

Given such combat strength, he can kill any of his peers instantly!

“He has advanced rapidly!” Chen Fan sighed and he felt inferior to Duan Jingtian.

Back then, he had still been able to contend with Duan Jingtian, but he was no longer fit to take him on.

“Duan Jingtian, you are a peerless genius!”

Qin’er called out as she lifted her arm.

Her eyes were shining brightly and she looked excited. She had never come across such a powerful gifted genius.


Chu Yan looked gloomy. He became even more upset when he saw Qin’er getting more excited.

However, he could not do anything about it.

Luo Yu looked cold but she had mixed feelings. All along, she had been proud of Ji Yuesong, but this day, he had proven himself inferior to Duan Jingtian.

The gifted geniuses on the rest of the Sovereign’s fingers started to look grave.

The talent that Ji Yuesong, Tian Chenshan, and Duan Jingtian had displayed had taken them by surprise.

Although they had no idea whether Duan Jingtian could defeat Ji Yuesong and Tian Chenshan, they could not deny the fact that Duan Jingtian had amazing combat strength given his cultivation level.

The skinny youth from Heavenly Palace was not surprised. Instead, he felt like challenging Duan Jingtian

“Is there anyone else who wishes to spar with me?”

After Su Mo had defeated Lin Wushuang, he asked as he looked at the eight people who were occupying the Sovereign’s fingers.


The minute Su Mo posed the question, a burly figure landed on the platform.

When Su Mo lifted his head, he saw that it was Gui Wuxue, the most powerful genius from Demon Palace.


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