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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 2220: Chaotic Primordial Spirit

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Chapter 2220: Chaotic Primordial Spirit

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Su Mo let out a mouthful of foul air and slowly opened his eyes.

This is tough!

He knitted his brows, looking helpless. After being in seclusion for 10 years, he still had not advanced to the Heavenly Rank.

It was more difficult for him to break through to Rank 3 Empty God Realm than for other people, unlike Rank 2.

The problem lied with condensing his three Primordial Spirits.

Although he had many Fighting Souls, the only ones that had merged with his Spiritual Soul were the Devouring Fighting Soul, Ancient Dream Fighting Soul, and the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Fighting Soul. Although there were only three Fighting Souls, it had greatly enhanced the difficulty for him to break through to Rank 3.

In order for Su Mo to break through to the Heavenly Rank, he had to condense the three Primordial Spirits in his Triplet Fighting Souls.

It would be less difficult for him to have a breakthrough if he sacrificed his Great Rotating Sacred Sword Fighting Soul and the Ancient Dream Fighting Soul.

However, Su Mo would not sacrifice the two powerful Fighting Souls unless he did not have a choice.

Unless the two Fighting Souls became his own Fighting Souls, they would not be able to bring out their might.

Having said that, it did not mean that Su Mo did not make any progress during the 10 years of cultivation. He was not far from breaking through to the Heavenly Rank.

After getting out of the secret chamber, Su Mo noticed that Xi’er was not in the palace.

He covered Firmament Palace with his spiritual senses and found Xi’er. At the same time, he saw Jiang Fengran and Emperor Shi.

“All of them are here!” Su Mo said with a smile. He did not know that they had arrived as he was in seclusion.

“Gentlemen, I am out of seclusion!” Su Mo said loudly and his voice resounded through Firmament Palace.

Suddenly, air-rending sounds broke out and several figures flew over to him.

“Su Mo, you are finally out of your seclusion!”

“You have been in seclusion for 10 years!”

“Haha, Su Mo, how have you been!”

Jiang Fengran, Long Teng, Si Kongyan, the Masters of the nine palaces, Emperor Shi, and Li Feng came to the palace looking happy.

Su Mo smiled. He sized everyone up and nodded.

Other than Emperor Shi and Xi’er, who were at Rank 1 Empty God Realm, the rest of them were at Rank 2 Empty God Realm.

Li Feng did not have much advancement in his cultivation level as he had been cultivating his physical body.

Before Su Mo had gone into seclusion, he had given Xi’er two powerful Sword Souls and that had helped her breakthrough to Rank 1 Empty God Realm.

“Welcome to God’s Path!” Su Mo said with a smile and opened his arms to welcome them.

“Haha! Su Mo, you are amazing. The minute I reach God’s Path, I have heard about you wherever I go!” Si Kongyan laughed and said.

“Indeed. We do not need anyone to show us the way and here we are!” Zhan Luan said with a smile. The few of them had come together.

As for Emperor Shi, he had been there three years ago.

“How is the Firmament Palace in Infinite Region?” Su Mo asked with a smile.

“Su Mo, Firmament Palace is doing fine. There are many top powers, with 10 Empty Gods in the Palace. I have asked Hai Mingjiang to take over my position as the Palace Master!” Emperor Shi said. More than three years ago, there had been 10 Empty Gods in Firmament Palace. Over the years, the number should have increased.

Su Mo would not have come to God’s Path earlier than planned if not for the fact that he had been unable to find Xi’er’s whereabouts.


Su Mo nodded and said with a smile, “This is a joyous occasion. Let’s celebrate and drink to our hearts’ content!”

Su Mo then instructed the servants from Sky Tyrant Clan to prepare a banquet and serve wine in the palace.

All of them drank wine and chatted. They talked about martial arts, life, and the future.

No one knew about the seals that had been planted in Su Mo’s and Xi’er’s body, and the two of them kept quiet about it.

Thus, everyone was happy during the banquet.

Su Mo had planned the future for Si Kongyan, Emperor Shi, Jiang Fengran, and the rest. They merely had to focus on moving forward.

“The opportunity to get into the Deity Plane is around the corner. You must not slack off. You must grab hold of the opportunity!” Su Mo reminded everyone at the table.

“Su Mo, don’t worry. Give me another 10 years or so and I will be able to reach Rank 3 Empty God Realm!”

Si Kongyan said proudly and looked high-spirited. Given his combat strength, the ordinary Rank 4 Empty Gods would be no match for him after he had reached Rank 3 Empty God Realm.

“I believe you can do it!” Su Mo said with a smile. The cultivation level of all of them was not far from him and it was merely a matter of time before they had a breakthrough.

After all of them had drank and chatted for several hours, they went back to their respective palaces.

Su Mo went back to the secret chamber and continued to cultivate in seclusion.

Basically, the Heavenly Rank was to transform the Fighting Soul and the Spiritual Soul into Primordial Spirits.

The Fighting Soul and Spiritual Soul were the foundations of the Martial Arts Primordial Spirit and they were refined by the Dark Force in the body.

Once the Martial Arts Primordial Spirit had been condensed, even without the physical body, the Primordial Spirit would have strong combat strength.

In other words, once a martial artist reached Rank 3 Empty God Realm, his physical body was not important.

That said, it did not mean that one had no need for the physical body. The physical body was the source of power for the martial artist.


Su Mo waved his hand and a big heap of Five-Elements Dawn Stones appeared in front of him. He had asked Li Tong for the Dawn Stones after Firmament Palace had been built.

Although it had been 10 years, he had not used up all of them.

Su Mo then shut his eyes and absorbed the Dawn Stones. At the same time, he condensed the Martial Arts Primordial Spirit with his Chaotic Energy.

In his mind, he could see the Devouring Fighting Soul, Ancient Dream Fighting Soul, and the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Fighting Soul glittering in their respective chaotic lights.

His three Fighting Souls were not far from transforming into Martial Arts Primordial Spirits.

He must not be impatient in refining the Spiritual Soul and the Fighting Soul. If the external force was too great, it could easily destroy the Spiritual Soul and Fighting Soul.

Thus, he had to go through the cycle slowly for this realm.

Time passed quickly as Su Mo put away all disturbing thoughts and focused on his cultivation.

One year had passed, and the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Fighting Soul was the first to turn into a Martial Arts Primordial Spirit. The Ancient Dream Fighting Soul was second on the list.

Two years went by and the Devouring Fighting Soul finally turned into a Devouring Primordial Spirit.

Buzz! Buzz!

Bright chaotic light exuded from Su Mo’s body and it lit up the secret chamber.

The three Primordial Spirits flew out of Su Mo’s body and hung over his head.

Each of the Primordial Spirits looked different from their previous state. Their aura became mightier and they were full of Chaotic Energy.

It was so as the three Primordial Spirits were refined by the Chaotic Energy.

There were different categories and terminologies used for the Primordial Spirits. Su Mo’s Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit could be referred to as the Chaotic Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit.

The Ancient Dream Primordial Spirit could be referred to as the Chaotic Ancient Dream Primordial Spirit.

The Devouring Primordial Spirit could be referred to as the Chaotic Devouring Primordial Spirit.

There would be a difference in the power of the Fighting Soul if they belonged to a different property.

If an ordinary martial artist with a fire property cultivated the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Fighting Soul, he would possess an ordinary Flame Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit after he had cultivated the Primordial Spirit. It would be nothing compared to Su Mo’s Chaotic Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit.

“Finally, I have succeeded in breaking through!” Su Mo opened his eyes and let out a long breath.

He could be considered invincible in God’s Path.

“Myriad Worlds Mountain!”

Su Mo muttered to himself and pondered. How can he kill the Bronze Man?

Xi’er would be safe after he had killed the Bronze Man. He could then put his mind at ease from being threatened.

However, he had to plan carefully lest the Bronze Man destroy Xi’er’s soul.

The Ancient Dream should be useful! Su Mo said to himself after some time.

He had advanced to Rank 3 Empty God Realm, and his Fighting Soul had turned into a Primordial Spirit. The power of his Ancient Dream had become more powerful and it could pull the Bronze Man into the Dream Realm.

Although the Bronze Man was Di Yihun’s avatar, he would not be able to defend himself against the Ancient Dream.

Di Yihun had become a deity but when he had left his avatar behind back then, he was not one yet.

Thus, although the Bronze Man was powerful, Su Mo found him still manageable.

Very quickly, Su Mo thought of a plan. He walked out of the secret chamber and summoned Li Ba.

He then sent his men to the Dragon Tribe, Dragonesque Elephant Tribe, and Giant Bird Tribe and invited the three Holy Sages to Firmament Palace.

Su Mo thought of a way to kill the Bronze Man. However, to ensure Xi’er’s safety, he could not do it alone. He needed the help of a few top powers


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